The Hellmann Healthcare Quality Management System

As manufacturing and distribution practices become more complex and global, regulators have increased the focus on supply chain activities. Good Distribution Practices (GDP) have been tightened to ensure that compliance guidelines are followed from the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of the healthcare product to the patient.

Healthcare Logistics Qualitiy Management

Starting Situation

New EU guidelines for Good Distribution Practices (GDP) require wholesalers and logistics companies in the pharmaceutical industry to make significant improvements to processes, facilities and equipment to comply with the revised guidelines.


The Hellmann Healthcare Quality Management System addresses quality and control to ensure patient safety, product integrity and compliance guidelines. The system was developed by the Hellmann Healthcare Quality Council to ensure continuity and standardization across the network. Having such an effective and robust quality system in place allows Hellmann Healthcare to achieve the Key Essentials of Good Distribution Practices and ensure that, where possible, satisfactory arrangements are in place to ensure that medical products are handled during their storage and delivery without compromising quality.


Andreas Lohmeier, Director Hellmann Healthcare Logistics

Andreas Lohmeier

Global Vice President Healthcare Logistics