Airfreight Charter

Do you need fast and reliable air transportation? Are you facing capacity constraints on your key trade lanes? Do you need to ship over-sized cargo too large for traditional airfreight transportation?

Antonov on Runway

Customized Solutions

Whatever your request, our dedicated charter experts are based all around the world ensuring fast and reliable responses. Based on your unique requirements, our team develops a tailor-made solution that includes the ideal aircraft type, alternative routing options, and optimal local transportation. We leverage our strong relationship with key airfreight carriers worldwide making sure that our service comes at the most competitive price for our customers.

At a Glance

  • Variety of aircraft models available for full- and part-charter: from helicopters up to Antonov 225
  • Dedicated, global team of experts
  • Efficient door-to-door transportation

Use Cases

airplane engine


Time-sensitive cargo charter and onboard courier solutions.

cargo, loading, plane

Everything can be flown

Special handling of over-sized or sensitive cargo, dangerous good, and hazardous materials.

plane, airplane, turbine

Go anywhere

Reach remote destinations and hostile environments, e.g. for humanitarian aid or disaster relief.

Hellmann Arrows

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