A fully customized supply chain & logistics model for The World®

Hellmann and The World® established a partnership in 2009 with warehousing for dry and reefer cargo services. In early 2011, this partnership developed further with the appointment of Hellmann as the global logistics provider; renewing the U.S.A. contract and adding Hamburg warehousing, global transportation, mail, brokerage and dry dock solutions.

Starting Situation

Working collaboratively with The World®, we were tasked with improving the supply chain from the ordering processes, to visibility, adding value and creating solutions that are in line with the company’s vision. Supply chain modeling, warehouse management, and global visibility were the challenges presented.


Realizing the challenges required for ship repairs and renovations, transporting goods to the ships or managing various vendors, has been the opportunity for Hellmann to invest in both talent and technology and render innovative logistics solutions with flexibility and industry expertise. 

These projects demand focus from the time the Purchase Order is entered, and the materials are ready to be picked up from the supplier, to the coordination and timing of the delivery at the shipyard, and most importantly, the visibility of the cargo from source to the ship along every step of the way. 

With established KPI metrics, best practices and a dedicated team, Hellmann provides a fully customized supply chain and logistics model, aligned with established planning schedules and procedures through the MLS. Hellmann also delivers global visibility and online reporting tools.


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