How to manage supplies for gift stores on more than 90 Cruise Ships worldwide

In addition to the restaurants and entertainment venues on all the major cruise ships, there are independently operated businesses on board that have their own set of special requirements.

Starting Situation

Gifts shops, spas and photo shops all operate as independent concessions on cruise ships and must function seamlessly, like their bricks-and-mortar counterparts. These businesses have the same logistics demands as any retail enterprise, while facing the additional complication of being continuously at sea.


Hellmann Cruise Logistics offers global logistics solutions to the largest of these organizations, providing a variety of services to support the gift shops on more than 90 cruise ships. Managing the import and export complexities of moving goods to an ever changing variety of destinations around the globe, and dealing with the special commodities involved, the Hellmann Cruise Logistics team effectively combines transportation by ground, sea and air to achieve both direct deliveries as well as the ship to ship transfers that may be required to balance inventory and meet retail demand. Hellmann’s global presence and the specialized expertise of the team combine to enable these unique businesses to succeed in the demanding cruise industry environment.


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