Why Hellmann runs a 267,550 sq. ft. Warehouse for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCCL) entered into a partnership late in 2009 and have since been successful in developing joint solutions to promote innovation in both industries. Today, Hellmann supports and provides complete operations, account management and IT integrated service with world-class solutions.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Starting Situation

RCCL sought a partner that would not only aid in solving warehousing and day-to-day operations, but could also grow and constantly innovate with their expanding fleet. The challenge presented was to support time-sensitive global deliveries, contract logistics services, customs clearance and documentation solutions, with full IT integration.

»You can have the best technology in the world, and we do have great technology, but if you don’t have the team to support it, it doesn’t matter. What really sets us apart is that if something happens, our team will respond, even if it’s midnight. It’s our people who make the difference.«


Having taken on the challenge, Hellmann implemented a 267,550 sq. ft. facility with 32 feet of clear height in 45 days as the base operation for RCCL. Providing Customs Brokerage for the import of goods, Hellmann‘s team created a streamlined process to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of all filings. In addition, the facility hosts all RCCL vendors and is integrated with eChain as part of an innovative solution dedicated to Cruise Logistics. Today, Hellmann provides RCCL with full transportation, warehousing & IT service for all cruise vessels in most ports of call, including dry docks and new builds. 

Hellmann has become an integral part of the RCCL development and deployed onsite personnel to provide immediate solutions for Project Cargo Management and other freight and Contract Logistics services. Hellmann distinguishes itself by adapting to the challenges and providing solutions that have now become a standard in this luxury industry. Hellmann and RCCL have leveraged their core competencies to enable cost reductions, develop new and improved systems, giving this partnership a true end-to-end industry supply chain integration.


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