How to move high volumes during extreme peak times at aggressive market rates

There are many global seasons and peaks in the perishables business. For example, the blueberry season in Argentina or the cherry season in Chile. Both are extremely short and demand adequate air space, reefer container supplies and space as well as electricity plugs within ports and aboard ships

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Starting Situation

During these peaks, the demand exceeds available space and equipment. Together with our customers, we work all year-round to ensure that sufficient space and equipment is on hand when it counts.


Our success is based on constant communication with our customers and shippers. Shipping and volume data from previous years is combined with upcoming season information and intelligence as well as route demands. Our perishable goods experts build the volume requirements of our customers throughout the year – all year round. Simultaneously, all carriers are kept informed about demand predictions. Thus keeping closer to the season even by individual days and weeks.

During these peaks, we handle full charter aircraft, part charter aircraft, block space agreements as well as daily and weekly allotments. The close communication with air and ocean carriers in combination with all year round cargo traffic in both directions, import and export, as well as regional and global negotiations allow us to secure adequate space and equipment at aggressive market rates.

For long-term sustainable business solutions, we believe in the balance between space/equipment and rate levels. This philosophy has proven to be successful and together with you, we strive to have all goods available at the point of sale as planned, always. Please talk to our local perishable goods experts today. Let‘s make the upcoming peak season another success.


David Scace, Global Director Hellmann Beverage Logistics

David Scace

Global Vice President Perishable & Beverage Logistics