From a vision to market leadership – How we established a unique door-to-door concept for perishable goods

The vision of Jost Hellmann, one of the company owners, to create seamless cold chain solutions from door-to-door over five continents has long become reality.

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Starting Situation

Back in 1984, Hellmann Perishable Logistics was founded to become the first 100% dedicated global logistics provider to manage a door-to-door cold chain.


Today, Hellmann Perishable Logistics has a dedicated team of over 600 staff working in key perishable goods origins, hubs, and destinations. The global network and local in-house know-how, as well as cold storage facilities, enable us to handle perishables on a door-to-door basis or „from the farm to the consumer“. Our door-to-door service is available to all of our customers. To highlight just one benefit: we can monitor the cold chain during the entire transport process enabling us to proactively handle any exceptions, to ensure that the products reach their final destination in the best possible condition. We have the flexibility to engage in parts of the cool chain as well. However, more and more of our customers, and indeed their customers, in turn, prefer to have it all handled by us. 

  • We monitor the cool chain from A-Z 
  • We guarantee the timely flow of all documents and communication
  • We can act proactively to facilitate exceptions / special conditions
  • We offer a pricing service
  • Global KPIs can be set
  • Global reports are available at any given time according to the specifications of the customer
  • In-house value add and repack
  • One invoice covers all services provided
  • One contact for all services


David Scace, Global Director Hellmann Beverage Logistics

David Scace

Global Vice President Perishable & Beverage Logistics