How Hellmann moves 50,000 freight tons within a 12 months for Air Pollution Control in Chile

Based on extreme air pollution problems in Chile, companies are obliged to comply with recently implemented laws controlling the environment. An Austrian based firm, who provides innovative air pollution control technologies, won two contracts with the state-owned energy companies AES Gener and Norgener in Chile.

Project Cargo Air Pollution

Starting Situation

Our customer had to bring steel structure from China (70%) as well as Europe (30%) into two different job sites in Chile, complying with an extremely tight delivery schedule. On top, both locations have very difficult access where the off-loading of this steel structure was almost impossible because of shape and lack of space.


In order to deliver 50,000 tons of freight within 12 months with an already delayed delivery schedule, we decided to place one of our experts directly at the customer's headquarters in Austria. There he was available as a central contact person and provided all necessary freight and delivery information for the customer at any time. In addition, we convinced the responsible customs brokerage agency at the destination in Santiago de Chile to place one of their employees in our office in order to improve the communication and document flow for all parties involved. The original idea was to deliver complete containers to the construction sites. However, due to the space problems described above, we had to find other storage areas. There, the assembled containers were broken down again and the individual goods were brought to the construction site by flatbed truck. This made unloading easier and reduced the rental costs for the containers. Through the cooperation of our branches in Austria, China and Chile with the customer's project teams, the customs brokerage agency and other service providers, the order was successful.