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The history of our family business is no different from a proud tree. What first took root in 1871 with a single horse-drawn carriage in northern Germany has developed magnificently over the generations. Today, 150 years later, we operate firmly rooted with a powerful trunk of more than 10,700 employees globally. The branches of the Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y extend all around the world.

Just like a tree, our company has been shaped by the many years of its existence. And with our 150th anniversary, we now want to look back with pride on our company history, but also turn our gaze to current developments and innovations. So join us in taking a glance at 150 decisive, often emotional, and certainly always trend-setting moments. Enjoy – and be a part of it!

150 Moments - The Highlights of our Anniversary.

2021 will long be remembered. Given the tense market situation in the pandemic, it was a year full of ups and downs for us, right up to the end. And yet, the many wonderful moments our employees around the globe put together as part of our anniversary will remain. We have summarized some of the highlights of our "150 Moments" for you in a short video.

A big "Thank You" to everyone who contributed to making this year very special for the entire Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y!

Interview with Jost Hellmann: "Not bigger is better, better is better."

150 Moments Interview Jost Hellmann 1

The name Jost Hellmann stands like no other for the globalization of our company. Following his entrepreneurial spirit, he moved to Hong Kong in 1980 against the wishes of the management team his father. Yet, in turn, this move paved the way for Hellmann to transform from a local German freight forwarding company to a global player in the logistics market. On the occasion of our 150th anniversary, we decided to take a brief look at the history of our company and today's challenges together with the 68-year-old.

Mr. Hellmann, this year we are celebrating 150 years of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. Over the decades, Hellmann has developed from a regional northern German freight forwarder into a global logistics provider. You were at the helm of the company for around 40 years - what does the anniversary mean to you personally?

You can imagine that I feel great joy, but also a little bit of pride. I am proud that Klaus and I have succeeded in passing the baton we inherited from our parents to Reiner Heiken and the Board of Management. And I am proud that we could hand over a company that is globally successful. Klaus and I have really done a good job here, if I may say so. Of course, I now wish for Reiner Heiken and his team to lead the company just as successfully into the future. I am also pleased to see how motivated our many employees around the world are. That gives me the feeling that I have done many things right in my professional career.

What was it like for you to grow up in a family that had already been running the company for three generations - did you feel the pressure of this responsibility when you were young?

No, I didn't. The company was much smaller back then. I was already a shareholder at the age of 14, but it wasn't clear then that I would join the business later on. My mother wanted me to become a lawyer since my brother, my cousin Klaus, and my father - they were all already working in the company, which merely focused on northern Germany at the time, and I didn't know whether there would even be room for me there. So, I first studied law in Münster and then worked in the USA. Then someone there asked me if I would like to go to Hong Kong on their behalf.

So my parents, especially my father, never put any pressure on me, and that's how I handle it with my children, too. My daughter Kiki, for example, is involved in social work for severely disabled children and migrant families while studying sociology in Hamburg, and I have great respect for that. My son Alex has also gone his own way after completing his Master's degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and now works in a SaaS start-up (Software as a Service, editor's note). I think that's also very important.

Would you say that entrepreneurship came naturally to you?

When I was a student in Münster, I founded a squash facility - that was only the third in the whole of Germany, and it became very successful. So I was already an entrepreneur as a young man.

With the move to Hong Kong, which came rather by chance for me, it was clear to me that I could also develop something in this environment, which was new to me. After all, globalization began in Hong Kong at that time. Companies were no longer only producing in Europe but were also buying in the Far East. Initially, I worked in Hong Kong in a purchasing office for an import company from Hamburg. I had just started there when the Hamburg parent company went bankrupt, and so the employees in Hong Kong had to look for a new job. Thank God I met the station manager of Kühne+Nagel there and got a job offer from him. And I immediately saw what opportunities the market in Asia offered.

Did your time in Hong Kong and later in the U.S. spark your plans to develop Hellmann into a global player?

That was around 1980 - a time when many companies, including large textile companies, were starting to source in Asia. I remember it well: I wrote a Telex to my father at the time saying that I wanted to open a Hellmann office in Hong Kong. I received the sobering reply that the market was too small and already taken. I replied somewhat flippantly that the market had already been taken in ancient Rome and hinted at the great market potential in Asia. I strongly believed that we could grow there with our European customers. Klaus Hellmann then came along with his wife and we decided to make it on our own - against the resistance of the management at the time.

I was then quickly able to hire two employees I knew well, Lucia Fung and Carol Tsang, who then shaped our company in Hong Kong for over 35 years. We were already profitable in Hong Kong after our first year, which was a very great achievement. That first office in Asia was a kickstart. After that, we expanded into Australia, then into South Africa and North America. As the world's largest economic power, North America was of course an important but also difficult market for us to capture.

How did the move across the Atlantic go?

In North America, we made big losses at the beginning, because, from today's perspective, we expanded too quickly. So I went to the USA myself to be able to manage this personally. How did that work out? It took an enormous amount of work and effort and a long time. But with my experience from Asia and Europe, I knew that we could not be a truly global player without the USA. And so, together with Klaus Hellmann, I made the decision to tackle this difficult market as well. For us as a "northern German freight forwarder," that was, to put it bluntly, like taking a big gulp from the bottle - but from today's perspective, it was the right strategic decision.

What was the most important or formative decision you ever made in your professional career?

Certainly the decision to internationalize, no question. I think it gave us the opportunity to position the company sustainably. Because I remember many other medium-sized forwarding companies in Germany that no longer exist today. They were sold or had to go out of business. By expanding globally, we were able to reach a size that prevented a similar fate for us.

I made a second important decision when I turned 60. At that time, we already had over 10,000 employees globally, and I felt it was time to give the company a new structure for the future. With today's SE structure (Societas Europaea, editor's note), we have an Executive Board and a professional Supervisory Board that makes trendsetting decisions together, reflecting our current size and development potential. I think we can all see that this step was important for a sustainable setup.

You mentioned your father at the beginning. What was the most important piece of advice you ever received from him?

I don't think he ever gave me any real advice, but he modeled a life for me to follow. My father was an incredibly agile man and always open to new things. He always supported me when I had an idea - like with the squash court in Münster, for example - and he would say "just do it!". I also remember him once quoting Goethe's Faust: "What you have inherited from your fathers - Acquire it to possess it." I didn't understand how true that quote was until much later. But, from my father, I also learned humility and modesty. And he modeled for me that life is not just about work, but that it is important to have other interests besides work. True to the Chinese philosophy: "Yin & Yang" - you always need a balance in life.

You co-initiated our F.A.M.I.L.Y DNA years ago. How do you assess its significance today?

At Hellmann, I think we've always had a strong family or corporate culture. Of course, it was easier to live by this in the early days because everyone knew everyone else. With our rapidly growing company, it was then very important for us to maintain this culture. That's why we laid down the guiding principles of our DNA - also to set ourselves apart from our competitors.

I remember that in marketing, we developed a new company brochure every two years and always depicted airplanes, ships, warehouses and trucks there ... over ten years, similar designs again and again. At some point, I sat down with our advertising agency and said, "That can't be the difference, our competitors use the same ships, the same airplanes, and the same means of transport, so what's the difference? Our employees, they make the difference!" That was the initial inspiration for the development of our F.A.M.I.L.Y DNA.

How do you perceive it today - from a perspective with a little more distance?

I am always insanely happy when I talk to Reiner Heiken and he says that he wants to revive exactly this philosophy. Many people who have been with us for a long time, even outside Germany, for example in South America, the Middle East, and many other regions, still live this F.A.M.I.L.Y DNA very intensely, which I very much welcome. And I am very pleased that the Executive Board around Reiner Heiken is currently reviving and expanding this theme.

What were the biggest milestones in our 150-year history for you?

There have of course been many milestones in the 150 years, starting with the founding in 1871, the reconstruction after the two World Wars, the establishment of the “Elferkreis”, an association of several medium-sized logistics companies in Germany, the DPD, and the development of international business, to name just a few. But there was also an early focus on the digital world; Hellmann was a leader in IT at the time. We were one of the first companies to introduce the AS 400 and also to use personal computers in our operations. Klaus Hellmann initiated a lot of things in this area. Of course, he was also the initiator for the topic of "sustainability" at Hellmann. We were one of the first companies to green our roofs, plant trees on a large scale, shift shipments to rail, use the “Lang Lkw” (Longer Heavier Vehicle (LHV), editor’s note), and so on. So the topic of "environment" is certainly also a milestone in our history. Nevertheless, we must look to the future here and continue to expand our efforts in this area.

You once said you would like to continue visiting customers. Do you miss the day-to-day business today?

It's obvious, I've been visiting customers all my life and still enjoy doing so. There aren't many companies anymore where the name bearer still sits in person with the customer, and they also appreciate it very much. And we mustn't forget, you learn a lot when you sit face to face with the customer. We get feedback on the quality of our service, we listen to their expectations and we get an assessment of market developments and trends and the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors. But no, I don't miss the day-to-day business itself at all, because I'm lucky enough to have other interests. I still play competitive golf with a handicap of 3.8. I like to travel, and I have many friends with whom I do that a lot with. So I don't feel bored at all (laughs).

What do you think are the biggest challenges we face as a company today and in the future?

Apart from all the difficulties currently associated with the pandemic, I see an emerging conflict between China and Taiwan, which not only unsettles the Asian region but could also have drastic consequences for the global economy. I am also concerned about the topic of "digitalization". Thank goodness we are currently moving in the right direction here with massive investments, although we certainly still need to position ourselves better digitally.

A quote of yours has taken on a life of its own within the organization: "Not bigger is better, better is better." How do you assess this quote today against the backdrop of our Fit4Growth growth trajectory? What size is still healthy?

"Not bigger is better, better is better!" - that says it all. I firmly believe that this saying still applies today. Our competitors have made incredible acquisitions recently and have become much bigger. But they seem to be losing touch with their customers in the process. I believe that a company like Hellmann - globally represented and digitally well positioned - has an incredible opportunity because of its proximity to the customer. But of course, we need a certain size. We need momentum, i.e. a certain number of shipments and tonnage, in order to be able to operate effective consolidation services, for example, and to be an important customer for our air freight and sea freight carriers. But size alone is certainly not the deciding factor. The customers I talk to all urge, "Just keep your customer proximity!"

Final question: what course do we need to set in order to remain successful for the next 150 years?

Here I am thinking of three things. First, we need enough capital to create a solid foundation on which to base the company, even if there is an economically lean period to bridge. I am very pleased that we have been able to achieve this in recent years. I have already mentioned the second point: I hope we retain our culture and allow employees to be "entrepreneurs in the company". I have already mentioned my third wish: I have visited many customers in my life, and, whenever I visited companies that were successful, their people were cheerful and laughed. In companies that were getting into trouble, you could see that the employees withdrew and you noticed that the mood was not right. So, I am very happy these days that we are experiencing a spirit of optimism at Hellmann and that I am meeting smiling faces everywhere. My wish is that this will continue for a long time.

Thank you very much for the interview.

Putting a Smile on Children's Faces

As a family-owned company, nothing makes us happier than putting smiles on kids’ faces! Together with Schleich USA Inc., our employees help make kids’ dreams a reality by delivering high-quality direct-to-consumer e-commerce solutions not just during the holiday season but year-round.

Watch this video and learn why this award-winning toy company is happy to be working together with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics!

This is how Christmas sounds in Poland

Our colleagues in Poland have once again gone all out musically and recorded this wonderful Polish version of the Christmas classic "Jingle Bells"!. 

Sit back and enjoy!

Christmas Greetings from Belgium

150 Moments X-Mas Belgium

The Sales Team in Belgium & The Netherlands delivered the Happy Holidays presents to our valued customers. Thank you for your business in 2021, and proud to be your logistic partner in 2022. It is all about You and Me!

Happy Birthday, HINT!


For one year - and for the first time in our 150 year company history - we have a true global intranet, which connects all F.A.M.I.L.Y members. Thanks to the HINT we are now able to collaborate and share news, knowledge, and nice little stories from colleagues and teams around the globe. In its first year of life, our HINT has developed splendidly, and a lot has been achieved so far: Over 200 colleagues in our HINT Community have actively been writing posts and creating pages and we have recorded more than 700,000 page visits so far.

Congratulations from HR Germany

Dear Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y,

What would a birthday be without a cake? That's why we distributed little cupcakes to our employees at our locations throughout Germany. It's wonderful to be part of the Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y.

Best regards,

#History: a planned revolution in rail transport

It was supposed to be a revolution for combined transport: The CargoSprinter. With it, 10 containers/semi-trailers could be loaded onto a cargo unit within a few minutes. Sophisticated technology also allowed several CargoSprinters to be coupled together. What sounds so simple, however, was new territory for rail technology and an important milestone for combined transport at Hellmann.

Happy Hannukah from Israel

This year everything is different again. But despite all corona-related contact restrictions, our colleagues from Israel do not want to miss the opportunity to send greetings to the Jewish festival of light.


#History - a Christmas tree for Osnabrück

Sunday is the first Advent. This marks the beginning of the Christmas season for many Christians and thus the time to put up a festive Christmas tree. Hellmann has also decorated many beautiful firs in the past, but this one was probably the biggest:

In 2006, some employees convinced Wilfried Hesselmann, then branch manager, to put up a large fir tree on the company's premises. Equipped with semitrailers and saws, they then went to the forest; a friendly forest owner had agreed to provide a fir tree. The loading of the 13 m high tree was not quite easy, but with united forces, it succeeded.

Arriving in Osnabrück, the Christmas tree was unloaded and hoisted into a prepared hole with the help of a crane. When it was standing, it was decorated with 800 lamps. The joy was enormous when the lamps were switched on and shone in the snow.

Day of the Dead, proudly a Mexican tradition celebrating death


The Day of the Dead, celebrated on November 1st and 2nd, is one of the most significant Mexican traditions, where the living prepare to receive their deceased friends or relatives and enjoy their time with them.

How do we celebrate in Mexico?
The altar of the dead is a fundamental element. It is believed that the spirit of the deceased returns from the world of the dead to live with the family that day and taste the food of the altar. This year at Hellmann Mexico, we organized a lovely meeting with our F.A.M.I.L.Y. to remember our unique tradition and to get to know the altars that everyone put in their homes. We had an exciting time together and if you can take a closer look at the following pictures, you will find some Hellmann details that they added and that certainly made it even more special to share it with us. We hope you like it!

Hellmann makes a difference - Award for "Logistics on the Move"

award logistics on the move_2021

With our participation in the charity campaign "Logistics on the Move" we were able to collect 31,349 km this year, thus doubling our result from last year. Of a total of 87,000 km covered in the campaign, we as Hellmann have thus contributed just under 36 percent! In total, a donation of 77,533 euros was collected and you all made a sporting contribution to this!

Martina Münch-Nicolaidis, the initiator of the campaign, was honored with the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon on the recommendation of the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder. A wonderful honor and thus also a nice recognition of the work of Martina and her team in the Nicolaidis YoungWings Foundation. We are very happy about this and take it as an incentive to continue to provide the best possible support and accompaniment for young mourners and their children.

Hellmann has been presented with a Siemens Smart Infrastructure Supplier Recognition

Siemens Smart Infrastructure Supplier Recognition

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has received the Siemens Supplier Recognition Contract Logistics 2020. With this recognition Siemens honors the innovative supplier services and the outstanding partnership.

Hellmann has been serving Siemens Smart Infrastructure in the area of contract logistics since 2013 and the cooperation has been continuously expanded. Today, Hellmann operates a warehouse area of approximately 26.000 m² in the “CTPark” in Bor, Czech Republic, managing round about 26,000 active items for the Electrical Products Business Unit from Siemens Smart Infrastructure. Services provided range from warehouse management to picking and packing and worldwide shipping.

Hellmann receives Otto Heinemann Award for the compatibility of work and care

Otto Heinemann Preis_2021

Hellmann has been awarded the Otto Heinemann Prize for the Compatibility of Work and Care at the 8th Berlin Care Conference. The award, which is given by the Head of the German Economic Ministry Peter Altmaier, recognizes companies with innovative concepts for supporting employees who care for relatives in need of care in addition to their professional activities.

At Hellmann, the compatibility of family and career has always been firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy and is a central component of our HR strategy. Particularly in light of demographic developments, we have developed a wide range of support systems for our employees in recent years. These extend to not only caring for senior citizens, but also for children with disabilities. In addition to flexible working hours and far-reaching telecommuting arrangements, we grant additional vacation days for the care of relatives and offer numerous counseling services as well as emergency care specifically for impaired children.

"We are delighted to have been awarded the Otto Heinemann Prize and to have our commitment recognized. All colleagues who care for relatives alongside their professional activities are true role models, and it is therefore important to us as an employer to create the best possible conditions for this. As the majority of people in need of care are cared for by working family members, we at Hellmann feel it is our obligation to share this great social responsibility as a company and employer," says Christa Stienen, Chief People Officer, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

A.P. Moller Maersk congratulates on 150 Years of Hellmann


“150 Years of Hellmann – what an impressive journey for a company – but in the end, it is people and not legal entities who are making the right decisions at crucial times which determine the company’s success and explain the awe-inspiring state the company has developed into. We are proud to have accompanied them through the decades and are grateful for their unwavering support over the years.”

Wow – we are deeply touched by these inspiring words from our partner A.P. Moller - Maersk. As a tribute to this success and anniversary, a model ship has been handed over on behalf of A.P. Moller - Maersk to the Global Seafreight Management Team around Marcus Leaver, Michael Amri, Dennis Gottschalk, and Sainath Govinda. Further, Maersk sincerely wishes the entire Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y fair winds for the next 150 years looking forward to more cherishable moments.

Happy Diwali!

Diwali, 2021

Our colleagues in India, the Middle East and South Asia, and all around the world celebrated Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, in the month of Kartik.
In the year of our anniversary, a colorful celebration was of course also held in our offices and warehouses. May the Diwali lamps brighten your lives and the colorful rangoli add an extra touch of color!

Welcome, Hellmann Philippines!

In the year of our anniversary, we are also expanding our global footprint. In this context, we are extremely pleased to introduce our new office in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. The local team is proud of its new office and looks forward to offering its customers the usual Hellmann service! Welcome to the F.A.M.I.L.Y!

Welcome Adna - another Anniversary Baby

150 Moments Adna Anniversary Baby

How cute is that? Welcome, Adna - the latest addition to the Global Marketing Team. Still quite fresh in the world, she is probably one of the youngest members of the Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y. and is already roaring around with her Hellmann teddy bear.

Hellmann puts new container terminal into operation

As a company, we had to wait a long time for a new container terminal in the Port of Osnabrück. The fact that this is now going into operation in the year of our 150. anniversary makes us all the more pleased. Together with the other operators of the CT terminal, we will shift almost 10,000 trucks per year from road to rail.

"We are transferring almost 50 trucks from road to rail with a single block train. This is not only a great relief for the road infrastructure in the Osnabrück region, but of course, also pays extremely well for the sustainability of our logistics services," says Dirk Baerbock, Head of Multimodal Solutions at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

Hellmann opens digitized freight forwarding facility in Bremen


After less than a year of construction, we were able to ceremoniously open our brand new forwarding facility in Bremen on November 9, 21. The new building comprises a total of over 1,500 square meters of office space and 8,000 square meters of handling area with 100 gates. We are thus significantly expanding our capacities in Bremen, where Hellmann has been based since 1988. At the same time, the new facility is our response to the ongoing growth trend in the general cargo and direct load product areas in the Bremen / East Frisia region.

With the construction of the new forwarding facility, we are sustainably positioning our company for the future: In addition to app-controlled shunting processes and smartly navigated industrial trucks, the entire facility is geared toward intelligent processes – from visitor management and an automated lighting system to digital order control in the depot and autonomously e-cleaning devices. Wrapping robots support employees by wrapping goods directly at the respective storage location. This saves both time and distances and thus contributes to the optimization of core forwarding processes.

Furthermore, we plan to generate around 50 percent of the electricity required to operate the facility via a photovoltaic system on the hall roof – including the e-charging stations for the company car fleet, which is increasingly electric. We are thus making an important contribution to reducing our CO2 footprint.

#History: Our first warehouse in the People's Republic of China

Hellmann has its own warehouse in the People's Republic of China. But what actually makes Hellmann so successful? One of the answers can be found in Australia. The branches in Sydney and Melbourne handle customer-specific tasks, such as complete physical distribution for a major German coffee manufacturer. Hellmann assumes full responsibility for all marketing logistics on the Australian continent. Complete solutions as required.


What we understand today by New Work was unthinkable in the golden fifties of the last century. Back then, the freight forwarding business was characterized by mountains of files, typewriters, and telephones.

The photos show our accounting and dispatching department in Osnabrück. Typical for that time: commercial employees in white coats and the colleagues from the warehouse wearing blue coats.

After the flood disaster in Germany: F.A.M.I.L.Y stands together!



The devastating flood disaster in July 2021 hit many people in southwestern Germany hard. The Hellmann sites in Polch, Kerpen, and Wittlich were not located directly in the flood area but very close to it. Thus, some of our colleagues and their families were personally affected.

To provide these colleagues with financial support for reconstruction, Hellmann Germany launched an internal fundraising campaign initiated by Managing Director Sven Eisfeld. Numerous employees from all over Germany took part in this campaign.

In the end, a proud sum of 27,185 euros was collected, which was even doubled by our shareholders Jost and Klaus Hellmann. Thus, a total of 54,370 EUR could be donated to the victims of the flood through the internal fundraising campaign. A great sign of cohesion within the Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y, especially in our anniversary year.

Past, Present, Future - 3 Questions to Jan Kleine-Lasthues, Chief Operating Officer Airfreight

Let's look back at 150 years of logistics: in your opinion, which invention has had the highest impact on our industry so far?

Looking back 150 years airfreight did not even exist. So if we are talking about airfreight, the invention of aircraft was the most important one. When the transport by air started, it was focused only on the transport of passengers. After the start of air cargo, the invention of standard unit load devices was crucial to accelerate air cargo handling. Besides these very technical developments, the founding of the IATA in 1945 was a milestone in airfreight. IATA was and is driving standardization in the industry (documents, rates, liability, and communication), which only made today's airfreight possible. The acceleration of digitalization in the air cargo industry has been a key for more productivity and transparency in the last years and paves the way for the future. At Hellmann, we are taking this road with many different applications like the Cargo IQ, Cargo Wise 1, RMS, HITS, Validate, and many others.

What do you think are the most promising opportunities for Hellmann as a company today?

We want to grow with standard airfreight, but especially in our existing subproducts where we are strong already. One of them is our Sea/Air Business, where we see ourselves in the pole position and lately observe an increasing demand due to the heavily increased rate level out of Asia. We currently invest into these strong pockets but also develop further subproducts like Courier and Express. Today, transborder e-commerce is becoming one of the key drivers for growth in airfreight and has even grown faster due to the lock-down situations in several countries. To have a parcel last mile solution will support us in serving e-commerce customers on all continents. We see further significant growth opportunities in the key vertical industries where we already have a strong global set-up. Healthcare Logistics, for example, has seen massive growth during the pandemic, and we made a difference by supporting countries and people globally - at first with the transport of PPE and now also by distributing vaccines. At the moment, we are working on the GDP certification of several offices to prove the high-quality standards under which we are performing our pharma transports in airfreight. That is a major milestone to grow even further in this sector.

How do you think the world of logistics will develop in the coming years in terms of both technology and its overall meaning for society?

Sustainability will play an increasingly important role in the logistic world. In this regard, we are working with several different airlines partners on SAF (sustainable aviation fuel) solutions. We are already in the position to offer our customers to transport their goods with CO2 neutral SAF. Besides the option to offset CO2 emissions, which had existed for years, this is a quantum leap into a much more environmentally friendly future. We predict that transport by drones is another game-changing technology that will change markets globally. We as Hellmann are one of the first players who are entering the field of transport by drones between airports. Our partner Dronamics is currently filing the request to get the EU flight license for their first flights, and we are launching the first customers for these drone flights. That shows again that Hellmann has been innovative for 150 years and also will be in the future.

Jan Kleine-Lasthues COO Airfreight

#History: The Hellmann Network: Worldwide Transport Solutions


Identifying tasks - developing solutions. Hellmann is proud to offer its customers perfect transport solutions all over the world. Germany: the dense network of Hellmann services reaches every location and ensures the shortest transit times. Europe: Hellmann connects all economic centers from Scandinavia to Portugal. Hellmann worldwide: air and sea freight specialists know the reliable, fastest transport routes between the commercial centers in America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the Near, Middle, and the Far East. Take Hong Kong, for example - Asia's most important economic center. Hellmann in the Far East organizes a network of extensive transport services and is the hub for Far East logistics.

Hellmann at the industry meeting in Berlin

industry meeting berlin


Logistics is moving powerfully into the future. This became clear at this year's German Logistics Congress in Berlin. Of course, we couldn't miss this important industry meeting in our anniversary year.

With our already traditional booth in the foyer of the Hotel Intercontinental Berlin, we took part in the congress and discussed the questions that are burning under the nails of the logistics industry.

Funny Team Pics - Costa Rica makes the race

150 moments_costa rica_operations

Hellmann Avengers fighting against the evil of this world. The "independent jury" liked this motif best. This means that the first prize in our team competition goes to the colleagues from Operations in Costa Rica. Congratulations!

A big thank you also goes to all the other teams who took part in the competition with their funny team photos! We were very happy about all the entries and hope that you also had some fun.

Logistics on the Move – Target Exceeded

Logistik in Bewegung


How to combine sport activities with charitable foundations? No question – face a challenge and ask your team for support - you will receive it. So did the Hellmann Germany team who already reached the target of an incredible 15,000 km for the “Logistics on the Move” (“Logistik in Bewegung”) initiative and also donated the first 15,000 euros to the Nicolaidis Young Wings Foundation. Each participant was free to choose whether to cover distances by foot, on horseback, on SUP, or bike.

Due to unbridled motivation and activity, the distance covered could even be extended to 20,000 km. Therefore the Management Team Germany decided to raise the donation to 20,000 euros accordingly. Much to the delight of the Nilocaidis Young Wings Foundation and combined with a big thank you to all involved.

As a non-profit organization in the German-speaking region, the Nicolaidis Young Wings Foundation offers young bereaved people up to the age of 49 target-group-specific counseling as well as long-term support in their grief. Through networking and cooperation with other specialized agencies, the foundation stands as a professional partner at the side of young mourners and also advocates for their needs on a social level.

Link to more information: https://www.nicolaidis-youngwings.de/

It's all about perspectives



It´s the perspective that allows us to take a certain look at things and thereby opens up new angles of observation. In a different light, circumstances sometimes present themselves in a completely different way. For a holistic approach to solutions and the best possible service for our customers, we, therefore, sharpen our eye for detail, sometimes overcoming rough terrain to create stable solutions and set the stage for sustainable success. It is the small adjusting screws that set the big wheels of the logistics chains in motion.

New building at Bremen site


With the new building in Bremen, equipped with the latest technology and office equipment, we enable the safeguarding of jobs and at the same time create conditions for further growth! You can see the development of our new warehouse in the time-lapse video - we are looking forward to the official opening in November 2021!

Funny Team Pics - Costa Rica shines with creative ideas

150 moments_costa rica_isit

The departments from Hellmann Business Services in Costa Rica have come up with a lot of ideas and have taken part in the global competition for the funniest team photo.

Many thanks to our great colleagues from Hellmann Costa Rica for the many great team photos.

Andreas Mohn Foundation and Hellmann bring disused school equipment from Bielefeld to Serbia

150 moments_Spende Schulmaterialien Serbien


The Andreas Mohn Foundation and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics are supporting the energetic commitment of two siblings from Spenge by transporting disused chalkboards, whiteboards, beamers, chairs and desks to Serbia. Last summer, 13-year-old Eldar and his 12-year-old sister Amra visited their Serbian homeland together with their mother Mirsada. Among other things, the mother showed her two children their former school. They were surprised to see that the school was very sparsely equipped and that there was not a blackboard in every classroom, as Eldar and Amra were used to in their German school. Some blackboards even still showed bullet holes from gun salvos from the last war.

So the two developed the idea of collecting donations in kind for Serbian schools. In the course of the digitalisation of German schools, traditional chalkboards are being replaced by digital boards. The boards, which are still in good condition compared to the chalkboards in Serbia, could thus be recycled in a meaningful way. The two received organisational support from their parents, Mirsada and Izet Becirovic, as well as their teacher Kirsten Biedermann from Widukind Gymnasium in Enger, who is involved in the Ravensberg Inventors' Workshop in his spare time. The company Habig und Krips GmbH from Bielefeld made their storage rooms in Bielefeld Brake available for collecting and storing the materials. The Andreas Mohn Foundation from Bielefeld was not only convinced by the project in terms of sustainability, but also recognised it as a good example of Europe in action.

With Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, the Andreas Mohn Foundation acquired a strong partner for the safe transport to Serbia. The head of freight forwarding at Hellmann's Bielefeld branch, Michael Brockmeyer, was immediately enthusiastic about the sustainable project and founded a task force with his colleagues: "Together with my team, we agreed that we would be happy to actively support this good cause with our know-how. After all, transport is about more than just getting the goods from A to B: they have to be safely packed, loaded and cleared through customs. That's not something you do on the side, but as a traditional family business, it's important to us to also take on social responsibility."

Under the expert guidance of Hellmann employees, volunteers and the family of the two children packed the donations together with a team from the Andreas Mohn Foundation. While Hellmann provided manpower and packaging material free of charge and took care of customs clearance, the Andreas Mohn Foundation covered the costs of the discounted transport to Serbia.

Thus, the chalkboards, whiteboards, tables, chairs and beamers, which came from various schools in the region, will find a meaningful reuse in the future at the Technical Agricultural School and the Jezdimir Lović High School in Sjenica, Serbia. Amra and Eldar plan to travel to Serbia during the autumn holidays and help set up the donations in the schools.

From a one-man company to a global family business


Founded in 1871 by Carl Heinrich Hellmann in northern Germany's Osnabrueck with a single horse-drawn carriage, the long-established family business has evolved over four generations into one of the largest international logistics providers. Today, Hellmann is present in 59 countries with 263 branches and has around 11,000 employees as part of the Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y. all over the world. Considering Hellmann’s global partner network, its reach spans nearly 500 offices across 173 countries.

After the company initially founded for ore and coal transports was sold to Carl Heinrich Hellmann's two sons at the beginning of the 20th century, the company became "Gebr. Hellmann" (“Hellmann Brothers”) and continued to develop steadily. In addition to the establishment of a first warehouse in 1912 - the predecessor of today's contract logistics – the portfolio of transport vehicles was also constantly expanded: Initially, truck and rail transport complemented the horse-drawn vehicles. After the Second World War, sea freight was added to the product offering with the establishment of a second location in Hamburg as a gateway to the world. In the 1960s, under the leadership of Heinz and Joachim Hellmann, the company was already offering international transports, mainly to Western Europe, but also to Asia, including by air since 1969. In 1976 and 1989, first Klaus and then Jost Hellmann took over the legacy of their fathers as the torch was passed to the fourth generation and made Hellmann what it is today: a globally active family-owned company that stands for technical innovation, sustainability and commitment to improving the world.

As a symbol of this special history, the two shareholders Klaus and Jost Hellmann, together with CEO Reiner Heiken, planted a tree at the headquarter in Osnabrueck to commemorate the anniversary. The company also donated 150 additional trees to the city of Osnabrueck - one for each year in Hellmann's history.


"When I joined the Executive Board at Hellmann at the age of 27, there were a lot of great people who supported and guided me along the way. From that day on, I know this to be true: at Hellmann, the people make the difference. That's why I would like to thank especially all our employees, whose commitment and perseverance made the 150th anniversary possible in the first place. Of course, I would also like to thank our loyal customers, many of whom have been with us for decades and with whom we have grown together. To take up a strong position for the future, we must continue to sharpen our corporate focus on sustainability. This is more important today than ever before - and especially so as a logistics service provider," says Klaus Hellmann, shareholder of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

"We are celebrating our 150th anniversary this year in large part due to our willingness to embrace change. The logistics industry is always changing. If you don't evolve, you cannot compete in the market. When we opened our first international branch in Hong Kong in 1982, I would never have dreamed that almost 40 years later we would have such a vast global network. Innovative strength and sustainable actions have always characterized us and will continue to be what people associate with Hellmann in the future. True to our guiding principle: thinking ahead – moving forward," says Jost Hellmann, shareholder Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

"The Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y. has achieved great things and I am honored to continue the successful history of the company together with the entire Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y.. Our present is characterized by radical changes that affect both our industry and society as a whole. Our goal is to build upon the company's successful history and continue growing in a sustainable way. To achieve this, we want to leverage the opportunities offered by digitalization and at the same time stick to our motto "First, people first," which is set out in our F.A.M.I.L.Y. DNA. After all, our employees and customers will continue to be the main pillars of our company in the future," says Reiner Heiken, CEO of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

Blind Spot Campaign in Ottendorf-Okrilla

People next to a truck


The Hellmann branch in Ottendorf-Okrilla is participating in the company's 150th anniversary with its own campaign. The core idea was to give 150 moments. In this case, the colleagues did not just give 150 moments, but 190. Together with the FAHRERIMPULS Dresden GmbH initiative, they trained a total of 190 first and second-grade elementary school students at a Dresden elementary school on September 17, 2021. With a mix of theory and practice for the dangers in road traffic, the students have been sensitized accordingly.

Funny Team Pics - Teambuilding in Poland

150 Moments Funny Team Pics Poland  1


Our dear colleagues in Poland have used our 150th anniversary to strengthen the connection in various activities. Of course, fun was not to be neglected in these activities.

The result is not only a team that has grown even closer together but also these great photo collages. Many thanks!

Funny Team pics - India sets the bar high

150 Moments Competition Team Photo India

A photo like a renaissance painting. Or rather a scene from a Bollywood movie?

Many thanks to our great colleagues from Hellmann India for this masterpiece of a team photo.

Kudos to the STRAVA Community

150 Moments Strava Challenge 3

This year has been a very special one for Hellmann so far, with colleagues all over the world logging miles - not, as some might think, as frequent flyers, but through sporting activities such as running, cycling, or hiking.

Sometimes, however, motivation needed a little push. That's why we launched a Strava community "Hellmann 150 Moments" to promote group motivation and help our employees do something for themselves every day - especially considering that we go the famous extra mile for our customers every day.

In this context, we have seen amazing efforts and wonderful photos from quite a few Hellmann members, and that has given us an extra boost!

The community continues to grow as we enter the home stretch of the year. But surely there are more people in the Hellmann world collecting miles every day. So here's the appeal again to everyone who hasn't joined yet: Join the Strava community, give each other Kudos and collect miles diligently!

Hellmann nominated for the Otto Heinemann Award

"The Otto Heinemann Prize, awarded by spectrumK, the BKK DV, and the IKK e. V., honors companies and institutions that relieve the burden on their employees with clever concepts and exemplary solutions. They deserve our recognition for this - especially at a time when the Corona pandemic is challenging us all and many companies are facing an economically uncertain future," it says on the pages of the Berlin Care Conference in the context of which the Otto Heinemann Award will be presented on November 11, 2021.

"Family caregivers take on a central task for society as a whole by caring for the majority of those in need of care - increasingly often in parallel with their professional activities. Due to the enormous double burden, there is an increased risk of mental illnesses and even burn-out. During the corona crisis, those affected are under particular pressure. Especially now, they are dependent on understanding and relief," it continues.

In this context, we at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics are extremely happy about the nomination for this year's award, which in itself is a great honor for us and at the same time an incentive to further optimize our efforts to promote care and career at Hellmann.

150 Moments Otto Heinemann Preis

1982: Miniature trucks off the road

150 Moments History Calender 1982 1 square

On the water, on land, or in the desert - in 1982, Hellmann caused a stir with a very special annual calendar. We sent a model truck on a photo journey.

Waterfalls, steppe landscapes, lakes, and rivers - nothing could stop the mini truck on its adventure. See for yourself.

Virtual Charity Run. Sponsored by Hellmann East Europe.

For several years now, Hellmann East Europe has been supporting the Rotary Club Bad Camberg / Idstein, Germany in organizing an annual charity run. Like so many public events, this year's event had to break new ground due to Corona.

And so the Rotarians organized this year's charity run virtually: The approximately 1500 participants could register and join in via the website www.stadtlauf-camberg.de. In contrast to previous years, participants did not have to choose one discipline. Those who wanted to could take part five times, from Nordic walking to running over sections of different lengths.

Help for the Taunus

As the main sponsor, Hellmann East Europe promoted and accompanied the charity run in Bad Camberg, not only on-site in terms of organization. A donation of 1,000 euros was also made to the Rotary Club Bad Camberg / Idstein, which used the total sum of 20,000 euros to plant 2,000 trees in Bad Camberg's municipal forest and support 14 other projects for environmental protection and nature conservation in cooperation with daycare centers and schools in the Taunus region.

The success of a company depends on its employees


That is why we create an attractive and professional environment at Hellmann, which captivates, binds, and promotes the interest of good people. They determine how our company is perceived externally. They directly influence the satisfaction, enthusiasm, and loyalty of our customers and we know that. That is why people always come first. Our colleagues from Hellmann East Europe give you a close insight into their team-building event. Enjoy!

Hellmann México celebrates 20th anniversary


It was in 1871 in Germany when one of the largest family-owned logistics companies was created in Germany. In 2001, with a staff of 4 people, Hellmann broke new ground and established its presence in México. This year Hellmann México is celebrating its 20th anniversary! Enjoy looking back at the beginnings, the steady development, and the interaction of an outstanding team. Viva México, viva Hellmann!

The young company since 1871


Hellmann's company logo is the wild geese. The wild geese overcome time and space and are a symbol of speed and endurance. Hellmann - the young company since 1871.

Past, Present, Future - 3 Questions to Patrick Oestreich, Chief Commercial Officer

Let's look back at 150 years of logistics: in your opinion, which invention has had the greatest impact on our industry, so far?

That is quite difficult to say as there have been so many things creating an impact on our industry – I’d say there are many things like Forklifts, Containers, Pallets, etc. which changed the paradigm in how we managed our business and led to massive productivity improvements over time. In the end, these were all “physical” improvements and made the work more productive, less dangerous, and enabled standardization – the biggest change came with the internet as all of a sudden physical flow of goods needed to be replicated with the flow of data.

What do you think are the most promising opportunities for Hellmann as a company today?

The company has 150 years of rich history – there is a lot of knowledge which has been created during that time, we sit on billions of data points about global trade, customers, buying behavior, manufacturing, etc. We have to learn that moving stuff around is becoming more and more a commodity, the future sits with managing and making sense of data – monetize the data and provide intelligence which leads to smarter decision-making with our customers, partners, employees, and us in general.

How do you think the world of logistics will develop in the coming years in terms of both technology and its overall meaning for society?

During the pandemic, people have started to realize the value of Logistics & Supply Chains as they became fragile with disruptions all over the world. All of a sudden supply of goods was not granted any longer, it became unpredictable and tough to manage. Companies who simply looked at Supply Chains as a cost or execution element learned it the hard way, Supply Chain Management will become more and more relevant going forward, I would not be surprised if the next breed of future leaders will have a Supply Chain background. Overall we see eight larger trends in our industry:

  • Digitization
  • 3D Printing
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Data Management
  • Diversification
  • Sustainability

We as a company need to think along those lines and define what it means to us and our industry in general, and how we can help shape that future.

Portrait Patrick Oestreich

1961 - Lisa retires

History Lisa 1960


The "German Economic Miracle" in the 1950s and 1960s is still associated with a rapid economic and technical upswing in post-war Germany. For Hellmann, too, it was a time in which we as a company observed a steady increase in order volume, an increase in sales, and also a considerable increase in the number of employees.  

This development meant not only significant cost increases but also the need to constantly review and update the company's infrastructure and technical facilities. It is in this context that the relocation of our headquarters in 1960 to the Elbestraße in Osnabrück, where it is still located today, must be considered.

The increased space available at the new location provided the prerequisites for making the handling of general cargo smoother and more expeditious. And even though the fleet had now grown to almost 50 vehicles, until then the last horse, Lisa, still drove daily tours in the local freight business. Only when Lisa had become too old to move safely in traffic was she "retired" in 1961, which must have left a little melancholy not only in the coachman of the time.

Logistics on the Move - 15,000 km done!

150 Moments Logistik in Bewegung Charity Run

Colleagues all over Germany have already reached the 15,000 km mark for the "Logistik in Bewegung" (Logistics on the Move) initiative in the first month on foot, on horseback, on SUP, or by bike. For this reason, Hellmann Germany has already donated the first 15,000 euros to the Nicolaidis Young Wings Foundation.

As a non-profit organization in the German-speaking region, the foundation offers young bereaved people up to the age of 49 target-group-specific counseling as well as long-term support in their grief. Through networking and cooperation with other specialized agencies, the foundation stands as a professional partner at the side of young mourners and also advocates for their needs on a social level.

However, the initiative is not over yet. There is still more to come! Isn't it nice to do something for your body and support a charitable foundation at the same time?

What does our 150th Anniversary mean to our People?

150 Moments Arun Packal Portrait

Arun Parackal, Head of Business Process and Customer Implementation, Hellmann Middle East and South Asia

In honor of our 150th anniversary, we have been sharing stories from our Hellmann world over the last few months. We are excited to share a few more words from Arun Parackal. 

As our Head of Business Process and Customer Implementation, Hellmann Middle East and South Asia, Arun asserts that the environment in Hellmann is like that of a family. “I've seen an increasing number of people enrich their lives by joining our organization over the last few years, which makes me so proud to be a part of a company that values its people, customers, and is always looking for ways to improve."

"Our 150th anniversary is a reminder that at Hellmann, we live our F.A.M.I.L.Y DNA and work with zeal because it is our source of growth. This is a place where everyone is encouraged to think outside the box and where enthusiasm grows."

Relief Goods for Indian Flood Victims

150 Moments Relief Goods for India dnata

Dubai corporates join hands with a student-led humanitarian aid effort

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, the Dubai National Air Travel Agency (dnata), and the Airline flydubai have come together to offer free end-to-end logistics, freight, and handling services to the social organization WeCareDXB.

The Konkan region of Maharashtra, India recently experienced some of the worst torrential rains and flooding, displacing more than 15,000 people and destroying homes and businesses, with water levels reaching over 10 feet in places like Chiplun and massive landslides affecting places like Mahad and others.

WeCareDXB is a platform founded by Riva Tulpule that supports social causes. Riva along with her friend Shruti Chorge sprang into action after learning of the people's plight. With the support of the Indian community in Dubai and Sharjah, they collected approx. 2.5 tons of clothes and blankets in less than a week.

In this relief goods transport, Hellmann managed the origin and destination customs clearance and documentation in Dubai with WeCareDXB. In Mumbai with the Indian Red Cross Society, FlyDubai came forward to carry the freight free of charge with the endorsement of the Indian Consulate, and dnata’s cargo team managed the ground handling of the cargo at Dubai International. The aid was successfully delivered to the Red Cross Society of India and further channeled to the people in need through the Government of Maharashtra administration team in Chiplun and Mahad.

Connect Four: Hellmann Osterweddingen dominates System Alliance quality ranking

Truck from front on bridge

The three front-runners in the System Alliance quality ranking are particularly close together this year. But for the fourth time in a row, the Hellmann Worldwide Logistics branch in Osterweddingen successfully defends its top position in the friendly competition between the 47 regional operations within the Germany-wide groupage cooperation. A special honor in our anniversary year.

150 Moments System Alliance Ranking Osterweddingen 2

"This was possible above all because we were able to quickly digitalize communication within the team, intensify the exchange between all those involved in the process at the same time, and involve our employees in every step," says Branch Manager Till Beier. 

1998: A Warehouse as a Symbol for Peace

150 Moments History Friedensspeicher 1

After 30 years of war in the center of Europe - after devastation, plunder, murder, and expulsion - the Peace of Westphalia was proclaimed from the steps of the town hall in Osnabrück on October 25, 1648; one of the most important events for German and European history.

As part of the 350th-anniversary celebrations, Hellmann also commemorated the meaning of the Peace of Westphalia with a special art event: the well-known German action artist HA Schult transformed an old warehouse building on our Osnabrück premises into a "Friedensspeicher" (peace warehouse).

A total of 15,000 cardboard boxes of various sizes were attached to the 30-meter-high warehouse on three sides of the facade. All of them were weatherproof, painted with gold bronze, and mounted on steel cables. The boxes were adorned with the inscription "Peace" in over 100 different languages. This made the warehouse a symbol of peace and freedom.

With this action, Hellmann sent a clear message to the world that could hardly be more topical these days. Today, by the way, the Speicher III, our innovative corporate headquarters, stands on the same site, where people from the most diverse cultural backgrounds work together every day in the spirit of our F.A.M.I.L.Y DNA - another message for respect, tolerance, freedom, and diversity!

Mayor on farewell tour congratulates on our anniversary

150 Moments Mayor Griesert visiting Speicher III

In the back: Ralf Minning, Wiebke Vollbrecht, Uwe Hassleberg, and Martin Eberle, in the front: Hannes Quast, Klaus Hellmann, Mayor Wolfgang Griesert, and Reiner Heiken.

A distinguished visitor to Speicher III: On his "farewell tour", Osnabrück's outgoing Lord Mayor Wolfgang Griesert, who will not be running again in the upcoming local elections, paid our company a final visit. In his luggage was a symbolic gift to mark the 150th anniversary of our company: a painting of the city of Osnabrück with a flock of wild geese flying overhead.

Reiner Heiken and Martin Eberle received Lord Mayor Griesert and his delegation from the Osnabrück Economic Development Agency together with Klaus Hellmann and Uwe Hasselberg, branch manager in Osnabrück, in a friendly manner. In a relaxed atmosphere, they talked about the past years, what they had achieved together, and future plans. Mayor Griesert was extremely interested in our company and the general development of the logistics industry.

Griesert said he was certain that Hellmann, as one of the largest employers in the Osnabrück region, would continue to play an important role in local political decisions in the future, regardless of the outcome of the upcoming elections. A characteristic of Osnabrück, he said, is a fruitful cooperation between politics and business. In this context, the new container terminal in the port of Osnabrück is just one example of other successful projects.

The exoskeleton: technology of the future

150 Moments Exoskeleton Future Technologie

The human machine is becoming a reality. Smart glasses on our eyes and digital mini-scanners on our index fingers have long since become part of our everyday working lives. Now comes the next mechanical extension of the human body: the exoskeleton. A successful test phase for this already took place in 2020 at Contract Logistics in Lehrte near Hanover, Germany. Now the artificial spines are also being introduced at our headquarters in Osnabrück, with other Contract Logistics locations to follow.

The exoskeleton significantly supports muscle work, especially in the arms and shoulders, and also ensures a healthy posture. The feedback from our colleagues who have already slipped into such an exoskeleton has been consistently positive, so the artificial spines will be used regularly from now on. This is an important step towards maintaining the productivity and, above all, the health of our employees.

1949: A new gas station in Osnabrück

What is a freight forwarding company without its own gas station? As early as 1926, barely a year after Hellmann purchased the first truck, we were able to put the first service station in Osnabrück into operation, which had then been destroyed during the years of the Second World War.

150 Moments History Gas Station Osnabrück

As early as 1948, the company applied to the German-American Petroleum Company ESSO to set up a new gasoline filling station on the newly built company premises. Hellmann had survived the currency reform relatively unscathed and wanted to make an immediate positive start with the construction of the filling station.

Even today, our fleet doesn't get far without fuel - but we rely on alternative, more environmentally friendly energy sources to do so. With this in mind, we are increasingly converting our trucks to LNG, and our company cars are increasingly electric or plug-in hybrids. The corresponding filling stations are already in place, of course, because what would a freight forwarder be without an own service station?

Battery Charging Points in Osnabrück

150 Moments History Gas Station E-Mobility

Unique in our 150 years history: China Trucking with Hellmann East Europe

World trade is groaning under the burden of rising rates and lack of cargo space, especially on the trade lane between Asia and Europe. In this tense situation, Hellmann East Europe decided to offer an alternative for air and sea freight from China which is quite unique in our 150 years history: China Truck Solutions - door-to-door transports from China to Europe.

150 Moments China Trucking

"With our direct truck transports from China, we are in tune with the times and can offer our customers a reliable solution in the face of a challenging situation in world trade. In this way, we create a degree of predictability for exports from China. Our customers reflect this with great interest and also a certain degree of gratitude," says Dieter Mauritz, General Management, Hellmann East Europe. 

In the short term, this solution provides a light at the end of the tunnel for shippers who are currently suffering from the lack of export opportunities from China. However, China Truck Solutions cannot be a long-term solution and we at Hellmann continue to hope for an easing of the situation in air and sea freight. On the other hand, this short-term, innovative service demonstrates the innovative strength that has characterized Hellmann for 150 years. 

We own the night

NSE - we own the night

At our site in Groß Ippener, we invested in our loading technology when we moved in March 2020. We have installed a 100-meter conveyor system with four telescopic belts, which help us process an average of 2,600 colli in two hours of outbound Night Star Express (NSE) processing and another average of 1,800 colli in the nighttime NSE entrance.

The telescopic conveyors extend into the sprinters and trucks, making it much easier for the drivers to load and unload their vehicles and thus speeding up the process considerably.

The conveyor system is to be expanded in 2021 to include a scale that automatically weighs, measures, and photographs. The data will then be transferred directly to our system to always have correct weights in there. Damage or insufficient packaging is stored and can be reported to the customers if necessary.

NSE - we own the night 4

Logistics on the Move - we continue to step on the gas!

Logistics on the Move 2021

With the donation and health initiative Logistik in Bewegung, launched by Logivest, we have set ourselves a noble goal in that we want to cover 15,000 km together as a company to donate EUR 15,000 to the Nicolaidis YoungWings Foundation as part of our 150th anniversary. The foundation supports and advises people who have lost loved ones at a young age.

Whether on land or water, on a bicycle, or a racehorse, it doesn't matter - the kilometers covered and proven count. The time frame for this is August 2 to September 30, 2021!

Currently, the distance covered is 3,350 km after 10 days.

Are you part of it? Then go ahead and have fun collecting kilometers for a good cause!

You can find more information about Logistik in Bewegung here.

Past, Present, Future - 3 Questions to Sami Awad-Hartmann, Chief Information Officer

Let's look back at 150 years of logistics: in your opinion, which invention has had the greatest impact on our industry, so far?

With the invention of the steam locomotive, the lorry, and the airplane, three new modalities had emerged within a very short time, with the help of which traders could bring goods to their destination much faster and more reliably than before. The sea freight container invented in 1965 had a tremendous effect on logistics being more efficient on a global scale while the Internet did lead to the democratization of information and total transparency. What we can see now is the exponential development of computing power and the rise of artificial intelligence.

What do you think are the most promising opportunities for Hellmann as a company today?

The most promising opportunities for Hellmann as a company are a combination of three things. The first is our global footprint and network, which enable us to create responsible solutions in line with our resources. Secondly, our people and the Hellmann Family DNA are great assets describing who we are and showing what drives us to continuously develop since 1871 with a common goal – to ensure long-term development of the company so that it can continue to offer many opportunities for the next generations. That is also the reason for part three which is our huge investments in people as well as in technology while thinking ahead to develop sustainable, future-oriented logistic solutions.

How do you think the world of logistics will develop in the coming years in terms of both technology and its overall meaning for society?

Today, logistics experts are already laying important foundations for completely digitalized supply chains, autonomous delivery by self-driving trucks and drones, and the smart factory. In the long term, systems supported by artificial intelligence could even recognize needs before they arise and thus ensure that goods reach the customer in the shortest possible time.

Sami Awad-Hartmann, Chief Information Officer

Past, Present, Future – 3 Questions to Volker Sauerborn, Chief Operating Officer Contract Logistics

Let's look back at 150 years of logistics: in your opinion, which invention has had the greatest impact on our industry, so far?

The introduction of the sea freight container has certainly had a major impact on logistics. Containerization has made globalization possible in the first place. It also enables more efficient logistics in terms of speed and use of resources. Ships, for example, can be unloaded much faster with far less manpower. This also shortens transit times and consequently the goods reach the customer more quickly. Hinterland transports are easier and faster to implement compared to the previous general cargo transport. This invention makes logistics more efficient, and all those involved in the process benefit significantly.

Thanks to the use of computers and subsequent digitization, we have been able and are still able today to carry out continuous process optimizations, which we implement in our interest as well as in the interest of our customers. Automated material flows and the mapping of digital production are only possible in this way. Particularly in the area of warehousing in contract logistics, error-free service in order picking as well as in shipping reflects the expectations of our customers. End customer satisfaction is inevitably and closely linked to this. The demand for faster delivery times and the continuous availability of goods continues to rise with increasing digitalization. Barcode technology supports us immensely in this nowadays. In this way, errors in warehousing can be minimized, employee costs can be reduced, and economic work can be further expanded and optimized in the interests of our customers.

What do you think are the most promising opportunities for Hellmann as a company today?

Dynamic markets constantly bring new changes. Customer expectations are rising, new product lines are being developed, acquisitions are being made, outsourcing is taking place and geographical changes are being incorporated. Smooth processes are very important to be able to respond to these components with high productivity and satisfied employees. We derive advantages from process mining, which enables us to visualize our processes in the operational area in their entirety and optimize them accordingly.

We can transfer this visibility to the supply chain. Here, increasing demand for our Smart Visibility Service shows that 24/7 shipment tracking is becoming more and more relevant for our customers and that supply chain processes are thus also becoming more transparent.

The issue of sustainability is also becoming increasingly important for our customers. We currently occupy second place in a Focus study on sustainability (July 17, 2021), in which we are not resting on our laurels, but which is cause for further commitment and confirmation for us that we are setting the right goals.

In addition, a classic change in the retail and distribution model is taking place, which is being reinforced due to the pandemic, bringing digital distribution to the forefront and thus clearly demonstrating that everything from the web store to handling and delivery should and can be mapped by a service provider - just like our eCommerce solutions. Through a globally standardized ERP system with LFS, we offer fast and simple support for our customers in contract logistics.

How do you think the world of logistics will develop in the coming years in terms of both technology and its overall meaning for society?

The logistics world is exposed to ever faster development cycles with regard to technological progress and corresponding adjustments must necessarily be made in order to remain efficient. The growth in technological developments such as autonomous driving or the use of drones for transporting goods is countered by the lack of qualified, operational specialists. This also necessitates the development of further autonomous technologies. For society, logistics will play a very central role - as it already does today - in supplying the population and, at the same time, as an emitter of emissions, will make a significant contribution to tackling climate change. Logistics will therefore continue to grow in importance for society as a whole and respond flexibly to developments in the coming years.

Volker Sauerborn, Chief Operating Officer Contract Logistics

Hellmann welcomes over 160 new apprentices

New apprentices in Osnabrueck 2021


In the year of the company's 150th anniversary, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is welcoming over 160 apprentices from 13 nations in Germany. After the apprentices were welcomed on site in 26 of the German Hellmann branches on August 2 and given a first insight into their new work environment, a Germany-wide digital kick-off event took place one day later. 

One highlight of the virtual event was influencer Sidney Hoffmann, who stands for his hands-on mentality and is thus a popular role model for the apprentice generation. Moreover, he could also shed light on what is necessary for a successful career for the new colleagues: motivation and passion for what you do. 

"Logistics is an extremely important industry for all of us – the Corona crisis has highlighted this yet again. However, many people don't even know how exciting, diverse and international the industry is. That's why I'm delighted to be able to take part in Hellmann's trainee event and show the new employees how important their job is. Thanks to their passion, they make a real difference for all of us," said Sidney Hoffmann.

"Last year, with all its challenges, made it clear to us once again how important an agile and motivated team is. Our trainees form a very important part of the Hellmann team and I am very glad that we are once again welcoming so many new colleagues this year. Now more than ever, it is important to us to offer career prospects and attract young talent to Hellmann," says Sven Eisfeld, Managing Director Germany, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

Bike Challenge successfully completed

After a successful start on February 14 of this year, Alfons Hölscher (IT Service, Osnabrueck) completed his personal Bike Challenge on the occasion of our 150th anniversary with 150 rides on his bike. Documented with pictures of the speedometer, a total of 1,160 kilometers traveled will be on the display on August 1, 2021. A great achievement - both in terms of sustainability and for the personal fitness level!

We look forward to your continued active participation and the submission of your contributions. 

Bike Challenge successfully completed

Past, Present, Future – 3 Questions to Marcus Leaver, Chief Operating Officer Seafreight

Let's look back at 150 years of logistics: In your opinion, which invention has had the greatest impact on our industry, so far?

The biggest innovation in Seafreight if we forget the obvious being technology with computers etc, is without a doubt Containerization, with the invention of implementation of the Container as a standardized mode of transport. This has enabled vessels to load up to 24,000 TEU, often carrying a value above 1 Billion USD of cargo on board. The environmental aspect and carbon footprint are far greater in focus, and the economies of scale greatly reduce the impact on the environment. The introduction of cleaner fuel and LNG-operated vessels will continue to be a major factor going forward.

What do you think are the most promising opportunities for Hellmann as a company today?

Hellmann is uniquely positioned to operate in an entrepreneurial way, and too small to be too big, and too big to be too small. Therefore we have the advantage of agility and adversity in the market enabling us to react fast to market trends. One such trend being the Digital Forwarder, which has yet to make its mark, but the winner of the digitalization race on processes will benefit from the ability of scale and speed, with Big Data and the usage of same being fundamental. Many new competitors are entering our space, be it from Shipping Lines, large corporations such as the Amazon’s of this world, as well as digital forwarders, not forgetting the traditional freight forwarders getting bigger and bigger after numerous M+As. The port-to-port business will be at greater threat going forward, and the introduction of Ocean Solutions in offering services towards the supply chain in the form of visibility and simplification is where I see Hellmann needing to position itself within the next 3 years.

How do you think the world of logistics will develop in the coming years in terms of both technology and its overall meaning for society?

We are seeing today as a result of the Corona crisis a complete mindset change, from supply chain cost to supply chain robustness. The logistics part of the supply chain being at the very end, and received very little recognition, when in fact it is one of the vital pieces getting the goods to market, as we are now experiencing huge supply chain challenges with no space and major equipment shortages. The market situation will follow us for quite some time, and the importance to society is becoming far more evident. Of course, local manufacture will again receive greater attention as a result of this, as will 3D manufacture with the technological advancements we are seeing.

Marcus Leaver

Hellmann East Europe reveices ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR award

League of the best award


According to the independent community "League of the Best Companies in Russia", East Europe was included in the list of the best companies in Russia and named ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR 2020. The company looks back on over 30 years of experience in the market, during which it has successfully built up and sustainably implemented a diverse range of services.

The committee charged with rating companies to enter the "League of the Best Companies in Russia" is represented by independent business experts and awards the internationally recognized "ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR" certificate on an annual basis. To determine eligibility, companies are evaluated on various criteria, such as product and service quality, outstanding corporate performance and future-oriented business models.

"For Hellmann, the award is a great recognition of our performance – especially of our expert team in Russia. At the same time, it shows that we are on the right track with our growth strategy in Eastern Europe, where the Hellmann-FAMILY has been demonstrating great developments and taken up a strong market position," says Jörg Herwig, Managing Director, Hellmann East Europe.

"We are very pleased to receive this award, as it shows once again that we have succeeded in assuming a pioneering position in the Eastern European market. Together with our entire team, we master new challenges every day and are always looking to develop ourselves to sustainably continue our growth course," says Michael Hess, Managing Director Russia.

Who takes the funniest team photo?

150moments funniest photo


Our colleagues in Mexico fondly remember their last Halloween / Mexican day of dead at regional LATAM office in Mexico City. Here's a fun team photo of: Nayeli Elianeth Gonzalez (Seafreight Product LATAM), Luis Carlos Zimbron (Seafreight Product Mexico), Andrea Liceaga (Airefreight Product LATAM) and Jose Fernando Mora (Trade Management APAC).

From the living room into the world: The Story of Hellmann New Zealand

Hellmann´s new warehousing complex at Auckland Airport

Hellmann is investing EUR 28 million at Auckland Airport these days to build a new and state-of-the-art warehouse complex.  The warehouse, which will go into operation in July 2021, is located directly at Auckland Airport and sets new standards in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and functionality. From the new warehouse, Hellmann will handle all contract logistics fulfillment for its long-standing customer TTI.

Considering this massive investment in New Zealand, the founding story seems all the more astonishing. After all, the story of Hellmann in New Zealand began in 1988 in the living room of the founding parents, Sue and Ian Robertson. There they organized the first shipments of goods from New Zealand to the Pacific Islands for Hellmann. However, the first branch office was established only three months later, not far from today's state-of-the-art location at Auckland Airport.  Starting with four employees, the team grew to 18 by the beginning of 1992. Klaus Hellmann personally inaugurated a new branch building on Brigade Road in Auckland on February 23, 1995. 

Sales closings on the island areas are never easy; you're likely to get sunburned and sand between your toes!"

Managing Director Ian Robertson described the interesting peculiarities of this business at that time as follows: "One of the greatest advantages Hellmann can offer its customers in New Zealand is the sale of services in the entire forwarding sector. We load all shipments destined for export to the Pacific islands of Rarotonga, Fiji, Western Samoa, and Tonga in our containers. The traffic to the islands is interesting and not always easy to manage. For example, not all islands have suitable wharves. In Norfolk, cargo is transferred by derricks to lighters that maintain a regular tow to shore, where they are unloaded. Sales closings on the island areas are never easy; you're likely to get sunburned and sand between your toes!"

Sculptures for Dresden

150 Moments FAMA Skulptura

The city of Dresden invites its visitors to the Palais Summer at the Japanese Palace from July 16 to August 22. In addition to many cultural events, the exhibition FAMA Skulptura will take place during this time, in the context of which artistic sculptures by well-known artists* will be exhibited. Hellmann had the honor of transporting some of the valuable exhibits by artist Elisabeth Howey to the exhibition venue. 

"Organizing and setting up such a sculpture exhibition is a feat of strength. The fact that we succeeded in this feat is also thanks to you and your support by taking over the transport of the concrete pedestals and two concrete sculptures free of charge. For this I would like to thank you very much on behalf of the whole organizing team," says Reinhard Pontius Member of the Board of the Kunstverein Sachsen.

Heroes of the Pandemic

150 Moments Award Heroes of the Pandemic MESA

In times of crisis, true heroes emerge. That is why we're very proud to achieve the Heroes of the Pandemic Award 2021 in the category Freight Forwarding, presented by Transport & Logistics M.E. - of course, with all due humility given the global impact of the Covid19 pandemic.

Effortlessly working, we give our everything to sustain global supply chains in this unprecedented situation. Now the hard work pays off. Congratulations to our great team at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Middle East and South Asia. Well deserved!

Złombol Rally: through Europe in a scrap car

More than 4,000 kilometers lie ahead of him when Kamil Żychowski sets off from Katowice in Poland to Burhaniye in Turkey on June 26. What's special is that he is completing the distance in a car that is over 25 years old and that many would only describe as scrap metal - but that is precisely what the Złombol Charity Rally is all about.

150 Moments Złombol Rally 1

Together with his team "07 Spojler", Kamil Żychowski, Direct Load Operator at Hellmann Krakow, took on the 14th edition of this almost epic battle of materials for Hellmann to raise funds for Polish orphanages. His old FSO Polonez stickers an advertising pillar, Hellmann Poland is also involved as a sponsor.


Rally extreme

The teams will not receive any technical support or assistance from the organizers during the long stages. In case of breakdowns or technical defects, the teams have to do the work themselves.

The rally is mostly driven on public roads, which is enough of a challenge for the cars. The teams travel either in small groups or individually, depending on what the team prefers. A start and finish point are set for each leg, and teams are free to choose the itinerary between these two points. Overnight stays are usually in tents, and risk and costs throughout the rally are borne by the teams themselves.

The Złombol Rally is a great event that Hellmann Poland is happy to support as a sponsor. This year, a total of PLN 1,200,000 was raised, which equals a proud €262,166.08. Respect!

Live Sustainability - Hellmann joins Clean Aviation Initiative

In our anniversary year, we are taking a big step towards green logistics. Hellmann is the first logistics company in the Middle East & South Asia region to join Air France KLM Martinair Cargo's Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) program (AFKLMP Cargo).

150 Moments MESA SAF Program

Air France-KLM launched its innovative corporate SAF program in January 2021 to enable companies to play an active role in the future of sustainable travel. The goal of the program is to demonstrate a potential alternative to fossil fuels on commercial flights. Sustainable aviation fuels can be made of waste oils, waste products, or forest residues. They get incorporated into jet fuel without modifications to the engine, which reduces CO2 emissions by more than 85% compared to conventional fuels.

"In our 150-year history, we have always been a company that lives sustainability always aware of our great responsibility for people, the environment, and society. By joining forces with Air France KLM Martinair Cargo, we now have the opportunity to contribute to reducing our carbon footprint in freight transport. We are proud to join the SAF program in the region," says Baby George, Vice President Airfreight, Hellmann MESA. 

150 Years at the Forefront of Innovation

DRONAMICS and Hellmann plan pan-European transport services with cargo drones from 2022

Together with our partner Dronamics, we will offer a pioneering new transport service for the cross-border transportation of time-critical goods: Drone delivery. The cargo drones enable a same-day middle-mile delivery service with an unmatched range of up to 2,500km and an impressive cargo capacity of 350kg. This will launch the age of unmanned air cargo. 

However, Hellmann has always been at the forefront of technical innovation. Already in 1925, Gebr. Hellmann purchased a furniture truck with carbide lamps, solid rubber tires, and chain drive – the machine achieved a proud 18 km/h, which was a technical sensation at that time.

Also, with our most modern handling facility in Osnabrück, we were ahead of our time. The new site had a 456 m long underfloor chain connecting every point in the warehouse. Jochen and Heinz Hellmann brought this revolutionary technology, which was previously unknown in Europe, from America.

Another highlight of the many innovations in our history marks the shrinking line we installed in Hamburg in 1979. It enabled us to be one of the first companies to wrap entire pallets in shrink film, thus improving quality and safety, especially for food shipments. The absolute standard today - but miles ahead of its time back then. That's how we do it at Hellmann.

Walking 150 miles to fight Dementia

The year 2020 and subsequent Lockdown created a new way of life for me as I am sure for many others. I found that walking became my reset button. It means a grounding back to nature experience that is good for my health and also importantly my mental wellbeing. With the 150 anniversary of our company, I wanted to give something back to commemorate our wonderful F.A.M.I.L.Y.

My mother was recently diagnosed with Vascular Dementia which has no cure. I have never really been exposed up close and personal to such a disease, and I want to raise awareness and raise some money for finding a cure!

So to commemorate 150 moments, I’m going to walk 150 miles starting 1st July and to be completed by the end of September. I have a JustGiving fundraising page and urge you to think that, if we all donated something, no matter how humble, it would add up and make a difference.

My target is £1500. Please click the link to donate to this great cause.

Thank you all!
Jane Smith

150 Moments Jane Smith Fundraising

¡Felicitaciones! from Spain

While Hellmann Worldwide Logistics celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2021, Hellmann Spain celebrates its very own anniversary being 20 years on the market. Hellmann Spain is one of the fastest-growing country organizations within our European network. We offer our Spanish customers full-service logistics solutions with more than 135 employees located in Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, and Valencia.

True to the motto of Jost Hellmann "Not bigger is better, better is better," our colleagues on the Iberian peninsula strive to go the extra mile for our customers. Or as Alex Delrue, Managing Director Hellmann Spain puts it: "We are big enough to serve your global logistics needs but still small enough to get to know you personally!"

That describes perfectly what the Hellmann Family is about. Take your time for a great look behind the scenes at Hellmann Spain.

Global competition: Who takes the funniest team photo?

More than 10,700 people around the globe work with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. Whether in larger or in smaller teams, they give their best at work every day. Now it's time to shed some light on these teams! 

We want to see which team makes the best team photos. Show us how creative you are, and send us your funniest, craziest, or most fancy team photo. We are looking forward to your contributions, which will then be published on this blog - be part of it!

Send your contribution to Kirsten Willenborg or Dajana Reichert. The deadline for entries is 30.09.2021!

"What do you associate with 150 years of Hellmann?"

We asked this question of our colleagues at our sites in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The result is this video, which lets many people at Hellmann have their say about our company and impressively shows why we are one big family at Hellmann.

Justin Clark to swim 150 kilometres for the vulnerable in society

"Hi, my name is Justin Clark and I work for Hellmann Worldwide Logistics in Lichfield, UK. Since I was 15, I have always been overweight and a few years ago was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Since then I have changed elements of my life, but have still struggled to lose any real weight. 

I started swimming last year when a new leisure centre opened in my village, and although my attempts have been stop-start since then, partially due to Covid, I have gradually been getting better at my slow but persistent Breaststroke.

This is when my very ‘supportive’ Manager suggested that maybe I might be able to do something through swimming linked into our 150 moments campaign to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. He suggested I do maybe 150 lengths and I stupidly said this was no challenge, rather I would do 150 kilometres by the end of the year. It was a done deal and now all I have to do is deliver.

150 Moments Justin Clark Portrait Person

I have chosen a charity to get the benefit of my efforts which is close to my heart and one that I know is worthwhile and committed to real practical impacts. My Father in Law was previously its treasurer and as such I know how beneficial what it does can be.

The Crookstone Adventure Trust aims to provide a unique experience for all members of the community, with a specific focus on those who are vulnerable in society. It works closely with local societies to provide a real community-based experience but one that is also available to all. Anyone can hire and stay at the Crookstone Barn perched high up in the moors of the Peak District near Edale in North England and experience a lifestyle without all the modern-day creature comforts, but the effect it has had on young and vulnerable members of our society is why I have chosen it to benefit from any money I may be able to raise.

So if you do have a few quid spare, take a look at their website and maybe send some their way, they would much appreciate it and are in particular need of funds at present due to the restrictions they have faced like us all during the lockdown. Many thanks to you all."

Link to Fundraising Campaign

Collecting waste at Agujas Beach, Costa Rica

As part of our 150-year anniversary under the motto of sustainability, our Costa Rica Service Center team has been working on various community service projects. Check out these photos of the QSHE and HR teams who collected ~ 150 pounds of garbage, waste, and recyclables at Agujas Beach in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Thank you to the team for making an impact!

“Jij en ik. Ik en jij.” Hellmann BeNe impressively congratulates 150 years

The focus was clearly set and thus the production of an impressive film about Hellmann BeNe was started. Central to this are the people who face the logistical challenges every day with passion, pride, and dedication to provide the best possible solution together with and for our customers. With this mentality, our colleagues in Belgium and the Netherlands successfully move forward without forgetting the guarantor of success – You and me!

1960 - Coal phaseout at Hellmann

At the G7 summit in Cornwall, England, the world's most powerful leaders recently discussed the gradual phaseout of coal energy, but without presenting a compromise resolution. Hellmann, on the other hand, had already exited coal in 1960: with the end of the coal trade in Osnabrück, Germany.

Trading in the "black gold" had proved to be an important and lucrative source of income in 1919 after the First World War. For decades thereafter, Hellmann drove from cellar to cellar with special coal trucks to deliver the coal people urgently needed by households and companies as well.

It was not an easy job to unload coals, coke, and briquettes from the large rail cars at the Osnabrück freight station and bring them to the company's warehouse. There, the coals were filled into sacks by the hundredweight and delivered according to the quantity ordered. At that time, it was common for each family to have its own coal cellar, so the sacks had to be carried to the coal cellar by the delivery driver. Delivery was still done by horse and cart until the mid-1950s when a small delivery truck was used.

But with the German economic miracle at the end of the 1950s, coal stoves were increasingly replaced by oil-fired heating systems. The once-profitable business with coal lost its appeal. It would be too much of a good thing to assess this from a climate policy perspective, but for Hellmann, the coal phaseout was a landmark decision. Today, climate protection plays a central role in our global trade, which we have firmly anchored in our F.A.M.I.L.Y DNA: Live Sustainability!

New to the FAMILY – Hellmann Indonesia

Hellmann Indonesia is the youngest member of the Hellmann Family. 21 new colleagues have been working for the company in Jakarta for a good four months - and they are highly motivated. 

150 Moments Team Indonesia

With a population of almost 271 million and around 17,000 islands, the Republic of Indonesia is not only one of the largest countries in the Pacific region, but also one of the region's economic engines - so it's no wonder that Hellmann has its own office in Jakarta, offering the full range of logistics services in the field of air and sea freight. 

For the new colleagues, it is a special honor to join in the year of our 150th anniversary: "In a global economy where the mantra is 'buy or be bought', Hellmann's strong commitment and resilience to maintain its own independence even after so many years is evident," says Country Manager Volkmar Müller. The new colleagues are justifiably proud of that. And so are we, of course. A warm welcome to Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y.

Congratulations from Busan

150 Moments South Korea Team Busan

Women power in South Korea's largest port: Our colleagues from Busan send hearty congratulations on the company's 150th birthday.

The big Desert Cleanup

Our colleagues in the MESA region have already participated with great commitment in the CSR initiative "A Smile on the Face" and distributed food. Now, another great action followed as part of our 150 Moments: Supported by the MESA marketing team, the colleagues collected trash in the Dubai desert. Many thanks to all colleagues who took part in the campaign and made our world a little bit better. 

Moving Forward – Non-stop

150 Moments Strava Challenge 1


A successful start for the Strava club "Hellmann 150 Moments"

With a total of 25 athletes, the group is still expandable in terms of numbers, but the achievements are already remarkable.

The club's best list is led by Grzegorz Kowal, who covered a total of 548.12 km including over 3,000 meters of altitude in 20h21min as part of the "Piękny Zachód - Huzar Cup 501 km Non-Stop" cycling race. The total activity of Grzegorz Kowal is thus over 24h, which currently puts him ahead of Gerhard Meiswinkel at the top of the leaderboard. 

The Strava feed shows that it is not just about cycling but every kind of sporting activity - be it a triathlon, the morning swim training as with Gordon Barnard or Simon Reah, the morning walk of Marina Wille, or the evening run as with Agnieszka Chrzanowska. Pawel Zaleski has even recently established himself as a Local Legend (as part of a challenge on Strava) with the most segment performances in the last 90 days.

The incentive to participate is thus further set! And that's how it works:

  • Download the Strava App for free
  • Join the club "Hellmann 150 moments" (hosted in Poland) and reach out to your colleagues globally.
  • Bike, walk, or run and the app will register your route. The real challenge is that the result of the sporting activity exactly reflects the numbers of our anniversary 1-5-0, in whatever combination (150, 15.0, 1.50)
  • Make a picture!

Upload a photo of you completing the challenge and a screenshot on social media, tag @hellmannworldwidelogistics, use the hashtags #hellmann, #150years, #150moments and celebrate with us 150 years of making history! (Of course, you are more than welcome to tag your regional Hellmann accounts additionally.)​​​

Everyone can be part of this activity. Are you in?

150 kilometers for Viva con Agua

At Hellmann Germany, it is customary for the first-year apprentices to support a social project every year. Our apprentices in Hamburg have chosen the annual Viva con Agua charity run for this purpose.

150 Moments Azubis HH Spendenlauf

Viva con Agua organizes a charity run every year from 22.03 - 28.03 for the benefit of children in Africa. The donations are used to build wells and sanitary facilities for schools.

Our 13 trainees in the Hanseatic city have resolved to run 150 kilometers together within one week. In return, Hellmann would donate an amount of €1,500 to Viva con Agua. At the end of the week, the clock even showed 200 kilometers - mission accomplished. Great action!

With a Birthday Cake: Finance & Accounting Team South Korea celebrates 150 Years of Hellmann


What belongs to a proper birthday celebration? A proper birthday cake, of course. That's what our Finance & Accounting colleagues from South Korea thought, too, and celebrated our 150th anniversary in style - in line with the Corona measures, of course. Many thanks for these wonderful impressions!

150 years, and yet just a few days

150 Moments Anniversary Baby

It is said that tradition is not preserving the ashes, but passing on the fire. With this in mind, we naturally don't want to forget the youngest members of the Hellmann Family in the year of our 150th company anniversary. 

Vincent Park from South Korea sent us this photo. With the birth of his son, the year 2021 personally has a special meaning for him and will certainly be remembered forever. Did you also give birth to an anniversary baby in 2021? The Global Marketing Team looks forward to receiving your photos and stories. 

New to the FAMILY: Welcome Hellmann Philippines!

150 Moments Hellmann Philippines

On April 1st, 2021, Hellmann launched a new organization in the Philippines. At our office in Manila 16 highly motived people take care of our customers’ logistics needs. 

The Philippines has been the fastest growing economy in South East Asia before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country and its economy. Nevertheless, the young team is confident in saying that through a positive attitude they will claim that position again soon. On their way to future growth, Hellmann Philippines covers every aspect of our customers’ logistics need. Whether road transport, by air, sea, their motto reads: “Make our customers’ logistics dreams a reality”.

What does our 150th Anniversary mean to you? 

“We can be proud of the past and use the learnings and experiences of the last 150 years to give our customers the confidence that in us they have a partner that will continue to deliver solutions for them notwithstanding the challenges that may occur", says Caesar Sanches, Managing Director.

From day one the entire team has been working closely together. As a start-up on the market, it was nearly impossible to cover every task with a specialized employee initially. However, they have had much support from our global teams and also showed great willingness to take on additional roles. 

The team shares the belief that a job description is not the only factor that will determine what tasks you will cover. The willingness to help within the country and supports rendered to other countries when operational help was needed is proof of the quality of the people we have within our organization. 

How do you celebrate our anniversary? 

Currently, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we have to wait until the team can have a work dinner together. As soon as possible we will have a Family day out to extend the Hellmann Family to our team’s families.  

Happy 90th Birthday to Francisco Sanchez!

150 Moments Francisco Sanchez 90 Birthday

Francisco Sanchez has moved many people at Hellmann with his personal story and his attachment to our company. The background: Francisco was part of the Hellmann Family in Spain throughout his life. It was only at the proud age of 81 that he took a well-deserved retirement - but even then he never lost touch with his old colleagues. He used the time he had freed up for a hobby he had kept secret for a long time: model building. In March, he approached Alex Delrue with a gift: a model ship and a truck. (See below to read the full story).

On May 11, Francisco Sanchez finally celebrated his 90th birthday - an occasion that Alex Delrue and the entire Hellmann Team Spain used to say thank you in turn.  They celebrated the 90th birthday in a small group at a joint lunch and looked back on an emotional time. 

"Phoned until my fingers were sore" - Udo Möller celebrates 50 years in Customer Service

50 years of up to 100 phone calls a day - Udo Möller has spent more time on the phone than almost anyone else in his career. On April 1, 2021, the veteran of Customer Service Hamburg celebrated his extraordinary 50th year of service. Congratulations! 

Udo Möller began his time at Hellmann with an apprenticeship as a forwarding agent on April 1, 1971. After working in groupage and export/import, he landed in customer service and quickly realized: "This is exactly the right thing for me, this is what I was made for!" Dealing with a wide variety of customers and the opportunity to offer solutions in direct interaction appealed to the Hamburg native, who moved to the Hanseatic city from near Leipzig in 1956. Over the years, he worked his way up to the post of department manager, which he took over in Customer Service in 1990. 

"Of course, the early days can hardly be compared with today - not alone in terms of the technical equipment," recalls Udo Möller. He particularly remembers the phones with dial plates: "Sometimes I talked on the phone until my fingers were sore. To this day, he prefers to pick up the phone instead of writing e-mails. "That's just the quickest way to sort out problems." His customers appreciate that. He has built up a close relationship with many of them over the years. It was only after work that he liked to let the phone be the phone: "After a long day, I simply ignored the ringing at home in the evening. 

When the 65-year-old looks back on his time at Hellmann, he remembers two events in particular: the snow disaster of 1978/79 and the opening of the Berlin Wall in 1989. In the winter of 78/79, up to 70 cm of snow fell in the Hanseatic city in a short period of time, including snowdrifts. He didn't have far to go from Harburg to Wilhelmsburg via the Elbe bridges; he made the 12 km trip to work on time in his sturdy Simca. But there he was almost alone; trucks weren't driving, and most of his colleagues were stuck in the snow or hadn't even made the trip to work. "A snowy experience," he jokes looking back.

In 1989, after the opening of the Berlin Wall, the Hamburg colleagues were literally "flooded". At that time, almost all transport to the east of Germany was routed via Hamburg, which was close to the border - but the site could not cope with the volumes, the cross-dock was completely overcrowded. "With 15 colleagues in customer service, we had to share two data viewers to arrange deliveries, track shipments, or print carrier transfer bills - so we had to work in shifts day and night," says Udo Möller. He remembers this time as the most strenuous at Hellmann. 

On the other hand, Udo Möller fondly looks back on the time he spent with his colleagues: "In Hamburg, the working environment is very familiar; we have a core of colleagues in Customer Service, some of whom have been with us for 20, 30 or even 40 years, in other words, a "hard core" of seven or eight people who have always stayed here, and I naturally enjoy working with them," says Udo Möller. 

And so he feels closely connected to the Hellmann FAMILY to this day, also with Jost Hellmann, with whom he shared a special passion: Squash. Towards the end of 1980, he faced the company owner in the final of an internal tournament on the court. "We were both very ambitious and wanted to win at all costs, but in the end, Jost came out on top by one point," says Udo Möller. 


Now, from June 30, 2021, the next chapter is on the agenda for Udo Möller: retirement - surely well-deserved after 50 years with Hellmann! Then the globetrotter wants to travel again, if possible. All of Europe, the Dominican Republic, China, Vietnam, South Africa, Cambodia, Thailand, several times Dubai - he has already ticked off a whole series of countries together with his wife. In 2020, a tour from Georgia via Armenia and Azerbaijan to India was on the agenda - that is to be made up for as soon as possible. We wish you a good trip!

Four Generations - One Vision: F.A.M.I.L.Y

Congratulations from our Contract Logistics team in South Korea!

150 Moments South Korea Contract Logistics 1
150 Moments South Korea Contract Logistics 2

Interview with Klaus Hellmann

"If you're good at what you do, you’ll grow automatically"

150 Moments Interview Klaus Hellmann

Klaus Hellmann joined Hellmann’s management team in 1976 at only 27 years old, following the death of his father. Prior to that, important steps had been taken towards international expansion, such as European overland transports and the founding of the DPD. However, with Klaus Hellmann at the helm, the company's growth took on new momentum. The next step towards becoming one of the world's leading logistics providers was taken in the 1980s, together with Jost Hellmann and the establishment of the company’s first overseas offices. How does Klaus Hellmann, now 72, assess this development? What follows is a conversation about values, origins, and his perspective. 

Mr. Hellmann, what does the 150th anniversary of our/your company mean to you personally? 

For me, it means being part of a chain that started 150 years ago and will hopefully only end in the distant future. When you grow up in this kind of company and at the same time in a family like mine, you do everything for the company. That's what family businesses are all about, and why some family businesses grow old. 
I grew up after World War II and saw firsthand the incredible efforts but also my father's commitment to the company, and especially to its employees. A company is not just about the company, it's about people. Thus, it's important to work tirelessly to bring the company from generation to generation. In a way, we as shareholders are just trustees.

You took on a leadership position in 1976, at the age of 27. Was it a burden for you to take on so much responsibility this early in your career?

I was the only one in the family who knew that my father was going to die. I found out when I was studying at the DAV (German Foreign Trade and Transport Academy) in Bremen. I was faced with the question: “Do you leave your studies behind and go into the business, or do you go through with them?” I decided on the latter. 
When he fell ill, my father – although he was always an optimist and the business was doing well - feared that the company would have to declare bankruptcy. In addition, his personal assistant and HR manager at the time, Anne Brandt, passed away suddenly in 1976. The entire situation posed a great challenge for me, especially since I had zero management experience. 

Why did the company survive me anyway? Quite simply, because we had people like Friedrich Ihnow, Herbert Kuhlmann, Oskar Strache, Helmut Hischemöller, Karl Klages, my uncle Jochen Hellmann and many more that dedicated almost their entire lives to the company – highlighting a level of determination of its people which was always the great force that defined Hellmann for generations. Friedrich Ihnow became a sort of father figure and trusted advisor to me. Those times were tough, but they taught me excellent lessons. Early on, the people around me let me make important decisions, and it seems those decisions weren’t that bad for the company. 

Did you have any moments where you wanted to quit in the face of such great responsibility? 

In school, I always stood out everywhere ... I had my "most successful" year in the seventh grade: four F's in the four main subjects and 54 entries in the grade book. After that, I was allowed to "quit" school and had to transfer to boarding school. However, I am a very ambitious person by nature and always wanted to be at the top. Even during my childhood, I helped with furniture transports, in the workshop and the warehouse, or sat with the coachmen on the horse-drawn wagons. The company has always been part of my life. 

You mentioned Mr. Ihnow's fatherly advice; what was the most important advice you have ever received in your life and who gave the advice?

The values my parents instilled in me have been the most important life lesson. They taught me, for example, to never ask something of others that you are not willing to do yourself. And to have respect for all people, to take all people equally seriously, no matter what their background may be.

What was the most difficult decision you made or had to make later on in your career?

There's no simple answer to that. One of the most difficult decisions was certainly selling the DPD - after all, you are not just selling the company, you are also selling the employees. And yet it felt easy - why? With seven private partner companies, we had three supervisory board seats at the time and the French postal service had two, so we were able to remain in control of the DPD. If only one partner had sold, the French would have had three seats. We really had no alternative and that's why the seven of us quickly decided to sell. Anyone who knows me knows how difficult such a decision is for me, but I was able to make it within a day. 

In retrospect, is this decision something you regret today?

No. If you are convinced of a decision, then it is also the right one, even if you might later see, "Wow, but now the business is growing." The "what if" discussion leads you nowhere.

Apart from the sale of the DPD, Hellmann has massively grown over the last 45 years under the leadership of you and Jost Hellmann from a regional freight forwarder to a global player... 

Not quite – it wasn’t just my leadership. It was everyone working together. I was simply able to be a part of it. 

How did you experience this growth? 

By simply witnessing it - perhaps an example at this point: Around 2010, I spoke with an employee in Xiamen, China, who was 25 or 26 years old at the time. I wanted to know from her how she had experienced the massive changes that had taken place in China since the mid-1990s, with the growth of the cities and the emergence of the skyscrapers. She was baffled by the question, because all of this growth and development were a part of her daily life, and thus seemed much less exciting. When you look at it that way, the growth of the company doesn't seem as extraordinary as you might think. 

Was it clear to you from the onset that you wanted to develop the forwarding company on a global scale? Was that level of expansion always your goal?

No, how could you plan or know that in advance? You have to continuously work on things and allow for changes. Take the warehouse IG West (in Osnabrück, Germany), for example: in 1978, we were offered a plot of land there measuring 150,000 m² for DM 13.50 (EUR 6.75) per square meter. We looked at it and saw an opportunity to build a contract logistics site there, so we bought it. The company was always looking to grow, but the goal was never just expanding. We always had the goal of being good at what we do. And when you're good at what you do, you’ll grow automatically.

You are considered an avid family man. Is the Hellmann FAMILY an extension of your own family for you?


How do you express this?

Through responsibility. It's very simple! When someone comes to me and says, "Give me a hand," I don’t think twice about it. I don't question, but support where I can. Once an employee from the warehouse came to me and said, "You know, I have an injured leg, that's the reason why I can't work as often anymore." I thought it speaks volumes, that our employees have so much confidence in opening up and coming to me. That's what Hellmann has always been about. Of course, today that's not so easy considering the scale we're operating in. 

Is that one of the reasons you came up with the F.A.M.I.L.Y DNA - to capture your set of values for the company and pass it on?

Yes, of course, and it has always been our interest to pass these values on. The F.A.M.I.L.Y DNA should continue to shape Hellmann for a long time to come. 

Just as your name stands for family, it also stands for sustainability. Why is this topic so important to you, especially in its ecological sense?

When I was still smoking - that must have been between 1974 and 1976 - I threw an empty pack of cigarettes out of the window and emptied the ashtray on the street. My wife asked: “Klaus, what are you doing?” That's when I started asking myself questions. The realization hit me: We all live on one planet and are responsible for how we leave it behind for the next generation. 
I remember how one plot after the other was bought up on the Elbestraße in Osnabrück. We paved, poured concrete, and sealed areas everywhere until it became clear to us what a concrete jungle we were producing. We then started to tear up the areas that weren't being driven on and gradually greened our grounds, always in many small steps. For me, that's sustainability in action.

You are considered by many to be a visionary or thought leader in the logistics industry, especially when it comes to digitalization or the concept of "New Working Worlds," which we have been bringing to life here in Speicher III, our company headquarters, since 2008. Where do you find this innovative energy and the drive to (help) shape the future?
Never accepting the status quo! I think that's my most important driving force. I'm constantly thinking about issues and am asking myself: How can we make things even better? Now, I'm not an early riser, but I usually get up at 6:00 a.m. to be able to move a lot of things along during the day. In the mornings, I go for a swim - in the past, I did 2 km, today it’s only 1.5 km – and, during that time, I let my thoughts run free. This ongoing thought process is my driving force for change. 

Does this attitude also keep you young?

I certainly don't feel as old as I am. However, I've been constantly thinking about improvements my whole life. I remember working as an intern at a bank after graduating from high school. What kind of tasks do you think I performed as an intern? I had to file account statements all day - how boring! But I enjoyed it because I tried to get faster and better every day.

Ever since you joined our management team, you've attached great importance to effective and good cooperation with the Works Council. Why was that so important to you? 

That is something else I inherited to some extent from my father. In 1953, when the Works Constitution Act came into force, Ferdinand Lintemeyer was the first works council chairman. He was a strong unionist and could be quite aggressive at times, but he always looked after the good of the company. After all, representing union interests is one thing, but it must not be used to damage the company. Whenever there were differences with my father, which of course there were, my father would visit Ferdi Lintemeyer in his garden on Saturdays to sort them out. You should never let communications break down and always meet each other at eye level, that's what I learned early on at home. And that's why I've carried this mantra with me over the years. When you've known each other for decades and have never lied to each other, a close and trustful relationship develops naturally.

Let's look into the future: What has to happen for the company to survive another 150 years or more?

Basically, we as a company are part of nature. Here's a good example: We've got an English oak tree in IG West that is almost 1200 years old. And companies are exposed to external circumstances, just like the English oak - so if you don't pay attention to certain things like the values we've been talking about, or if you don't recognize the signs of the market, then individual areas can suddenly become deficient and die, just like the tree. You always have to be mindful and adapt to changes to be able to grow old. 

What have been the biggest highlights for you in the last 45 years?

For me, the highlight is the continuous development forward with the many friends I have made through the company, with employees and colleagues in the logistics industry. I would not be the person I am today had I not worked in this company. I take great pleasure in what we have created together throughout all these years. 

How do you see yourself: A visionary or a rebel?

First of all, others have to make that judgment about me, it’s hard for me to say where I fall. You always see yourself in the wrong light, or at least in a different one. I am someone who works on things consistently. Even now that I am outside the company, I do a lot of things and develop companies. I just enjoy doing that, and I will probably never stop. Entrepreneurship seems to be ingrained in me.

Going back to the beginning: Would it be an accurate statement to say you see yourself as part of a "family dynasty," passing the baton from generation to generation?

I agree with the latter, of course, but I don't like the term "family dynasty." I still see my responsibility today as accompanying the company and the employees and addressing things that I don’t see as quite right. I will not relinquish that responsibility until I close my eyes. Until then, my wish is that we as a company grow as old as the English oak. So don't let up, and keep going!

A Smile on the Face in Dubai

As a part of the celebrations of our 150th anniversary, Hellmann Dubai took part in the “Smile on the Face” Campaign. The aim was to feed the laborers of Dubai and provide them with a “Smile” bag that consisted of food and hygiene products. Our Hellmann team members distributed more than 1000 packages across the camp.

Another Birthday Wish from South Korea

The Hellmann Seafreight team from South Korea sends some warm greetings to our anniversary.

150 Moments South Korea Seafreight
150 Moments South Korea Seafreight 2

"Congratulations on 150 Years and best wishes for continued success."

A New Addition to the "Goose Express"

150 Moments Goose Express Truck

Everyone knows them on Europe's highways: our unmistakable trucks in Goose look. Now the "Goose Express" in Kelsterbach at the Airport FFM has got an addition, of course with our 150 Years anniversary logo. The GDP-certified Thermo Semitrailer is used by the colleagues of Hellmann Healthcare in local air freight transport and brings vital medical products on the road in the triangle between the airports Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt/Main, among others vaccines and test kits in the fight against Corona.

Thank you for 150 years “Thinking ahead, moving forward”

150 Moments Airfreight Team South Korea

The Airfreight team from South Korea sends greetings for the anniversary.

2001 - Polar Bears in Australia

150 Moments Polar Bears Australia


Polar bears are at the top of the list of endangered species - and not just since yesterday. Already in 2001 - 20 years ago - the Seaworld Research & Rescue Foundation dedicated itself to the welfare of the white giants. Two bears from the zoos in Beijing and Tuscon, Arizona were to find a new home at the Seaworld Park in Queensland, Australia. Hellmann Perishable Logistics provided safe and stress-free transport for sow "Kanook" and boar "Ping Ping" in specially designed transport boxes.

The Hellmann team not only organized the transport of the two bears, but everything that went with it: flights and tickets for the animal keepers, truck transport in advance, permits from all the relevant authorities, and even permission for filming in China, the USA, and Australia.

Congratulations from South Korea

The Commercial Team from Hellmann South Korea sends some warms greetings for our 150th anniversary.

We challenge you to do a 150!

Strava: Show your progress

Our company history looks back on 150 years of experience, but it is in our genes to move forward and actively create moments.

Therefore, we challenge you to complete a 150!

In doing so, the possibilities are many. The goal is to link your own athletic activities to our anniversary year and transparently track the results in the Strava app.

Be it a bike ride of 150 kilometers, a run of 15.0 kilometers, or a swim distance of 1.50 kilometers. Let's work out together.

Should we be able to cover a total of 150,000 kilometers over the year 2021? A lofty goal, but together we are strong, as one family.

And that's how it works:

  • Download the Strava App for free: https://www.strava.com/mobile
  • Join the club "Hellmann 150 moments" (hosted in Poland) and reach out to your colleagues globally.
  • Bike, walk, or run and the app will register your route. The real challenge is that the result of the sporting activity exactly reflects the numbers of our anniversary 1-5-0, in whatever combination (150, 15.0, 1.50).
  • Make a picture!
  • Upload a photo of you completing the challenge and a screenshot on social media, tag @hellmannworldwidelogistics, use the hashtags #hellmann, #150years, #healthyhellmann150, and celebrate with us 150 years of making history! (Of course, you are more than welcome to tag your regional Hellmann accounts additionally.)

Are you in? Everyone can be part of this activity.

New F.A.M.I.L.Y Member - Hellmann in the land of the pharaohs

As the youngest member of the worldwide Hellmann Family, Egypt quickly recognized what it means to be part of our company. In March 2021, our first office in Cairo was ceremoniously opened during a live streaming event. The overarching goal of entering the market in the land of the pharaohs is to expand the regional Hellmann network across all product areas and to sustainably develop new customer groups and business areas in the Middle East.

Being part of a global company that empowers people, gives them sustainable lives, and considers “customer satisfaction” as its core business is what makes a fantastic employer”, says Amr Hamed, Managing Director Hellmann Egypt.

Colleagues at the new Egyptian head office in Cairo offer the entire product portfolio, with the national company primarily handling imports from Europe, North America, and Asia. At the same time, the new location serves as a gateway to COMESA and Middle East countries. Additional locations in Alexandria and Sokhna are already planned for the fourth quarter.

“Working with a company that has 150 years of experience in the market means for us to have a perfect match of experience in developing people and preparing market leaders & providing excellent service to our customers.”

1972: Hellmann caught a Chess Fever

150 Moments Chess Fever 1972

At present, the second part of the Candidates Tournament between eight world-class players is being held in Yekaterinburg, Russia, to find the opponent of long-time world chess champion Magnus Carlsen from Norway. Many colleagues are following the tournament with great excitement.

Chess fever had already broken out once at Hellmann: From July 11 to September 1, 1972, the Russian Boris Spassky, then reigning world champion, and his challenger, the American Bobby Fischer, played for the title of world champion in Reykjavik. For the first time, a Russian and an American faced each other directly, and the duel was stylized as a battle of systems.

This event prompted Egon Ignatzi, then branch manager in Hamburg, to challenge the colleagues from the Osnabrück headquarters to a game of chess as well. It was agreed that each house would carry out a move every day, which was transmitted by telex from one branch to the other in the morning. In Hamburg, all interested employees gathered during the lunch break, discussed the Osnabrück move, and considered the best possible answer. Unfortunately, the result of the correspondence chess duel is no longer available - we assume it ended in a draw.

150 Moments 1972 Chess Fever Telex

Maria Hoffeld - 50 years in the service of our customers


Maria Hoffeld was supposed to retire from Hellmann on March 31, 2021. But the clerk in the Osnabrück insurance department added one more month before taking her well-deserved retirement. Because on April 1, she reached her 50th anniversary with the company - a length of service that only a few colleagues achieve.
Maria Hoffeld knows how to pull the irons out of the fire. She has been active in the Osnabrück branch's traffic liability department for over 30 years. For many customers, she is the first point of contact when the shoe pinches. For Hellmann Paketdienst in particular, she settles up to 600 small or large claims a year. The parcel service is something like her "baby," as the 65-year-old says.


As a woman in the male-dominated logistics industry, she certainly took on a special role in her early days. Although she always felt very well-received among her mostly male colleagues, she needed a "thick skin" when dealing with customers: "I often had to fight my way through, especially in the claims department - after all, it's always about money, and customers sometimes react emotionally. Nevertheless, she has always managed to appease even the most impatient customers.  
Maria Hoffeld's career at Hellmann began on April 1, 1971, when she trained as an office clerk in the warehousing department. With nimble fingers on the typewriter, she was initially able to earn extra money for her driver's license by working extra hours, she recalls. Even back then, the friendly interaction was what made the job special for her: "Hellmann was still a very manageable company with three locations in Hamburg, Bremen, and Osnabrück, but I enjoyed the training a lot. I went through various departments and made close contacts, some of which I still maintain today." 


The contacts with her colleagues went far beyond the professional, as Maria Hoffeld reports. "We often met privately on the weekends or in Osnabrück's old town and partied together. That was a great time. Of course, we talked a lot about work, but also about everything else." Things got high on the occasion of their 25th anniversary. At that time, Managing Director Friedrich Ihnow had invited everyone to his regular venue, the Nordhotel in Osnabrück, for the anniversary celebration - a special moment of appreciation that she remembers fondly. 
Interaction with colleagues, customers, and work always belonged inseparably together for Maria Hoffeld and occupied an important place in her life. In addition, her sport was and has been an important aspect for many years. She has been doing aerobics in her home town of Bramsche since she was 10 years old. At Hellmann, too, she was often involved in sports with colleagues, often as part of the Hansefit program. 
With April 30, this period of her life now comes to an end with mixed feelings: "It does make me feel queasy sometimes because I enjoyed going to work every day. You don't just cut 50 years out of your life like that. Still, it makes me proud to have reached this anniversary and I'm looking forward to the time that's coming now." We wish you all the best for that!

“What makes Hellmann special?” Poland rocks the Competition!

"What makes Hellmann special?" - is the question we asked our colleagues around the world, and we turned it into a little challenge: Who can convince us with the most creative answer? We received extraordinary answers from all over the world, all of which clearly show that Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is special in every respect. So thank you very much for the numerous entries! The dear colleagues from Poland proved most convincingly what makes Hellmann special with their song for our 150th anniversary. You really rocked the challenge! And that's why you deserve 1st place.

Advertisement from 1997 - THINKING AHEAD - MOVING FORWARD

1997 seems like a lifetime ago. Digitization, Industry 4.0, disruptive technologies, and volatile markets - our world has changed massively since then. Nevertheless, our advertising campaign from back then has lost none of its relevance: 


And we are just as versatile as the diverse challenges we tackle for them. From international procurement logistics through custom-designed automated warehousing to distribution and delivery - when it comes to coordinating and integrating your materials streams, we have got the goods. Thinking ahead  - moving forward. We are busy translating our philosophy into efficient performance day in day out. Thanks to innovative ideas, tailormade solutions, and service of the highest quality standards. Not to mention the expert support of our 5.400-strong in-house team and 120 partner companies in 120 countries worldwide.  

The Logistics Partnership Company.

150 Moments Advertisement 1997

25 Years ago, the Artwork 'Welcome Americas' was created at the Headquarters in Miami

When the new building in Miami was planned in 1996, it was Jost Hellmann's wish to integrate a special work of art in this building. French artist Jean-Pol d. Franqueuil agreed to create a work of art in keeping with the history of the Americas, the architecture of the building, and the specific activities of the company. The artist succeeded in creating an outstanding example of contemporary art and culture, of the history of America, of human freedom, of commerce, and of the communicative connection of people in the world.

The artwork is 13.70 meters long and 7.60 meters high, and its basic shape represents the American flag. The seven rows of red panels and six white stripes indicate the 13 founding states, along with the blue flag field with the 50 stars for the states. On the 139 plates, made of metal, there is an engraving that includes the term "transportation" or "traffic" in different languages.

150 Moments Miami Kunstwerk

Bigger, Higher, Further - Project Cargo to the Desert of Chile

It is always impressive what can be moved in cooperation with experienced logistics experts all over the world. This mega project, successfully coordinated by the Project Cargo team in Chile, was no exception. Our South American colleagues transported a 19-ton bucket wheel from Magdeburg in Germany to the La Negra open-cast mining area in Chile. With a diameter of more than 8 meters, it was truly no everyday transport and its dimensions certainly are light years away from the delivery trips that Carl Heinrich Hellmann made in Osnabrück 150 years ago.

What makes Hellmann special?

Sheekha Dutta, Key Account Manager at Hellmann India give some answers

Hellmann is special for me because I have spent good tenure working here what cultivated a healthy bonding amongst the peer groups and a good professional working environment. Being in Part of the Hellmann FAMILY has always been special for me in many ways, and makes me proud up to this day.

Online Training which has been imparted to us along with certificates generation through an online system after completion of training, is a learning and enjoyable phase. Working with the Hellmann Family is itself enjoyable and with a positive approach and outlook, I am sure Hellmann as an organization has touched a good benchmark in the Freight Forwarding and Logistics market.

Annual Picnics, outings, and get-togethers are always fun and give a feeling of being in the Hellmann Family, which motivates us to do better, learn and grow within the organization. My most memorable moment with Hellmann was when we had a fun time outing and getting together with the entire Hellmann India management and all colleagues. Enclosed some memorable pics which will be remembered all through my life.

Warm greetings also reach us from our colleagues in Sri Lanka and their response as to what makes Hellmann special for them.

150 moments india

What makes Hellmann special?

Hellmann Bangladesh with congratulations on the anniversary and answers to the following questions:

What makes Hellmann Special to you?

Team Hellmann Bangladesh has 21 years of association with Hellmann which is almost 14% of the total of its life span. We have been an integral part of the evolution in the last 21 years and witnessed many changes, development, redesign, and reestablishment of Hellmann in the Logistics World. Looking at the average employee turnover for Hellmann Bangladesh which is almost less than 3% indicates how we all are into the organization. On an emotional note, it is the Special part of all our lives just next to our personal life. Maybe this is a blend to our lives and sometimes too hard to separate from our personal moments and living. We grew together, we live together and maybe we will last together to the end. Love you, Hellmann!

What does the Hellmann Family mean to you?

The Hellmann Family DNA has a great influence on our team who upheld the family values of the organization. We as a team are proud to be a part of the FAMILY and it would be so difficult to separate this extended family from our daily life. Working for such a company with Family values really creates a sense of belongingness, and people always do extra to upheld this sense to make the company successful even in adverse conditions and to transform it into a sustainable organization. Our own tag line to reflect this would be “Making it better, every day together with Hellmann Friends and Family to move forward”.

What were the most memorable moments to you?

Among many memorable moments, the Worldwide Meeting gatherings and recently Global Sales Meetings were perfect events to enhance the bonding, internal selling, and personalized relationship buildup, which made Hellmann successful and loved by its customers, partners, and stakeholders. We are sure such memories will come back soon when we start to live in a normal world, again.

Hellmann Global Sales Leadership Team welcomes our new CCO, Patrick Oestreich

What makes Hellmann special?

Hellmann Kuwait with her congratulations on the anniversary and answers to the following questions:

What does Hellmann Family mean to you?

I feel Hellmann is more than a family to me as we spend most of our time in the office than home. We have a happy & friendly atmosphere. We work together as a family. We respect each other’s beliefs and celebrate every festival with love & harmony.

What makes Hellmann special to you?

We work as a team. We can work independently and think out of the box. We are responsible for our actions. Everyone knows their responsibility. Our work is appreciated. There is a motivation to go the extra mile and grow within the company. We work hard and at the same time, we have fun together.

What was your most memorable moment with Hellmann?

The most memorable and the happiest moment was our recent Hellmann Annual Party. The entire staff enjoyed it thoroughly. Their own words “One of the unforgettable evenings in 2020”. Thank you to everyone who made this evening a most memorable one.

What makes Hellmann special?

Gordon Barnard, CCO MESA answers these and other questions for us.

150 moments gordon barnard

What makes Hellmann special to you?

The People & the Culture. Our lives have many ups and downs and we spend more time in the work environment than we may spend with our families, so we must enjoy each moment as best as we can. It is collaborating with each person in Hellmann, helping each of us to succeed, be better people, and support each other that makes it enjoyable to work in Hellmann.

What does the Hellmann FAMILY mean to you?

Our organization is recognized as a "People First“ organization, that works towards true collaboration internally as well as externally. We are an industry-specialized organization, notably in Healthcare, Automotive, Fashion, FMCG, Chemical (and more) that truly adds value to our customers in those industries. We must live Continuous Improvement and ensure we have the best systems available to support our internal organization and also delivering value for our customers. Furthermore, we should never forget, our business is a peoples business, and it is for that reason that we should always remember, that “business is not just business, it will always be personal”, as all of our colleagues and our customers are people too and to live the DNA every day is vital for our sustainability as individuals, for our customers, and Hellmann.

What was your most memorable moment with Hellmann?

There are many, but what touches me the most is a reflection from the past to where we are today. I started with Hellmann UAE 15 years ago, when our UAE office was just around 40 persons, the other Middle East countries were not yet open, South Asia was a different region. Now today we are a region with close to 2,000 employees and the most touching moments for me is that every time our organization wins new business, especially larger accounts we need to hire more people and it is with giving new people the opportunity to join our amazing company that touches me the most.

The HR team from Dubai with their anniversary greetings and their personal answers to the question of what makes Hellmann special for them

Erasmose Aloysius, Warehouse Manager in Dubai answers these and other questions for us.

150 moments erasmose

What makes Hellmann special to you?

Most special to me is the work atmosphere and the growth opportunity within the organization.

What does the Hellmann FAMILY mean to you?

15th year with Hellmann, caring the staff with needed support and growth.

What was your most memorable moment with Hellmann?

2013 Opening ceremony.

Global competition: "The best stories from and with our customers"

150 moments global competition man

Hellmann has built up many long-standing customer relationships over the past 150 years thanks to our dedicated sales team, and has maintained them superbly. This certainly also means that there are many exciting, personal stories and anecdotes. 

Tell us: With which customer do you have a very special relationship with, who has been working with us for a very long time, what extraordinary experiences have there been?

Which customer has congratulations on our anniversary or a great story and would like to share it with us on www.150moments.com? Are there any business partners who are also celebrating an anniversary this year?

Send us a few lines, quotes, photos or even video messages that we can publish on our company anniversary website. 150moments - be part of it!

Send your contribution to: kirsten.willenborg@hellmann.com or dajana.reichert@hellmann.com.

The deadline for entries is 30.06.2021!

What makes Hellmann special?

150 moments australia

Most memorable moments – Hellmann Australia

When our Brisbane office won the best office globally for Hellmann culture, I was very proud of them. lt' s because the survey was measuring which office demonstrated our best values best.

When I first moved from Hellmann Sydney to Hellmann Brisbane, being told in my first few days that I needed to coordinate the importation of Polar Bears from Canada to Australia for Seaworld and all the odds and ends in between. All went well and had a great rapport with Seaworld as a result of the successful shipment and handled quite a few more shipments for them after that.

I would say the night we decorated the office for Halloween for the first time late at night, it was a surprise for everyone and it was a bit of fun for all to come into the next day. Although I do remember late that night that we thought I had killed the deaner. The poor man into the men's bathroom and the person size clown with a knife gave him a fright. All we heard was a huge crash, we rushed in their to make sure he was all right had but dropped all his cleaning stuff. Also our Friday afternoon sing a longs… do you like Pina colada's and walks in the rain?

Transporting our precious Polar Bear – Henry to his new home in Canada.

Have had many during my time at Hellmann, but I guess the most memorable from them all is when I came for my second interview and before my Manager told me I was successful, our Director walked in and asked me when I am starting work 😉

Every time I receive positive feedback from the client.

The monthly staff meeting, to let us know more about Hellmann operation, reading the positive comments from customer to the staff, celebrating for staff birthday etc

The 25 year celebration in Sydney, Australia.

When I was selected to be candidate for the ILM program with Hellmann to complete my certificate as a European logistician. I was given the opportunity and privilege to take on this task over a 2 year period and was given the tools to learn more about the supply chain industry, travel to other parts of the globe and also discover more about myself both personally and professionally. I made life long friends and a network of Hellmann Team members which I am forever grateful for.

When we had the change in Branding competition, we had to put together some pictures, geez the laughs we had coming up with ideas and the guys getting dressed up was hilarious.

Creating memories through our Five Year dinners, the opportunity to experience ILM and celebrating Klaus Hellmann's Silver Jubilee in BNE with Klaus and our customers was very special as our team and our customers felt as though we were a part of a special achievement and milestone.

I was lucky enough meeting Jost Hellmann in 2016 (when Hellmann purchased the Austrian company that I was previously working for in Romania: Quehenberger Spedition). The Quehenberger's Country Manager at that time was travelling (Jost's visit to Romania was pretty sudden; he last minute decided to visit Romania as well) – at that time Hellmann purchased Quehenberger Spedition from Austria, Hungary and Romania. Since the Country Manager couldn't meet up with Jost I ended up spending 2 memorable days with him talking about business, personal stuff... I was very impressed by Jost, thinking: 'What a great guy! What a humble and in the same time cool owner ... what a shining model to follow'.

Leading the way in all directions

150 moments advertisement 1995

No matter in which direction you want to develop, our wild geese will show you the way - this is how you could interpret the advertisement from 1995. Self-confident and pointing the way - that's what Hellmann has always been. And that's why, even back then, we referred to our origins in Osnabrück as "The big freight forwarding company in northern Germany" - not without reason, we think.

A "Thank You" from South Africa

150 moments south africa

The joy about the surprise from the headquarters in Osnabrück was great. Sending this picture, our colleagues in South Africa say "Thank You" for the gift box with our exclusive Hellmann wristbands and the beautiful brochure for the company anniversary.

Celebrating our Anniversary with an Award - Hellmann Middle East wins FMCG Supply Chain of the Year Award

While 2020 was a year of crisis, it has also brought out the best in supply chain operators. The Gulf Cooperation Council's (GCC) logistics community now recognized their achievements and resilience honoring those businesses that went above and beyond. In total, 14 highly distinguished awards were presented at the Logistics Middle East Awards 2021 to well-deserving recipients. It was a very close race in every category this year and every company mentioned deserves a nod of recognition.

It is with pride and gratitude that we received the FMCG Supply Chain of the Year Award 2021. We are happy to share this with all our customers who have continued to place their trust in our businesses where we apply the highest quality standards and procedures, and our colleagues who continue to provide dedicated, quality, and efficient services to keep our customers' supply chains moving.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods as a whole make up the bulk of imported cargo to the United Arab Emirates. In the year of our 150 anniversary, we are all the more pleased that we were able to prevail over the strong competition in this important category.

150moments FMCG Supply Chain of the Year Award

1987: Snow and no end in Hamburg

150 moments advertisement 1976

Hamburg experienced an unusually severe winter in 1987. It snowed for days, schools and stores had to close - public life (almost) came to a standstill. But of course, the flow of goods had to be maintained. However, on our company premises, it was hardly possible to drive a truck through the masses of snow. And even worse: under the massive snow load, the hall roofs threatened to collapse - a canopy at the site had already collapsed in the "winter of the century" in 1978/79. This scenario was to be avoided by all means. But how were the large hall roofs to be cleared of snow?

Our branch manager at the time, Egon Ignatzi, took an unusual decision: He ordered a helicopter to literally blow the masses of snow off the roof. When the helicopter lowered itself over the roof, it whirled up the snow to such an extent that hardly anything could be seen. After an hour, the roofs had been cleared, so that there was no longer any danger. With this unusual clearing operation, we were able to avert major damage and maintain our operations – certainly a moment of our company history that will be remembered by one or the other of our colleagues in Hamburg.

1956: "Parade of Vehicles" on the Black Square

150 moments 50 years of hellmann

A special moment in our history occurred in 1956: the "parade" of all Hellmann vehicles including the still existing horse-drawn vehicles on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of "Gebr. Hellmann", who had taken over the business from the company founder Carl Heinrich Hellmann in 1906. It was also a historically significant place that was chosen: the "Schwarze Platz", at that time the largest public square in Osnabrück.

In the photo, on the right side of the picture, we see in front the elegant round-hooded Magirus vehicles, behind them Hanomag and Henschel trucks with the bodies for transporting furniture. On the left side, behind the horse-drawn vehicles, the small vehicles of Hanomag, Borgward, and the Tempo-Matador trucks. At the very end of the row the Unimog, which was mainly used for shunting in the yard and for coal deliveries. Special rarities were the two one-horse trucks and one two-horse truck, which were responsible for inner-city cartage as well as for the delivery of coal sacks.

As Time goes by ...

150th Anniversary: Being 150 years young is a good reason to celebrate. It always has been, and that's how it should be. Of course, celebrating has become a little harder in these times, but we can still do it in other ways.

Let's go down memory lane: 25 years ago - for the 125th anniversary in 1996 - a musical was composed especially for Hellmann. Some of you will remember the performance and the great atmosphere at the company party.


125 Years Hellmann Celebration in 1996

Inspired by our very talented Polish colleagues with their fantastic video, We have re-created the initial "Hellmann Song" by adding something new to the text, adapted the music, and had fun composing a new piece.

Et Voila! we have a new musical version. Do listen to it. If you like it, then the work was worth it.

In the end, congratulations and all the best for Hellmann’s birthday and future. Oh yes, it will be interesting to hear the song again in 2046 newly composed ...

In this sense - Best greetings to the F-A-M-I-L-Y - wherever you are!


Stephan Düwel | Manager IT Applications Europe

For an acquired taste only: Transport Solutions with Hellmann

150 moments advertisement 1990 test

In 1990, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics was in the midst of global expansion: USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc. - rows and rows of new branches are established during these eventful years. As the number of countries expanded, so did our services. Reason enough to draw attention to Hellmann with a broad-based image campaign with the slogan "Connoisseurs know Hellmann".

Connoisseurs know these signs.

Connoisseurs know Hellmann.

Europe Courier | Hellmann Airfreight | Hellmann Sea Freight | Quickverkehr

What makes Hellmann special?

150 moments academy

The colleagues from our HR Learning & Development Team also discussed this question. Their answer: the many shared moments at Hellmann. They love the positive cooperation, the great atmosphere among each other, and the diverse development opportunities that everyone finds in their jobs. And some of that already starts with an internship.

150 years of Hellmann - for our dear colleagues it is a very simple calculation: 150 years of Hellmann - 15 colleagues at Hellmann HR Learning & Development and not a single Zero!

Another Throwback – Hellmann Ad from 1987

150 moments advertisement 1987

It was only 1987, but we at Hellmann had already understood that "The better systems secure market advantages for our customers." With this firm belief, we have been driving our processes ever since - always in tune with the times. Today, we count ourselves among the digital pioneers in our industry. Thinking Ahead - Moving Forward.

Here you can find the fantastic intro video prepared by our colleagues from LATAM for the 150 years

Bike Challenge Feedback

On the road by bike on 150 days. The foundation has already been laid here and is continuing to pick up speed. We continue to look forward to lively participation. Here you can find a progress overview calendar (download).

Bike Challenge Calendar

A Premiere for Hellmann France - Heavy Lift Operation of a Special Kind

It was a special moment for our colleagues from Hellmann France. For the first time, they were able to carry out a heavy load transport for our customer Fives Cryo: a 32.6-ton cold box that is to be used in Vietnam.

150 Moments Project Cargo France


Our national unit in France is still relatively new on the market, but our colleagues are already attracting attention with their experience and successful transport services. One of them is the Out of Gauge (OOG) move for Fives Cryo. At the beginning of the year, the order came in to take a cold box from the production site in Golbey in the east of France to delivery free on board at the Port of Antwerp.

The dimensions of the main unit were impressive: 14.76 x 4.85 x 4.61 m (length x width x height) and a gross weight of 32.6 tons. It was the first time that cargo with such dimensions had been transported approximately 480 kilometers entirely by road from the production site to the port of Antwerp. However, this avoided a double transshipment in a river port and thus an additional transport by barge.

„It was one of the first OOG moves for our newly established Hellmann France Team - a complete success thanks to careful preparation, smooth communication with both the customer and all the relevant authorities and, of course, experienced transport handling”, says Alexandre Varillon, Project Cargo Manager Hellmann France & Spain.

150 Moments Project Cargo France

This transport was possible thanks to the local expertise of Sergio Araujo, who was leading the whole operation from A to Z, and his entire Team. They carried out a consistent study of the road to check all the different height obstacles and define the most suitable itinerary. Thus, the cargo could finally be delivered in-time and safely loaded on flat racks onboard the container ship to continue to its destination in Vietnam.

What makes Hellmann special? Here is the answer from Poland.

A song is composed and performed by Rock Union band and performed by Hellmann’s employees and their families:

Song: Marta Danielewska – Palma with her son Antoni, Katarzyna Bąk with her daughter Kornelia, Michał Wardziński (Rock Union), Sławomir Kraszewski with his son Bartłomiej

Music: Grzegorz Kudyba (Rock Union)

Text: Beata Mańkowska

Video: Hubert Chmielewski and Adam Gottscholl and recordings from branches HWL Poland

Audio: Sound Grenade Studio

Employees of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Polska sp z o.o sp. k. participate in the video recording.

Leading by Promptness – Our promise today as it was then

150 Moments Advertisement 1984

It has always been clear to us that reaction speed and customer service pave the way for a successful future. And so, in 1984, we promoted our Europe & Germany Courier as well as the German Parcel Service (DPD) as a newly introduced service at the time: 

Speed has an Example

To all major cities in Western Europe within 24 to 48 hours. Free delivery, duty paid.
Overnight to any place in Germany.
For shipments up to 25 kg per package. With a performance that delights customers.

A love that lasts forever. And a well-kept secret

Francisco Sanchez was part of the Hellmann family in Spain his whole life. It was only at the age of 81 that the now 89-year-old went into his well-deserved retirement. That alone demands the utmost respect! As far as Francisco's story is concerned, however, this is only the beginning of a new chapter. 

150 Moments Spain Model Building

Francisco never lost contact with his former colleagues, nor did he lose touch with our company. With the day of his retirement, however, he kept a secret: his love of model making. With the same passion that he had previously shown in his work, he devoted himself in recent years to build a model ship and a Hellmann truck that he had designed himself. The hobbyist used only recycled materials for the models - live sustainability in the best sense!
Francisco only revealed his secret in September 2020. At that time, Alex Delrue, Managing Director of Hellmann Spain, received a call: "I have a present for you, a truck and a ship," Francisco told him. But the models could not be sent because they were too big. So the model maker asked for an appointment to hand them over in person. So on 12 September 2020, Francisco presented his gift at our office in Madrid. It was a memorable day for everyone. We were overwhelmed by Francisco's story and his generous gift.
Francisco himself was also happy to experience this day. Because after he left Hellmann at 81, he suffered a heart attack, was diagnosed with cancer, and contracted Covid-19. Nevertheless, he did not let himself be diverted from his path, overcame all illnesses, and personally delivered his models at the age of almost 90.  

The ship and the truck now enrich our office in Madrid and stand proudly in Alex Delrue's office. The truck is a replica of a 1937 Chevrolet with doors that open, windows that roll up and down, and an adjustable rearview mirror. Francisco explained that the truck's wings are square so that they can be removed in case of a breakdown and serve as a seat while the engine is being repaired. The model truck is even equipped with a removable spare wheel.

The Hellmann ship was made with the same attention to detail as the truck. The keel is made from boards from a fruit crate - an ideal wood for model making. As Francisco explained, he had to soak the wood in water for hours beforehand to make it flexible enough to shape. The wood runs along the underside of the model ship from bow to stern, forming the complete hull. Both ornate models would grace any museum, that much is certain. And when the Corona restrictions are relaxed and you can travel again, we invite you to look at the models inspired by one man's love of his work and showing the tenacity of this extraordinary man's life.

Jost Hellmann personally had the opportunity to meet Francisco during a cocktail reception in Madrid. He couldn't believe that we had an employee of over 80 years - according to Jost Hellmann, probably the oldest employee Hellmann has ever employed. On 11 May 2021, Francisco Sanchez will finally celebrate his 90th birthday and we are already bowing our heads in reverence to this great personality.

Narrow CO2 footprint thanks to solar

150 moments s-heerenberg co2

Night Star Express Hellmann BV CEO Patrick Löwenthal (pictured right) and Richard Kremer Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kremer BV.

150 moments night star

Night Star Express Hellmann B.V. is represented in the Netherlands with branches in 's-Heerenberg and Meppel and a location in Maasmechelen in Belgium. Express shipments are delivered overnight from both countries by 8 a.m. at the latest within Benelux, but also to Germany, France, England, and Switzerland.

Night Star Express Hellmann BV achieves neutral CO2 status thanks to solar panels on the roof of its logistics center in 's-Heerenberg in the Netherlands. To this end, 676 solar panels were installed by Kremer BV in early January.

"When we expanded our building in 2019, we already replaced the existing lighting in the offices and cross-dock with LEDs. By investing in the solar panels, which are expected to provide 236,412 kWh per year, we can not only achieve energy-neutral status but also feed the excess solar energy into the grid for other users," says Patrick Löwenthal, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Night Star Express Hellmann B.V., about the installation of the sustainable solar technology.

The PV modules are black solar panels from the company Longi Solar. Two Huawei inverters are used to convert them into electricity, generating a high efficiency of 98.5%. Since the solar panels were placed on the flat roof, a special horizontal construction had to be used.

Matthias Hohmann, Managing Director Night Star Express emphasizes: "In our industry, it is not easy to develop environmentally friendly and sustainable projects. The installation of solar collectors is a consistent step in the right direction. Night Star Express Hellmann B.V. has already paid attention to the use of CO2-neutral materials and reduced electricity consumption during the conversion and extension of the logistics center in 2019."

Advertisements of Hellmann - from the past till today

Advertisement Europa Kurier

Content of the advertisement (1980)

Europe Courier
We created the symbol of the wild geese for Europe Courier. It is a symbol of the fast overcoming of time and space. For steadiness and endurance. And a reference to the northern home. We are a northern German forwarding company. Europe Courier to Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, England.

The 1st class connection with Europe Courier to the economic areas around Amsterdam, Enschede, Venlo, Rotterdam, Brussels, Gent, Antwerp, Paris, Strasbourg, Basel, Zurich, via Padborg all of Denmark.
24 hours

London, Lyon, Nancy, Milan, Bolzano, Verona
48 hours
from door to door. Guarantee transit times. Ask for details.

Bike Challenge accepted

150 moments - Bike challenge accepted

Due to the lockdown in many countries like Germany and the extended time in the home office, there are not many opportunities left to ride a bike. But we can, instead of by car, do our weekly shopping at the supermarket by bike. An additional advantage, due to the limited space in the bike basket, we buy only what we really need. And for the kids, a little bike ride like this is a welcome change in Corona's daily routine. 

Dajana Reichert, Osnabrueck

Wilo and Hellmann sign contract for global logistics cooperation

(v.l.n.r.) Sven Eisfeld, Managing Director Germany Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Georg Weber, Chief Technology Officer WILO SE, Stefanie Hirschmann, Senior Vice President Group Procurement & Supply Chain Management WILO SE, Volker Sauerborn, Chief Operating Officer Hellmann Worldwide Logistics und Mathias Weyers, Chief Financial Officer WILO SE bei der Vertragsunterzeichnung auf dem Wilopark in Dortmund.

The world's leading manufacturer of pumps and pump systems for building services, water management and industry Wilo and the global full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics sign a contract to manage the Dortmund-based company's global flow of goods. For this purpose, Hellmann will operate a new central warehouse for production materials and finished goods in the Dortmund area from 2022 onwards, in order to ensure global distribution for Wilo and production supply for the new Dortmund Smart Factory from there. To this end, Hellmann developed a warehouse and logistics concept that is both future-proof and flexibly adaptable.

Advertisements of Hellmann – from the past till today

150 moments advertisement 1968

Content of the advertisement

1968: Fast | punctual | reliable

Day after day, the demand of the economy for fast transport connections is met by us. In local and long-distance traffic, Hellmann trucks drive around 40,000 km a day, i.e. once around the world. Thanks to the Hansalinie (north-south highway 1 in northern Germany), destinations are reached even faster. 

We are live – Relaunch of the Hellmann Homepage

150 moments new website

As part of our digitalization strategy, it is vital to us that we present ourselves as a modern, digital logistics company in our external communications.

The new website is therefore customer-oriented and independent of internal structures. The focus here is clearly on our existing, but above all on our future customers. Flexible, fast, state-of-the-art technology – the top priority is the immediate generation of sales leads.

Let's do Business – the fastest and direct way to the right sales contact worldwide.

The name 'FAST NAVIGATOR' says it all - you will reach your goal in a flash.

Contents and functionalities are constantly updated because this website is not static, but living.

With this, we are creating another important 'moment' in our 150th anniversary year.

Have fun exploring!

What makes Hellmann special?

150 moments vietnam celebration

Celebration of 150 years at Hellmann in Vietnam.

Hellmann Vancouver achieves Climate Smart Certification

In 2020, Hellmann Vancouver participated in Climate Smart Certification. The program is a three-step process where we:

  1. Measured our current impact to the environment, includingg reenhouseg as emissions, baseline carbon footprint and mapping of emissions
  2. Reduced emissions through an emission reduction strategy and action plan
  3. Communicated and celebrated by inspiring our team to Live Sustainability through a climate smart mindset

We worked with advisors from the Climate Smart to collect data, build our plan and become Climate Smart certified. Further to achieving our certification, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics in Vancouver was nominated as a sustainability leader and awarded the Green Excellence Award for 2020 by the Vancouver Airport Authority. One of the positives to come out of working in a remote environment has been an increased shift to working in a digital environment. Thanks to Michel Patterson, VP Performance, CI, BPM and her BPM team, we all have the tools to work more digitally and the Vancouver team is proud to have transitioned to this mindset and not printed a piece of paper since March 2020!

Congratulations to Derek Brown, CCO Canada (pictured above) and the Vancouver team! Live sustainability, it’s in our Hellmann DNA.

150 moments hellmann climate smart

Advertisements of Hellmann – from the past till today

150 moments advertisement 1956
Content of the advertisement

The Hellmann company advertises the following services:
Fast textile transports from Osnabrueck to all directions.
General cargo and loads from ports to the area of Osnabrueck.

In 1956 Hellmann owns three branches in Northern Germany: Hamburg, Osnabrueck and Bremen.

What makes Hellmann special?

150 moments group image dubai

East or West, North or South - It´s great to be part of the global Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y
Since 2010, Hellmann Calipar Healthcare Logistics (HCHL), a strategic joint venture between Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and Calipar Integrated Services based at Dubai World Central (DWC) provides end-to-end supply chain solutions, including transport, distribution and value-added services.

Bike Challenge

Osnabrueck Elbestrasse through the ages

Hellmann provides Germany-wide distribution of COVID-19 vaccines for the government

150 moments covid 19 vaccines
150 moments magnor matthias

"We are very pleased with the trust placed in us by the German Armed Forces and are proud to make an important contribution to combating the global pandemic," says Matthias Magnor, Chief Operating Officer Road & Rail.

The German Armed Forces have commissioned Hellmann Worldwide Logistics with the Germany-wide distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to the 16 distribution centers of the German federal states. With the commissioning of Hellmann for these critical shipments, the German Armed Forces are relying on its long-standing logistics partner for medical transports.

Within the scope of a request for administrative assistance, the German Federal Ministry of Health had asked the German Armed Forces for support in the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines, which will be made available to the entire German population this year. The German government is thus drawing on the infrastructure and protected storage areas in properties of the Armed Forces to implement the National Vaccine Strategy. Since January 12, Hellmann has been transporting the vaccines to the distribution centers of the respective federal states. The transports are protected by the German Federal Police. For the task, the Osnabrück-based logistics service provider has expanded its existing GDP-certified fleet with corresponding deep-freeze vehicles. In total, more than 50 million vaccine doses are to be transported to the distribution centers in 2021.

We move with the times, also in our means of communication

150 moments hellmann partner magazin

Internal communication at Hellmann began with the employee newsletter in 1964. The oldest surviving employee newsletter dates back to 1973. By the end of the 1980s, the employee newsletter had already been renamed "Hellmann Partner" and was published bilingually in German and English. In November 2017, the Hellmann Partner was published for the last time in magazine form and was replaced by the digital "Journal".

Hellmann JOURNAL (hellmann-journal.com)

Here we report regularly on events from the Hellmann world.

Four Generations of Passion for Logistics

150 moments stammbaum

In 1871, Carl Heinrich Hellmann founded a haulage company in Osnabrueck, transporting ore and coal for the Georgsmarienhuette steelworks. In 1906, he sells the haulage company to the second generation: his two sons Heinrich and Friedrich Hellmann. This is the birth of the company "Gebr. Hellmann Osnabrueck". When Friedrich dies in 1916, the youngest son Emil takes over his position as partner. In 1945, Heinrich and Emil Hellmann in Osnabrück begins to rebuild the company after the Second World War.

The third generation: Heinz and Joachim Hellmann introduce the "employee letter" in 1964 to keep up the conversation between the growing workforce and management. In 1969, Joachim Hellmann takes the helm in Hamburg. With visionary foresight, he moves the branch from Brandshofer Deich to Industriestrasse in Wilhelmsburg in 1969 – a location with a great future.

The fourth generation: After the death of Heinz Hellmann in 1976, Klaus Hellmann joins the company management at a young age. Family and social commitment play an overriding role throughout his entire career. After 43 years in the logistics industry, Joachim Hellmann retires in 1989 and passes on his post to Jost Hellmann, who is instrumental in driving the international expansion of the company. To this day, Jost and Klaus Hellmann are closely involved with the company's fortunes as the main shareholders.

Hellmann becomes sole shareholder of the joint venture Rhenus & Hellmann in eastern Germany

With retroactive effect from January 1, 2021, we have acquired all shares in the joint venture Rhenus & Hellmann GmbH & Co. KG. With the acquisition of the joint venture shares of Rhenus Freight Logistics GmbH & Co. KG amounting to 50 percent, we are the sole shareholder of the road and contract logistics site located in Großschirma, Zwickau, and Leipzig.

Eastern Germany is traditionally a very important market for us, where we have grown continuously in recent years and where we want to continue to strengthen our presence. Hellmann has established its network in eastern Germany with various locations over the past 30 years. As the sole shareholder of the site in Großschirma and the associated branches, we will have additional flexibility to drive forward our targeted growth in the coming years.

Sven Eisfeld
Managing Director Germany
150 moments eisfeld sven
150 moments csm grossschirma lkw

Global Competition – What makes Hellmann special?

150 moments global competition
150 moments global competition
150 moments global competition

The Hellmann family has many faces: More than 10,700 people all over the world work for our company – which also means 10,700 exciting and personal stories. What's yours?

Tell us:

  • What makes Hellmann special to you?
  • What does the Hellmann FAMILY mean to you?
  • What was your most memorable moment with Hellmann?

Send us a few lines, photos, or even video messages that we can publish on our company anniversary website. 150moments – be a part of it!
Send your contribution to: kirsten.willenborg@hellmann.com or dajana.reichert@hellmann.com

The deadline for entries is 31.03.2021!

Hellmann East Europe now 100% Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

In November 2007 Hellmann East Europe was founded. In April 2008 the team was formed and started the success story in the states of the former Soviet Union. 14 years later the managing directors Michael Mihm and Patrick Nathe sold their shares (49%) to Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (until now 51%). Patrick Nathe remains with the company as Managing Director, while Michael Mihm leaves.

Over the 14 years, Hellmann East Europe has grown continuously with and in the markets. And this will not change. The successful cooperations across many business connections, such as in our Vertical Industry Solutions and here especially in the automotive sector, will also be intensified and contribute to this.

The logistics specialists for the CIS have more than 30 years of local experience. With more than 500 employees in more than 30 branches, logistics services are provided across all modes of transport with the corresponding customs and regional knowledge. This special know-how has strengthened Hellmann's portfolio in the region for many years. Here, what belongs together grows together.

150 moments 2007-2008 hellmann east europe

v.l.: Michael Mihm und Patrick Nathe

Hellmann History Preview