Pioneers in Renewable Energy – Logistics for Solar, Wind, and Energy Storage

For more than 10 years Hellmann has been providing logistics solutions that are dedicated to the Renewable Energy Industry. As new emerging markets continue to prevail across the globe, our Global Renewable Energy team has already been there and is ready to support. Over the years, we have moved more than 40 GW of solar modules, trackers, inverters, and other related solar materials.


Tailored Solutions for Green Energy

In an industry where change is the only constant, The Hellmann Renewable Energy team is adept to respond with agility, from a last-minute change in shipping schedule, putting together a temporary storage solution, to utilizing alternative modes of transport like rail via the Silk Road.

Our dedicated personnel speak your language and understand your pain points. With innovation as our cornerstone and gigawatt experiences as our foundation, we customize service offerings to cater to your unique business needs.

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Holger Meyer, Manager Renewable Energy

Holger Meyer

Global Vice President Renewable Logistics

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At a Glance

  • Product testing, spare parts logistics, shock tracking, and packaging solutions
  • PO management, warehousing, O&M solutions
  • Dedicated global team
  • On-site support and route surveys
  • One-stop-shop for utility scale projects around the world
  • Spare parts services and production supply logistics
  • Several other value-added services

Solar Energy

Value-added service options for solar such as flash data testing, real-time global positioning, cargo shock monitoring and proof of delivery, as well as specialized packaging solutions are available to enhance your supply chain performance.

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Wind Energy

For the wind energy sector, we provide dedicated services like spare parts solutions as well as production supply logistics on a global level.

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Battery/Energy Storage

As energy storage becomes more prevalent in new projects, we developed expertise in the end-to-end handling of lithium-ion batteries spanning from best safety practices and storage to transportation to final installation points.

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