Update on the management of the cyber-attack

Please find current information about the management of the cyber-attack on our IT-system below.

Latest Updates

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has been the victim of a cyber-attack back in December 2021. When the attack was discovered on December 7th, we promptly engaged external third-party cybersecurity experts to investigate and conduct any necessary remediation efforts. This enabled us to stop the attack at an early stage and to ensure a fast and smooth recovery of our operational business.

As previously advised, we also confirmed that certain data was extracted from our servers. We promptly retained an external third-party eDiscovery firm to identify and analyze the specific data that was extracted. This data related to a server located in the US and used mainly for operational purposes. In the meantime we have concluded the review of the leaked data. We are currently in the process of informing those who have been affected by the data leak.

Please be aware that communication via email and phone requires heightened vigilance. Please make sure to follow best practice communication protocols and that you are actually communicating with a Hellmann employee. Beware of fraudulent mails and calls from suspicious sources, in particular regarding payment transfers, change bank account details or the like.

Should you have any questions, please get in touch with your known contacts at Hellmann or send us your questions which you might have regarding the current situation to We will answer your inquiries as soon as possible.

The above statement is based on our current knowledge [26 January, 2022 / 09pm CET]. We will update you on further developments.

To demonstrate our efforts regarding Cyber Security and the professionality of IT service delivery, Hellmann undergoes several external audits conducted by recognized third party auditors every year. Below, you can find the numerous certifications that Hellmann holds in the context of Cyber Security.


                                   For more information on the BSI Certificate please click here.