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Hellmann and MAS establish “Hellmann MAS Supply Chain Ltd” (HMSC) as a new joint venture in contract logistics and 4PL in Sri Lanka

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and MAS Holdings establish the Joint Venture “Hellmann MAS Supply Chain (HMSC)” in Sri Lanka by combining Hellmann´s existing contract logistics business in Sri Lanka and in-house logistics activities of MAS.

With the formation of the new JV,  the existing HWL business in Sri Lanka transitions into a focussed air and sea unit,  whilst the new JV will provide contract logistics and Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) services in Sri Lanka.

In addition to the existing Hellmann contract logistics business in Sri Lanka being  transferred to the new joint venture, a new fashion logistics facility will be opened at the MAS compound in Katunayake Export Promotion Zone (KEPZ). It is the vision of HMSC to create a pull model supply chain using Sri Lanka as the hub for major global fashion brands, help produce market specific products by offering value-added services and facilitate an e-commerce channel from the source. HMSC will also manage the procurement and coordination of MAS’ incoming air freight.

From its inception, HMSC will provide its services to MAS as well as Hellmann’s existing contract logistics customers. Services offered by HMSC, which include warehousing, value added services such as re-packing, labelling, ratio packing etc. and 4PL logistics services, will also be offered to other potential customers in Sri Lanka.

Madhav Kurup, CEO for Hellmann Middle East & South Asia (MESA): “This joint venture is a clear example of two family owned companies with similar DNA coming together to create a unique expertise in Sri Lanka that will have the ability to provide services of the highest standards in contract logistics and 4PL. Also, this venture helps us position ourselves as the market trend setter in the global fashion supply chain, as it evolves from a push model to pull model. MAS’ well established credibility with Hellmann’s global logistics expertise, systems and processes will make us invincible in the market place.”

Commenting on the JV partnership, Shirendra Lawrence, COO of MAS stated: “We are constantly progressing and looking for dynamic companies to connect with to enhance our service offering beyond our traditional value proposition. This strategic partnership with global logistics partner Hellmann is timely as it gives MAS a strong foundation to offer warehousing, value added services and 4th party logistics solutions. Hence, it gives us the opportunity to further enhance our agility and speed to market.”  

About Hellmann / MAS

Since its foundation in 1871, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has developed into one of the largest international logistics providers. The company is represented by a worldwide network of 19,500 people in 437 branches in 162 countries. The Hellmann Group generated sales of around EUR 3.0 billion in 2016. The range of services includes the classic forwarding services by truck, rail, air and sea freight as well as an extensive range of services for CEP services, contract logistics, industry and IT solutions.

In 1987, Mahesh, Ajay and Sharad Amalean introduced lingerie manufacturing to South Asia and there began the MAS legacy. Today, MAS manages a portfolio of businesses with a revenue of USD 1.75bn and is positioned as one of the world’s most recognized design to delivery solution providers in the realm of apparel and textiles. It is also the largest apparel and textile manufacturer in South Asia. The organization is headquartered in Sri Lanka and employs over 90,000 associates in 53 manufacturing facilities in 17 countries. Its portfolio also includes design centres in key fashion hubs across the globe. Its seamlessly integrated supply chain that is balanced to perfection with the organization’s strategically placed design houses gives MAS the knowledge, the means and the speed to deliver what is demanded by the industry. MAS Holdings is proud to hold a global reputation for its ethical and sustainable working environment. Its tireless effort towards women’s empowerment has put MAS on the map as a global standard to aspire to. The concept of new thinking at MAS breaks the norms of innovation as the world knows it. Re – engineering, re – thinking resource utility. Exploiting processes and the relentless pursuit of excellence is the MAS lifestyle. The nurturing of people, their passion and their ideas has evolved MAS from a business organization to a global community which partners with some of the world’s foremost brands in fashion and style that is timeless.