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Hellmann Contract Logistics and Siemens AG extend contract

Hellmann Contract Logistics and Siemens AG have extended their cooperation in Bor u Tachova (Czech Republic), which started in 2013, for another three years until 2021. As part of the contract extension, Hellmann manages more than 16,000 active articles for the Business Unit Low Voltage & Products, Siemens Energy Management Division. Activities include warehouse management, order picking, packaging and worldwide shipping of products. Siemens Low Voltage & Products offers products for safe and efficient electrical power distribution in buildings, industry and infrastructure.

Hellmann's logistics location in Bor comprises a 20,000 m² warehouse. From here, global contract logistics for Low Voltage & Products are handled. Around 200 employees process between 8,000 and 20,000 delivery note items daily. In total, Hellmann stores for Siemens around 15,000 pallets (from Euro pallets to 2.4 m wide special pallets) as well as approx. 60,000 small load carriers (SLC) in a three-story shelving system. In addition to warehousing and the classic pick/pack/ship business, the range of services offered also includes services such as the separation of products and quality checks of the delivered goods.

Decisive for the continuation of the cooperation with Siemens was the high quality of services, which is delivered daily by Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. "With Hellmann, we have a reliable partner who has met our complex contract logistics requirements to our complete satisfaction, especially with regard to on-time delivery and service quality," says Andrea Mandler, Head Supply Chain Logistics at Siemens Low Voltage & Products.

"We are pleased, that Siemens AG is continuing its long-standing cooperation with us in the Czech Republic. The contract extension underlines, that we were able to convince the customer in the long term with our complex and tailor-made contract logistics solutions," says Robert Bommers, COO Contract Logistics Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.