Digital State Secretary Stefan Muhle honored Hellmann as "Digital Place of Lower Saxony".

Hellmann receives "Digital Place Lower Saxony" award from the state of Lower Saxony

Digital State Secretary Stefan Muhle today honored the internationally active logistics service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics as "Digital Place of Lower Saxony". The initiative designates companies and institutions as digital places that have made a special contribution to successful digitization in Lower Saxony through their commitment. The Osnabrück-based company received the award based on its innovative "Smart Visibilty" product - a tracking system for goods that allows users to determine the exact location, condition and security of their shipment in real time anywhere in the world.

State Secretary Muhle: "In Lower Saxony, digital diversity is limitless. It is impressive to see how companies in Lower Saxony are also helping to shape the digital transformation internationally. In this way, they are helping to strengthen Lower Saxony as a business location. Ultimately, this is also how the jobs of the future are created. With our 'Digital Places Lower Saxony' award, we want to make these top achievements in the field of digitalization more visible to the public." 

Logistics is becoming increasingly complex and faster globally - as a result, transparency within the supply chain is indispensable today. Against this background, reliable real-time data on the flow of goods is now an important pillar of digital logistics. This is where the "Smart Visibility" tracking system developed by Hellmann comes in: The goods to be transported are accompa-nied by a small transmitter that is connected to the Smart Visibility server. Via the website, the customer can track the shipment along the entire logistics delivery chain - worldwide and in real time. In addition to information on the current shipment position, the system provides details on temperature, humidity, vibration, light incidence, door openings and deviations from the sched-ule.

"We are very pleased to receive the 'Digital Place Lower Saxony' award, because the topic of digitalization is of central strategic importance for the logistics industry and thus also for Hell-mann. If you want to remain competitive in the long term, you have to offer customers added value through digital solutions - which is exactly where our innovative 'Smart Visibility' tool comes in," says Stefan Borggreve, Chief Digital Officer Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. 

Schools, universities, research institutions, start-ups, small and medium-sized companies as well as industrial companies, craft businesses, charitable organizations and other institutions can apply to the Digital Agency Lower Saxony for the "Digital Places Lower Saxony" award. It is an award that highlights exceptional commitment to the success of digitization in the respective area. In return, the award recipients commit to informing other people and institutions about their path to advancing digitization.