Hellmann-FAMILY: Das Headquarter in Osnabrück
Hellmann-FAMILY: Das Headquarter in Osnabrück

Hellmann offers special leave to employees with relatives in need of care

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, a family-owned company based in Osnabrueck, is setting standards in the logistics industry with a company agreement that applies throughout Germany and aims at improving the balance between care and work. Whether for parents, in-laws, partners or children in need of care – since the middle of last year, employees at Hellmann have been able to apply for up to four days of special leave each year quickly and without a great deal of bureaucracy. In doing so, the company responds to demographic change and takes a further step towards living up to its own claim to be an inclusive and family-friendly employer.

In an era of an increasingly aging society, employees are more and more faced with the challenge of reconciling the care and support of relatives in need with their own professional obligations. In addition, there are situations in which rapid action is required or the statutory leaves of absence do not take effect. For this reason, Hellmann's company agreement creates, in addition to the statutory leaves of absence, special leave days that can be taken at short notice for doctor's appointments, appointments with the medical service, visits to the authorities, or for the organization of care at home for a relative in need.

“With this agreement, we lead the way – in the logistics industry and beyond. As a family-owned company, we want to set a real example by granting the possibility of taking special leave days to care for relatives: It is important to us to support our affected employees in reconciling their dual responsibilities of care and work as well as possible,” explains Reiner Heiken, CEO, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. 

”The company agreement has been in place since the middle of last year and the last few months have shown that we are on the right track. More than 50 colleagues have already taken special leave days and were really grateful for the time gained to care for their relatives,” adds Helmut Ledor, Works Council Chairman, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.