Sales Solutions

We provide sales solutions that enable you to focus on strategy while we perform the fieldwork. For online businesses, we provide integrated solutions for both B2B and B2C channels and can provide a turn-key approach for your local marketing as well. In a range of countries, and for a range of industries, we also have physical sales teams that act as your sales representative when offering products to local customers and partners.

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Accelerate your Local Sales in Foreign Countries

For a range of industries, our B2B sales specialists can work as your commercial representatives in the destination country.
Aligned with your global strategy and jointly adapted to local conditions, our sales team will offer your products to local retailers, distributors and other sales channels.

Based on our proactive experienced team and established relationships with both big and mid-sized players in various sales channels, we can accelerate your sales while you stay in full control of the price, terms, and conditions for each individual customer. In a similar way, we can cover your complete B2C expectations with either dedicated or shared teams.

We are confident we can find an efficient HR model that meets both your and our business interests. Since our cooperation is only fruitful if your product is marketed successfully in the destination country, we are flexible to define together who manages and pays the local sales force. If desired, we can also perform sales activities on a pay for performance basis.

Case Studies

Belgian Chocolate Russia/EAEU

Belgian Chocolate Russia/EAEU_german

New Approach to Russian Market

New approach to Russian Market_german

Furniture Sales in Europe

Furniture Sales in Europe_german

Anti-Freeze new Market Approach

Anti-Freeze ne Market Approach_german

Direct Cooperation with Refineries

Direct Cooperation with Refineries_german

Professional and Efficient Order Processing

In order to optimize the document flow and to improve customer experience while ordering your products, our flexible B2B platform provides an efficient and professional way to offer your products to your various current and potential customers in the destination market.

The flexible infrastructure of our B2B system enables us to include all your cross references, technical details, and brochures to any individual product including different languages in case we cooperate in various countries.

Feel free to ask for a trial entry to see how your products might be offered to your potential customers without major investments and recurring costs from your side.

A Single Partner for all your B2C Sales

We have the desire and skill to support your B2C business throughout the entire business value chain. For brick and mortar sales channels, we provide integrated solutions that can cover any scope you need. This includes support with partner searches, contractual support, or the need for a logistics and service supply chain to serve your customers. In all these cases, we have the people and the infrastructure to deliver.

Our dedicated team performs turn-key solutions for in-store installations. From pop-up stands or small retail corners to mono stores, we can coordinate sourcing, import, distribution, installation, and commission in line with your company quality standards and local legislation.
Besides efficient and scalable infrastructure solutions, we can support or fully coordinate your sales and marketing activities including simple advertising coordination up to integrated, full-scale marketing campaigns that meet and exceed your expectations.