Hellmann goes Metaverse

In a world where daily digital meetings over Zoom, Teams and remote work from anywhere in the world have become the norm, Hellmann is taking a leap into an even more virtual reality. Join us in the Metaverse.

30. March 2023 | 4 - 8 pm CEST | Spatial plattform


During the past few months, we created a virtual event on the platform Spatial to showcase our IT & Digital department and explore the exciting opportunities this new virtual world holds for us. In the Metaverse, anything is possible. There are no limits to your imagination, no matter what you want to do, who you want to be, or where you want to be.

The same applies to Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. We customize our logistics services to meet the specific needs of our customers and turn challenges into opportunities. This would not be possible without the support of our IT & Digital team. They develop and maintain our technological infrastructure, explore new technologies to enhance our services, and always lend a hand when needed. All while maintaining a fantastic team spirit.

Join us in the Metaverse to learn about our IT & Digital team. Discover how they are continuously developing themselves and grow as a team to generate an impact for our organization.

All you need to do now is to click on "Register now" and we will send you the Spatial link a few days prior to the event that you can join with your PC, Smartphone or Meta Quest & Quest 2. 

See you in the Metaverse!

IT & Digital explained

What to expect?

Our Chief Digital Officer, Stefan Borggreve, will kick off the event with an insightful and inspiring keynote about the close relationship between IT & Digital and the logistics industry, as well as the importance of transformation processes and our own experiences with them.

Afterwards, we invite you to explore our Metaverse world on your own. You are welcome to start a conversation at any time with our IT & Digital colleagues, who will be available on the different floors for discussions and questions. In our three topic rooms: Impact, Team, and Development, you will be able to listen to exciting stories about IT & Digital at Hellmann:


Let’s make a difference

IT is the key to the future of logistics and the future of Hellmann. Challenge accepted: We embrace these challenges and design IT solutions that make a difference in global markets. As a driver of innovation, we bravely move forward and put ideas on the road that benefit people all over the world. This is what we are recognized for, and this is what we stand for.


Let’s do it together

As IT experts in a global family business, we are a team within a team. Each of us contributes our individuality and uniqueness to the team, but also the big picture - to our Worldwide Family. With exceptional team spirit, we develop technologies and logistics solutions that shape the future of logistics. This makes us even stronger as a team and as a company all within an agile environment and with an open culture that can be individually shaped by everyone.


Let’s stay ahead

Standing still is not an option. If we continue to develop ourselves courageously, we will develop Hellmann further. That's why we give everyone the freedom to develop their strengths and gain new skills in a technologically diverse environment. As a global player, we have the projects, the technology, and the knowledge to grow continuously, both individually and together. If that's exactly what you want, we offer various opportunities for exciting, varied, and successful development.


We invite you to be curious, to ask a lot of questions, and to challenge us.

Side Fact: Impact, Team, and Development are our guiding principles for our IT & Digital organization. The three topic names have been chosen to reflect the "I," "T," and "D" in IT & Digital.

Special Feature: During the event you should keep a look out for three easter eggs. We have hidden our IT & Digital logo in three different colors in a container maze. If you find all of them and send us screenshots of them, you will be entered into a raffle for a goodie bag. 

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