Transport Solutions for Perishable Goods, Fresh Produce and Beverages

With Hellmann Perishable Logistics, freshness is in season all year round. For more than 20 years, our industry experts have ensured that your perishable goods are delivered fresh and undamaged worldwide. Our services include temperature-controlled transport, handling, and warehousing of food, flowers, edible oils – and beverages of all kinds.

Perishable Logistics

Whether tropical or seafood, flowers or berries - from the point of origin to the destination, we are at your side when it comes to the transport of perishable goods. Our goal: first-class service!

We continuously invest in the latest equipment and continue to expand our global network. Our worldwide employees ensure that your fresh produce gets handled professionally and gently. All of which enables us to offer you the complete management of the refrigerated supply chain from door to door, reliably from one source.

Our state-of-the-art, HACCP-certified facilities and systems, supported by experienced professionals, ensure that your temperature-controlled goods are carefully shipped and continuously monitored. Through innovation, efficiency, and the implementation of tailor-made logistics solutions, we are shaping the future of fresh produce logistics.

First-class Handling

Hellmann Perishable Logistics ensures the best conditions for the transport and handling of perishable goods worldwide, all year round. Our mission is to provide first-class service in handling perishable goods. As a full-service provider, we offer quality, reliability, and the reduction of time & costs.

Since the flow of information is as important as the transport of goods, we have developed a special information system that allows all parties involved in the process to access data and documents at any time.

Hellmann: Natasha Solano-Vesela appointed Global Airfreight Director Perishables

Nataša Solano-Veselá

Global Airfreight Director Perishables

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At a Glance

  • Single source solutions for perishable products
  • Temperature-controlled transport containers and deep-freeze storage
  • Door-to-door solutions, including warehousing, distribution, and consolidation
  • IT solutions for reporting functions, computerized inventory, barcoding, and labeling
  • Import and Export Compliance
  • HACCP-certified
  • Seamless documentation

Our Services

Trucking (FTL & LTL)

HPL Trucking Europe / Valencia:

HPL's specialty in Reefer and Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Trucking from Southern to Northern Europe has been added especially for the Scandinavian countries. A total capacity of around 2,000 truckloads is served annually. This is the basis for the further expansion of new trading lines and larger volumes.

HPL Trucking USA / Naples:

HPL acts as a logistics partner for producers, importers, and traders in North America. We promise quality, on-time delivery by land and rail at competitive prices.


With our dedicated Air Freight program, we take care of a year-round assurance of constant and on-time cargo capacity.

Our Carriers

HPL works closely with the leading multinational air freight carriers. In this way, we ensure that the freight space you need is available and that your products reach the retail market as quickly as possible while maintaining the required temperatures.

With high-quality equipment, we guarantee the best possible handling of your goods. Also, you benefit from optimal arrival and departure times and optimal timing at the busiest airports in the world.

Blocked Space Agreement

To ensure a constant flow of goods even in times of high demand and scarce freight space on busy lines, HPL enters into so-called Blocked Space Agreements (BSA). The BSA guarantee capacities for flights and separately agreed on delivery dates, existing independently of other agreements.

Availabilities are displayed by a modern worldwide booking system, which allows you to access the global capacities of the airlines at any time via HPL's local office.

Global Capacities

Our global service offering enables us to work with leading carriers for you to deliver the same reliability and quality to your customers around the world. We also support you in coping with seasonal peak loads. By recognizing and assessing the current demand situation during the harvest season at an early stage, we create a customized transport concept (air and sea freight as well as land transport) to minimize the number of return shipments.

Our global know-how allows us to react immediately to possible changes in the market and thus increase your sales opportunities. A shipment handled by HPL can either be delivered on time or forwarded for further transport by air or truck.

Full and Part Charter

To avoid bottlenecks in air freight, we at HPL provide our own full and part charters. This service complements our cooperation with the major carriers and enables us to offer you additional air freight capacity to meet your requirements (weight, volume, time, and departure and destination). This individualized service secures you the greatest possible added value.

Seasonal quantity discounts

We will work out a seasonal contract with you, which will also allow for the granting of seasonal discounts.

Packaging & Protection

The packaging of your goods ensures that they get handled properly and protected as required. With HPL, your goods remain in an optimal cooling environment during the entire transport and are handled by trained employees.


Sea freight is the preferred mode of transport for international trade in temperature-sensitive goods. As a multimodal service provider, all HPL offices around the world have a designated ocean freight drop-off point. Many of our offices are directly assigned to Hellmann sea freight.

Full Container Load (FCL)

The number of Full Container Loads (FCL) reefer shipments has increased in recent years. All HPL offices worldwide have extensive reefer carrier contracts and contractually agreed-on availability of clean and empty reefer containers at competitive rates. Thanks to our modern equipment, the cold chain of FCL reefer shipments worldwide is first class.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

On a global scale, there is hardly a trading line with sufficient coverage in the area of Less Container Load (LCL) reefer shipments. We have taken up this service in several offices to reliably offer you cargo space.

General Cargo / Charter

Perishables may be transported quickly and economically as general cargo shipments on many sea freight routes. At various locations in our network, we take care of your general cargo as well as your charter & part charter capacities.

Retail Solutions

Retail Services

  • Optimized response times in the supply chain
  • Program for optimizing the transport mode and carrier selection
  • Market research: Information on market trends, trade routes, and freight rates
  • Close personal relationships worldwide
  • Freight management: complete transparency of prices, services, and freight documents
  • Increased yield by closely observing shelf life during storage and avoiding interruptions in the cold chain, ensuring longer product shelf life at the point of sale

IT Services

IT Services

Our IT systems are specifically designed to meet your needs in terms of customs clearance, delivery status, storage, distribution, and special transport requirements, and quality standards. If you are interested, we will be happy to provide you with a demo version of our software.

The special reports that can be displayed with it are based on our deep understanding of all processes that take place on the side of our customers in production, import & export, and in trade and sales. Reports like our Lot Activity Report support you in booking cargo space and provide detailed shipment and delivery information.

We are continuously developing and expanding our programs to offer you the best possible service and customized solutions.

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