How to comply with a 2–8°C Cold Chain for Australian pharmaceuticals by Airfreight

Despite being considered as a leading manufacturing country for specialized pharmaceutical products, Australia faces challenges in view of its extreme climate and longer lead times when it comes to the effective and efficient export transport management of pharmaceutical products. Hellmann Healthcare Logistics came up with a solution.

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Starting Situation

The customer manufactures high-value, time and temperature sensitive products which require strict 2–8°C temperature compliance during transportation. Due to the high-value and sensitivity of the product, the customer asked for an active packaging solution with the forwarder to take ownership of the complete supply chain.


After a detailed route risk assessment, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics redesigned the entire supply chain and implemented an efficient and compliant end-to-end solution. Products are picked up by Hellmann-owned temperature controlled trucks and brought back to the pharmaceutical warehouse. Following agreed SOP, the Hellmann Healthcare team prepares and loads the active temperature controlled container for air cargo. This also includes the positioning of Data Loggers within the unit. Shipments are then presented to the carrier and agreed milestones are monitored and checked up to arrival at their final destination.


Andreas Lohmeier, Director Hellmann Healthcare Logistics

Andreas Lohmeier

Global Vice President Healthcare Logistics