How to set-up consistent Cold Chain Solutions for Generic Drugs in Emerging Markets

The growing importance of generic drugs manufacturing has put tremendous pressure on the Indian economy. With temperatures reaching up to 50 degrees in the summer, and a lack of temperature-controlled facilities, setting up compliant and robust supply chains in India is one of the biggest issues facing the pharmaceutical sector.

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Starting Situation

Attracted by India‘s well established reverse engineering skills, proven expertise and inherent cost advantage, our customer increased their own manufacturing output and CMO partnerships destined for global markets. Hellmann was tasked with reducing costs in their supply chain and improving efficiency while maintaining quality standards.


Recognizing the multiple challenges in managing complex time and temperature-sensitive supply chains, ex various locations in India, Hellmann Healthcare Logistics collaborated with the customer, carriers, and other 3rd party service providers to create a series of tailored solutions and initiatives. Hellmann‘s compliant, transparent and innovative solutions helped the customer to reduce costs while adhering to stringent quality standards and mitigating risk.


Andreas Lohmeier, Director Hellmann Healthcare Logistics

Andreas Lohmeier

Global Vice President Healthcare Logistics