Hellmann securely transports blood plasma products worth USD 9,000,000 by Air Charter

As governments are under increasing pressure to decrease healthcare spending, sealed-bid competitive tendering has been introduced to exclusively supply pharmaceutical products. Pressure is therefore on the industry to deliver products within the stipulated timeframe at the right quality to avoid high penalties.

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Starting Situation

Temperature control, compliance and lead time was a major challenge when the customer won a major government tender business which required the movement of 10 tons of temperature and time-sensitive blood plasma products worth in access of USD 9,000,000 from Europe to South America.


Hellmann Healthcare and its partners worked closely with all stakeholders to move the entire batch within the required temperature range of 2-8°C to its final destination as one shipment. Due to the sensitivity of products and tight delivery time lines, Hellmann decided to use active temperature controlled units and charter a DC10 instead of going the conventional route to use passenger or cargo flights. Our Healthcare specialists oversaw and monitored the project and ensured the efficient end-to-end delivery of the products.


Andreas Lohmeier, Director Hellmann Healthcare Logistics

Andreas Lohmeier

Global Vice President Healthcare Logistics