Why Hellmann builds an temperature-controlled consolidation platform for CRT Products in India

While the buyers ocean consolidation concept has been implemented since many years by various industries, the pharmaceutical industry sector has been reluctant to adapt this cost-efficient process in emerging markets due to the need for a robust, efficient and compliant supply chain.

Healthcare Logistics Pharmaceutical Facility

Starting Situation

A multinational pharmaceutical company has been sourcing finished formulations from various sites in India. Due to limited availability of 20’ Reefer Units, limited storage space at the sites and a lack of GDP compliant facilities, shipments had often been expedited immediately by airfreight or in 40’ Reefer Units not utilized at its optimum.


In cooperation with the customer, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has set up a dedicated facility to provide a temperature-controlled consolidation platform for 15-25°C products. The facility is located close to Mumbai port and approved and licensed by the FDA of Maharashtra State to store ambient controlled therapeutic products for export. Suppliers deliver products on temperature controlled trucks to the site where Hellmann receives and stores the goods until instructions are given by the customer to load the reefer containers at port. Hellmann‘s compliant, transparent and innovative solutions helped the customer to reduce costs while adhering to stringent quality standards and mitigating risk.


Andreas Lohmeier, Director Hellmann Healthcare Logistics

Andreas Lohmeier

Global Vice President Healthcare Logistics