How Hellmann optimized the delivery of seasonal products to Eastern Europe and Russia for Bourgault Industries Ltd.

Bourgault Industries Ltd. is the world leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of grassland seeding systems. The company has been incorporated for 40 years and is still a privately held family company. Bourgault has grown from its humble beginnings in rural Saskatchewan, Canada to a world-wide organization with facilities located around the world.

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Bourgault Industries Ltd.

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Starting Situation

Bourgault was looking for a logistics partner that could provide them with the ability to deliver their seasonal products directly to their distributors in Russia and Eastern Europe on time and on budget. Bourgault wanted not just a provider but a partner that was established and had a solid network in the region.


In 2006 Hellmann originally started with Bourgault by providing routing options from Canada to Ukraine. Hellmann provided Bourgault with options that provided flexibility to their shipping schedule by having routes with varying transit times. This allowed Bourgault to get their product to market as it was needed without adding additional time constraints at the manufacturing level. It was soon after that, in 2007, that Bourgault requested Hellmann look at their Russian and Kazakhstani supply chains. At that time equipment was in short supply in Canada and we at Hellmann used our strong relationships with our partner carriers to provide the equipment when needed. Hellmann continues to grow along with Bourgault Industries as the agricultural equipment landscape changes continually. In 2006 we were asked to be proactive by providing options and solutions to questions instead of just waiting to be asked. That commitment to „partnership“ is what Hellmann Agricultural Logistics has provided and will continue to provide Bourgault as they look to expand into other markets.


Monika Thielemann-Hald

Monika Thielemann-Hald

Global Vice President Automotive & Agricultural Logistics