Consultancy Solutions

We know the business from a practical perspective and we are happy to share our experience. By offering solutions that you or we can execute in-house, our support is actionable and result-oriented. We have the knowledge and mindset to take accountability for your success in foreign markets.

HTS Consultancy Solutions


Solid Experience that supports your Business

Our local compliance teams, supported by our legal and customs management, check what homologation and legal requirements are applicable to your business and advise you on the next steps in a practical and actionable approach.

From straightforward customs descriptions and product markings to product-specific packaging requirements and obligations for certification or import licenses, we know how things work and support you accordingly.
When required, we can also act as the local applicant for your certification, giving you full control to decide which companies are allowed to use your certification for import and local sales purposes.

Case Studies

Coffee Homologation Russia

Coffee Homologation Russia_german

FSB Approval for Import to Russia

FSB Approval for Import to Russia_german

Household Chemicals to Russia

Household Chemicals to Russia_german

Complete IAM Spare Part Range

Complete IAM Spare Part Range_german

Practical and compliant guidance that protects and supports your Business

Our in-house legal departments have the right mindset. While focusing on protecting your business interests and ours, they also aim to assist in meeting business objectives. We can cover your complete legal scope or support you whenever you have a specific need.

We have the people and the partners to provide any legal support you need including the preparation of sales contracts, debt collection and avoidance, claim escalation, consumer protection issues, taxes, and customs law.
With our local and corporate compliance departments, supported by our legal and customs departments and specialized local partners, we check compliance with local and international legislation. No matter what the task is, we know how to provide support in practical and compliant matters. Whether it is checking local consumer rights and legal product requirements or evaluating whether a specific transaction would be compliant with US, EU or other international sanctions by checking legislation, shareholder structures and final beneficiaries, we will eliminate the uncertainty.

Additionally, we support you in avoiding potential customs and tax cases with proper homologation, transfer pricing and product markings. Our team of professionals in this sphere is built specifically to meet these needs for you.

Case Studies

Debt Collection Uzbekistan

Debt Collection Uzbekistan_german

Homologation Setup for Shoes

Homologation Setup for Shoes_german

Avoiding Russian Customs Lawsuit

Avoiding Russian Customs Lawsuit_german

Checkup on Russian Customer

Checkup on Russian Customer_german

The right People for sustainable Succes

We take care of your local operational and organizational needs with our established teams and infrastructure, but you still might want to have your own team in the field.
Through our relationships, our in-house HR departments, and/or local partner support, we can cover your staffing requirements by attracting the right people to meet your needs. While we focus on senior sales representatives and key account managers, we also have good relationships in the field of customer service, marketing, content management, merchandising, stock planning, demand forecasting, finance and general management.