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If you wish to have local sales & service in foreign countries without the need to create your own local infrastructure, Hellmann Trade Solutions provides you with experienced local teams that can perform all activities on your behalf. By partnering with Hellmann, you get a streamlined entry and sustainable market presence in foreign countries without the challenges of implementing and managing your own local activities. Our established teams, including IT and sales infrastructure, enable you to accelerate sales growth through local service and product availability while limiting investments, recurring fixed costs, and risks on your side.

Your Foreign Local Infrastructure Solution

We can perform all your operational and organizational activities in the destination market as if we are part of your company. Our established teams and infrastructure will run your business with the same high standards you expect of your own organization. Additionally, you receive a complete local setup without the need to attract, train, develop, and manage your own local team.

We run your business where you can't 

Our solutions go far beyond operational solutions for import, logistics, customer service, and accounting. We provide a fully operational local infrastructure including legal, sales, finance, and compliance departments, risk mitigation coordination, and hands-on management that supports you in every facet of your business.

As flexible as you are

Our flexible IT infrastructure facilitates efficient and scalable order processing and transparent reporting. We provide compliant solutions enabling your customers to purchase customs cleared products while being supported with a service level they will embrace. Hellman’s unique positioning allows you a variety of options that can be customized to your needs including launching your own local entity, having us operate a part or all of your daily activities on your behalf. We can also act as the Importer of Record to eliminate any need for a local legal presence on your end.

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Your Foreign Local Field Sales

Asset-light market entry 

For a range of industries, our local sales representatives are happy to introduce your products to local distributors, retailers, or other B2B & B2G sales channels. If desired, we can manage local commercial relationships ourselves, or introduce your regional sales team to the decision-makers of your potential partners.

In any case, the final decision on local price, terms, and conditions is made by you, giving you full control of your local commercial strategy and footprint. With our dedicated e-commerce team, we provide turn-key solutions for local and regional B2C projects as well.


Our Products & Services

Our products and services go far beyond traditional logistics. We created them to accelerate your business in foreign markets. Whatever support or solution you require in the foreign market, we are there to support you.

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Industry Focus

Each industry has its own specifics. For every industry we serve, we have the team, the knowledge, and the infrastructure to serve your customers at the same high-quality level that you aim for at home.


Full control when steering into new markets

Automotive is a key expertise solution within Hellmann. We provide integrated solutions to leading OEMs, tier 1/tier 2, and aftermarket companies worldwide. Within Hellmann Trade Solutions, we focus mainly on the independent aftermarket.

Industry competition is increasing and distributors are becoming more demanding. Instead of dropping prices, you can increase competitiveness by increasing your service level. We enable you to offer already customs cleared products in local currency contracts so that you can work directly with any partner and local sales channel that fits your strategy.

Our range of solutions to leading and mid-sized aftermarket companies will inspire you when discovering how we can support and accelerate your business. Feel free to take a look at the functionalities of our B2B sales portal as well.

Case Studies

Pan-European integrated solution


Direct relationships and agreements with you end customers

Hellmann provides integrated solutions to a range of leading producers and distributors. Within Hellmann Trade Solutions, we are mainly active in high-value specialty chemicals.

The possibility to offer already customs cleared products in local currency contracts can make the difference in closing deals. Whether you offer your products to a car producer, a chemical plant, or a refinery, through Hellmann Trade Solutions you can work directly with your end customers on your own terms and conditions.

Our flexible solutions increase your control, service level, and competitiveness in foreign markets without the costs and risks related to opening and managing your own local operational office.

Case Studies

Direct cooperation with refineries


Strengthen your footprint in foreign markets with both sales and service

We support both established and new electronics brands to accelerate their route to market and optimize local customer service.

For sales transactions, we enable you to import and deliver your products independently and directly to the designated partner. You get access to B2B, B2G, and B2C transactions through any channel that fits your strategy.

For service obligations, depending on the scope of our cooperation, we enable you to confirm a 2-hour product availability whenever your customers face a breakdown. Return collection, testing, repairing, utilization, and compliant re-export of your replaced parts can be included in our scope if desired.

Case Studies

Integrated sales solution CIS

Integrated sales solution CIS_german

Local stock for service deliveries

Temporary event import

Car charging network CIS


Open new countries and opportunities with efficient route-to-market solutions

Fashion is a major industry solution with Hellmann. We work with a variety of brands you see in popular shopping zones throughout the world. Established fashion conglomerates have efficient distribution channels that we re-engineer and optimize to streamline their processes.

At Hellmann Trade Solutions, we use our industry knowledge to provide small and medium-sized companies with sustainable and successful market access. This allows you to concentrate on your sales strategy and access to sales outlets while we take care of everything else.

For both B2B and B2C, we make sure to get your products compliant, customs cleared, and delivered to their destination efficiently. We serve your partners and customers with our local teams in your name.

We also support homologation for both textiles and final products. Especially in Russia and the EAEU, the certification and marking process is complex. By appointing Hellmann as your certification applicant as well, you are in full control and can offer an integrated solution to your local partners that is efficient, transparent, and compliant with local and international legislation.

Case Studies

Pan-European B2C E-solution

Considering new market approach

Certification and homologation

FMCG & Retail

Capture the opportunity of continuous changes in the retail landscape and consumer demand

From food and beverages to tools and instruments, from sports gear and health nutrition to cosmetics and home decoration: consumer demand and sales channels are changing rapidly.

You can work directly with retail chains, specialized distributors, and other sales channels in foreign markets if you offer your products from local stock. Through Hellmann Trade Solutions, you can provide your partners with customs-cleared products in local currency contracts.

The possibility to offer customs cleared products from a local entity, supported by our seasoned local teams and IT infrastructure enables you to negotiate directly with your partners and market products on your own terms and conditions without being subject to big recurring costs or complex risks.

We also provide integrated B2C e-commerce solutions for clients interested in this sphere. From local customer service and delivery infrastructure to creating and managing a fully integrated sales and marketing process, we create exceptional results.

Case Studies

Market entry evaluation


Boost you market coverage with local service and customs cleared products

We provide integrated solutions for the homeware and furniture industry and work with producers, importers, distributors, and installation partners.

From homologation and certification to import and installation, our solutions cover both private and corporate expectations.

The possibility to offer customs-cleared furniture, kitchens, and homeware in local currency contracts enables you to attract an extensive range of resellers in foreign markets and even work directly in the B2C segment as well if desired.

For retail and office solutions, we also coordinate installation to ensure a complete solution that provides a retail experience in line with local compliance as well as your corporate standards.

Case Studies

European sales solution

European Procurement Platform


Increase you competitive position by moving your service to the next level

Capital and spare part sales are both more successful when you have an efficient local service setup. We can create a local stock of parts that can be used for sales and service for any business model without major investments or recurring costs from your side, regardless of whether you work directly with customers, distributors, and/or service partners.

We also enable you to supply equipment and machinery that is already customs cleared if this is what your local partners expect. From centrifugal mixers to industrial filters, slurry pumps to turbines, bakery lines to meat processing plants, and a wide range of other equipment in almost any industry, we have extensive experience with machinery import and can boost your competitiveness and service level in local markets. 

Case Studies

Spare part stock creation

Field day equipment presentation

DDP guarantee deliveries


Increase you market reach through a local stock

The import of medical supplies and equipment is mostly controlled by big producers and a limited amount of large import distributors. This is largely due to the complexity of homologation procedures. Hellman can help you navigate this terrain successfully and profitably.

Through Hellmann Trade Solutions, you can sustainably increase your service level in foreign markets by offering already customs cleared products, in local currency contracts and from local stock, to any sales channel that fits your strategy.

Our integrated solutions also include homologation, meaning you maintain full control of all activities in the foreign market while benefiting from our management solutions.

Case Studies

Lab launch South Africa

Temporary equipment import

Market entry evaluation

Why Hellmann?

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics SE & Co. KG is a family-owned company headquartered in Osnabrück, Germany. Since its foundation in 1871, the company has developed into one of the largest international full-service logistics providers. 

Having a network in 173 countries with over EUR 2.5 billion in turnover allows us to scale to your needs whenever and wherever needed. Hellmann Trade Solutions is extremely active in Europe, Russia, and the CIS, but we can also provide similar solutions through our worldwide Hellmann network in the Americas, Middle East, Asia, and Oceania.

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