Market Entry Solutions

We have the team, knowledge, and infrastructure to manage your market entry on your behalf. Whether you want to establish your own local entity or appoint Hellmann as your importer of record, whether you wish to have your own sales team or let Hellmann represent you in the local market, we make foreign markets accessible to you. By using our setup, you get full control in foreign markets without the big investments, recurring costs, and risks related to opening your own local setup.

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Comprehensive local presence without the investments and the risks

Whatever your needs are in the destination market, our established local teams and infrastructure provide a total solution to serve your partners and supply your products in an efficient way.

Far beyond traditional logistics and customer service, our scope often includes cash management, IT infrastructure implementation, stock management, legal guidance, homologation, financial management, sales & marketing support, but also any other activity you would need to perform yourself if you were to manage your own team in the destination country.

Through our information exchange platform, you get efficiently streamlined information of your local activities including sales statistics, KPIs, stock reports, debtors/creditors, and financial details.

For a range of industries, our sales team can also take the lead to find, contact, and contract new partners and sales channels in line with your instructions and strategy. Therefore, without significant investments, high recurring fixed costs, and risk exposure from your side, you still get a complete local team and infrastructure that represent your business just as you would do yourself.

Case Studies

Spare Parts from Russian Stock

Spare Parts from Russian Stock_german

Direct Food Sales to CIS Retail

Direct Food Sales to CIS Retail_german

Smart Weight Scales Solution CIS

Smart Weight Scales Solution CIS_german

Premium Tea Market Entry Russia

Premium Tea Market Entry Russia_german

Validate the Potential and Requirements before you jump

In a practical and actionable way, we define together whether it makes sense for you to start selling customs cleared products in a foreign market.

After performing high level market research, we jointly align the core features of your local strategy with respect to stock and sales approach, and calculate the costs for offering already customs cleared products to the various sales channels. By presenting your company, product portfolio and price list to (potential) local partners, we check who is interested to purchase your products on either EXW or DDP terms.

In parallel, we check investment requirements including homologation costs and map your risks and recurring costs for the various ways in which you can establish your local infrastructure.
This research will provide you with all the necessary understanding of the market potential, costs, and risks to enter the target market and begin serving customers locally with already customs cleared products in local currency contracts.

Case Studies

Route to market for IAM Car Parts

Route to market for IAM Car Parts_german

Russian Teflon in Europe

Russian Teflon in Europe_german

New Pasta Brand in CIS Retail

New Pasta Brand in CIS Retail_german

Launching a Lab in South Africa

Launching a Lab in South Africa_german

A Multifunctional Scope in which we attract all required Resources

From on-site coordination and partner search to local sourcing, work permits and temporary import contracts, our project managers become part of your team and take a leading role to secure your success.

Our team, often supported by local partners, can mobilize almost any workforce, obtain required tools and equipment, and meet other requirements within the necessary time frames.
Whether you have already involved us in your project during the budgeting phase or face a last minute challenge that requires a hands-on solution, please contact us and we will get things done.

Case Studies

Laboratory Setup Russia

Laboratory Setup Russia_german

Car Charge Network CIS

Car Charge Network CIS_german

Installation Tools Belarus

Installation Tools Belarus_german

Solutions that safe you Money and Time

We coordinate the import of your products, your local sourcing requirements, and local installation activities to make sure that you get what you expect.
Depending on your needs and strategy, we can perform temporary import in various ways, or choose to use final import, enabling you to keep or sell the goods in the destination country in case you wish to do so.

Also, if you do not have your own entity in the destination country, we can act as the Importer of Record at your instructions, so we will always find an optimal solution to efficiently bring your exhibition or event to the highest standards.

Case Studies

Event Project Management

Event Project Management_german

Temporary Import Russia

Temporary Import Russia_german

Tool Manufacturer Support Russia

Tool Manufacturer Support Russia_german

Demonstration Kazakhstan

Demonstration Kazakhstan_german