Supply Chain Solutions

We are experienced, open-minded and challenging if you ask us to talk about the supply chain. We know the business both as a logistician and as an importer and local sales company, so we understand the opportunities and limitations to optimize your supply chain.

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Review your current Operations and improve them where possible

Logistics are the fundamentals of our organization and we have the experience and the infrastructure to recognize opportunities for sustainable supply chain improvements in your organization.
If you follow our vision, you can choose whether you run improvements yourself or outsource some or all of your supply chain activities to us. In most cases, we can promise a fixed yearly cost reduction while improving your supply chain KPIs.

Case Studies

Outsourcing for Russian Logistics

Outsourcing for Russian Logistics_german

Pan-European Solution

Pan-European Solution_german

Paying half for better Results

Paying half for better Results_german

Service that boosts your Customer Relationships

No matter if you have a one-time obligation or recurring service deliveries, our dedicated free of charge delivery solutions bring your domestic service level and corporate standards to the destination country.
While usual service replacements are shipped overnight, we can accept 2 hour delivery obligations for cities in which you instruct us to create local stock, and shipment readiness from our warehouses within 30 minutes. Anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

In case you do not have your own legal entity in the destination country, we can act as the Importer of Record and perform all local activities on your behalf. Your local customer need not be involved with any logistics activities: they just sign for delivery when we arrive at their doorstep.
Replaced products can be collected back for testing, local repair, scrapping, or can be exported to your international facilities at your instructions.

Case Studies

Strategic Stock Ukraine

Strategic Stock Ukraine_german

Guarantee Deliveries Kazakhstan

Guarantee Deliveries Kazakhstan_german

Guarantee Delivery Azerbaijan

Guarantee Deliveries Azerbaijan_german

Hardware Replacements Russia

Hardware Replacements Russia_german

Boosts your Service Level and competitive Advantage with a local Stock

You can gain access to any local sales channel if your products are available from local stock. When offering products from our warehouses in the destination countries, you can control the complete value chain and ensure a properly balanced relationship with your local partners.

Based on our established infrastructure and teams in the destination countries, local stock can be set up quickly and sustainably. You will have full control while limiting recurring fixed costs, maintaining an optimal local service level, and all of which is guaranteed through established local Hellmann teams and infrastructure.

Even if you do not have your own entity in the destination country, we can act as your Importer of Record, after which we market your products at your instructions to any sales channel.

Warehouse Information

RU - Moscow

RU - Kaluga Warehouse

NL - Rotterdam Warehouse

LT - Vilnius Warehouse

DE - Hanau Warehouse

IT - Milan Warehouse

Optimize your Sourcing through a single Channel

If you source directly from many suppliers and import into a single country, we can decrease your costs through our centralized procurement platforms. In this setup, we streamline your order processing through a single source and we coordinate transactions directly with your suppliers as per the terms and conditions you have agreed with them.
As a result, you are able to increase your efficiency and decrease your customs declaration costs and paperwork volumes.

Case Studies

Oil Major optimizes sample Flows

Oil Major optimizes sample Flows_german

Centralized Instrument Sourcing

Centralized Instrument Sourcing_german

European Furniture Procurement

European Furniture Procurement_german