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Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Since its foundation in 1871, Hellmann has developed into one of the largest international logistics providers. With our high-performance products Airfreight, Seafreight, Road & Rail, and Contract Logistics, we always offer the right solution for the complex logistics requirements of our customers and rely on future-oriented digital services for maximum transparency and more efficient supply chains.

F.A.M.I.L.Y – Our Corporate DNA

Hellmann remains a family business 150 years after its foundation. We are proud of that. And that is why we are committed to what family means: integrity, understanding, trust, and cooperation. This is the basis of our corporate DNA. Our common goal is to ensure the long-term development of Hellmann so that the company can continue to offer many opportunities for future generations. In short: Hellmann means F.A.M.I.L.Y.

First, people first

The success of a company depends on its employees. That is why we create an attractive and professional environment at Hellmann, which captivates, binds, and promotes the interest of good employees. Through training, remuneration, and recognition, we encourage our employees to develop their talents in a climate of mutual respect and trust. They determine how our company is perceived externally. They directly influence the satisfaction, enthusiasm, and loyalty of our customers and we know that. That is why people always come first.

Hellmann FAMILY

All about the customer, always

We are constantly looking for ways to expand and improve our services so that we can exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. It is our goal to offer our customers around the world the knowledge and experience they need most. We achieve this by listening to them and taking the time to get to know them better. The customer is always our focus. We ensure that all our tasks are handled with a view to our customers. This leads to long-term customer relationships, which we are rightly proud of.

All About the Customer Always

Making it work better, everyday

Through business processes with high-quality standards, we are continuously improving our organizational agility and operational efficiency. We use every opportunity to increase efficiency by improving productivity and maintaining excellent supplier relationships. As a result, we not only contribute to our results but also improve the added value for our customers. In addition, we consistently live the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP).

Making it work better everyday

Innovation and entrepreneurship

At Hellmann, we promote creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit in all areas and create an environment in which risks are allowed. We encourage our employees to develop unconventional ideas and to drive the adaptation of our services to our customers‘ wishes. We want to meet the constantly changing requirements and expectations of our customers.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Live sustainability

At Hellmann, we are serious about providing services on the principles of economical, ecological and social sustainability to create opportunities for future generations. We are sensitive and responsible to people, communities and environments within the regions in which we are active. Through these principles of a sustainable development, we ensure the future of our family-owned business.

Live Sustainability

You and me!

Every day, we set new goals and face new challenges. Whether it is a successful shipment, a change of work process, or new concepts that are still under development - „You And Me“ makes it possible. The guiding principle stands for mutual responsibility. A responsibility that gives us support in times when we have to rely on each other. „You And Me“ also stands for cooperation which encourages us to support others and to motivate us to develop solutions together for our customers.

You and Me

2.53 Billion

Euro Turnover


Offices Worldwide

16 Million

Shipments per Year



Facts & Figures

Today, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is represented by a Worldwide Network of 489 offices in 173 countries with more than 19,500 people. In 2020, the Hellmann Group achieved a turnover of around EUR 2.5 billion with 10,601 employees. 

Hellmann Arrows


Sustainability Report EN 2020

Code of Conduct

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Certificate ISO 14001

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Certificate ISO 27001 - German IT Security Certificate

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Certificate ISO 45001

Certificate VDA6 Part 2 -Services

Zertifikat Cargo iQ for Forwarder SGS BG20/871933

Zertifikat Cargo iQ for CDMP Provider SGS BG20/871934


Certificate Germany Food Hygiene HACCP Road & Rail (DE)

Certificate Germany Food Hygiene HACCP Air & Sea and Contract Logistics (DE)

Our History

Carl Hellmann

1871: Founding Father

Carl Heinrich Hellmann founds the company as a one-man business transporting goods by horse-drawn cart.

history, truck

1925: Introducing Freight Cars

Hellmann is one of the first companies in Germany to successfully replace its horse-drawn carriages with freight cars

History Lisa 1960

1961: The Last Horse-Drawn Cart

Until 1961, additional horse-drawn carriages were in use. "Lisa" was the last horse at Hellmann to pull a cart.

history, truck, head office, osnabrueck

1968: The Fourth Generation

After over 20 years of growth and expansion in post-war Europe, the company's shares are transferred to the fourth generation: to Jost and Klaus Hellmann.

Founding DPD, Deutscher Paket Dienst

1976: Parcel Service

Hellmann is a founding member of DPD.

Expansion to Asia

1982: International Expansion

With the opening of the Hong Kong branch, the foundation stone is laid for internationalisation, which continues to make steady progress today. In the following years further offices are opened in China, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea and later Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Japan and Bangladesh.

history, sydney

1987: Hellmann Down Under

Operations are also launched in Sydney, followed by the opening of further branches in Australia and New Zealand.

Branches Los Angeles

1988: The Americas

A new office is opened in Long Beach, California. Expansion continues with offices in 18 U.S. cities, six Canadian cities, and offices in Mexico and South America. A branch office is also opened in South Africa in 1988. 

Hellmann East Europe Moscow by Night Traffic

1992: Eastern Europe

The partner network in Eastern Europe is expanded. In the 1990s, branches in Latin America are added.

Parcel  Boxes Night Star Express

1993: Night Star Express

Hellmann is a founding member of the Night Star Express cooperation.

History 125 Jahre Hellman

1996: 125 Years

Hellmann celebrates its 125th anniversary and enjoys enthusiastic customers and a global network of 341 branches in 134 countries.

 South America opening

2000: South America

New locations are opened in Brazil and Chile. 

View into Contract Logistics Warehouse

2002: Industry Solutions

Services become increasingly industry-specific with products such as Perishable, Automotive, Fashion, and Contract Logistics is established as an important additional product.

New Dubai Headquarter

2003: Middle East

Opening of the Dubai branch in the United Arab Emirates as a hub for the Middle East region, later opening of the branches in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Opening of Shanghai Office

2004: Shanghai

Construction work on the new air freight warehouse in Shanghai is completed. Business activities have now expanded to seven A-licenses and 23 branches in the People's Republic of China. 

Award of Excellence

2006: Award of Excellence

Hellmann is awarded the coveted "Award of Excellence" by the Global Institute of Logistics.

India Pakistan Opening

2007: India & Pakistan

Hellmann opens branch offices in India and Pakistan.

Best Office Award

2008: Best Office Award

Hellmann receives the "Best Office Award" from Wirtschaftswoche and Kölnmesse for the new working worlds in "Speicher III", Osnabrück. 

Hellmann Rudolph

2011: Joint Venture

Rudolph & Hellmann Automotive opens a new distribution center for Ford in Dubai.

Rail Solutions International Map

2013: Iron Silk Road

With its rail solution "Rail Solutions International", Hellmann establishes weekly train connections between Europe and China and revives the "Iron Silk Road".

seafreight, container, loading, port, truck

2017: Change in Legal Form

With the change in legal form to an SE (Societas Europaea), Hellmann creates the structural conditions for further growth.

Earth as Heart

2019: Worldwide Logistics

Through ongoing internationalization, the group of companies is now represented by 263 branches in 56 countries

Logo, Anniversary

2021: 150 Years

Hellmann celebrates its 150th anniversary.

150 Years of Hellmann

2021 marks the 150th anniversary of the company's founding. What began in 1871 with modest means in Osnabrück has developed into a truly global player in logistics. Today, the members of Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y. are spread all over the world. And they are all united by a common heritage that has been passed down through generations. 

In the year of our 150th anniversary, we, therefore, look back with pride on eventful company history, but also turn our gaze to current developments and future innovations. Because we are determined to successfully shape our future as well. 

Under the motto "150 Moments," we will be building bridges between the past and the future with a wide range of activities in 2021.

Logo, Anniversary

The Wild Geese

Wild Geese Hellmann Logo

More than a Company Logo

The V-shaped formation of the wild geese is for us a symbol of perfect cooperation. None of the animals could manage the journey alone. The migratory birds plan their flights down to the smallest detail, weigh risks together, and have excellent communication. Wild geese are loyal to each other for a lifetime and have a strong sense of responsibility.

For us, these are characteristics that also make an excellent logistics service provider. Therefore the wild goose is more than a logo for us, it symbolizes our philosophy as a family business and forms the basis for our success. The wild goose is a trademark that suits us.

Managing Board

International Executive Board