Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

We believe in enabling our customers to remain in command of their sup-ply chain at all times through seamless visibility which support the efforts to thrive in existing and new markets. With enhanced Smart-Ocean tech-nology, our ISC business unit provides full purchase order and vendor management services along with real-time visibility at an order and ship-ment level

container ship in port from above

Tailor-made solutions for your growth strategy

Buyers consol services through our logistic gateway hubs along with our comprehensive digital end to end e-commerce solutions through our digital platform complement the full range of solution services we offer from our ISC Product.

  • Efficient quality control
  • Optimization on demand and fulfillment
  • Cost control & improvement – shipping & final landing costs 
  • Strong relationship balance between vendors and distributors via strong cost management
  • Efficient supply chain process for better and faster lead and delivery times
  • Transparent & live visibility across your supply chain

Hellmann Integrated Supply Chain is a natural partner of choice providing Scalable and Inte-grated Solution Services resulting in benefits to assist you to stay on top of your business activities.

Talk to our ISC Experts across the Regions in our Worldwide Network and find out what best tailor-made solutions are suited for your business in your existing marketplace and your future growth strategy.

At a Glance:

  • You stay in full control of your shipment
  • Purchase order management with vendor Management
  • Real-time visibility on orders
  • Buyers consolidation
  • E-commerce solutions seamlessly integrated via our digital platform