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With deep concern, we follow the alarming news on the war activities in the Ukraine. Our thoughts are with all people affected by the combat activities, which are unfortunately ongoing. At this time no one can anticipate an end of the military operations or even an improvement of the situation.

Latest Updates - Russia & Belarus declared prohibited countries

March 04, 2022

Dear customers,

Today we would like to inform you about our latest decisions regarding our services from, to and via Russia and Belarus. Since the war in Ukraine started on 24th February, we are closely monitoring the situation and respective developments. Given the scope and intensity of international sanctions targeted against Russia and Belarus, the Management Board has decided to assign to both countries the status of “prohibited countries” with immediate effect and until further notice.

That means that any transports to, via and from Russia and Belarus are only permitted after explicit approval by the Management Board has been granted. This applies to existing business as well as any new business.

Hence, any transports by sea or air are prohibited and stopped immediately. Any transports by road or rail for which no approval has been granted will also stop immediately until the approval might be granted.

We are aware that this decision has major implications for you as a customer. However, we are convinced that this step is necessary and prudent to secure the compliance of our customers and Hellmann with international sanctions.

We will provide further updates as necessary here on our website and directly to affected customers as timely as possible. In the meantime please also get in touch with your known contacts at Hellmann regarding any questions.

Our thoughts are with our colleagues and all people affected by the combat activities. We sincerely hope that peace will soon return.

Best regards,
Patrick Oestreich Chief Commercial Officer, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Customer Info Call

On March 1, we hosted an update call for our customers to inform them about the war´s implications on our business and the latest news regarding sanctions & export control.

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