How to maximize data transparency connecting warehouse-management-systems and transportation portals in a single online platform

In today’s globalized automotive industry, OEM‘s and 1st tier suppliers face a daily challenge to organize, manage and monitor their global and multi-modal transport chains. A complete traceability of materials at any imaginable point is a key factor for a successful supply chain management.

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Starting Situation

The objective was to implement a system on a global scale allowing high visibility to monitor orders and assess lead times and available materials at the plants. It is central to ensure the constant flow of information and active communication at all times.

»Accuracy and visibility is a key. Hellmann eChain provides all details, all the time!«


Hellmann’s front-end web solution “eChain” enables the connection of various systems, such as warehouse-management-systems and transportation portals, into one information platform. In addition, Hellmann Automotive Logistics has implemented several automotive competence centers with experienced personnel in automotive processes, allowing them to manage all information, transports and stock and allowing them to answer quickly and make the necessary decisions. eChain enables the customer to access real time information about current available inventory in various locations world-wide. It also generates “material-in-transit” reports which illustrate the material movements, lead times and expected delivery dates. The additional visibility allows production companies to improve their inventory and transport management, thus decreasing these costs.


Monika Thielemann-Hald

Monika Thielemann-Hald

Global Vice President Automotive & Agricultural Logistics