Why CBR chose Hellmann Fashion Logistics to distribute their 12 collections per year

It all began in 1980, when the founder of the CBR had the entrepreneurial idea to supply the trade with fast-moving commercial products. From here, CBR’s unique success story takes its course! In 2013, Street One, the first brand of the group, celebrated its 30th birthday.

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Starting Situation

Since June 2010, the CBR Group and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics have taken their long-term partnership for inbound logistics to a strategic level. For over 30 years, the CBR Group has operated very successfully on the European fashion market. The group has over 8,800 POS for its brands Street One and Cecil.


The group introduces twelve collections per year with a brand business model precisely aligned to these requirements. Logistics is indispensable in combining outstanding service and proactive communication with speed and flexibility while maintaining a constantly high cost efficiency level. Since Hellmann Fashion Logistics offers the matching tools, the necessary flexibility and competency a successful cooperation between CBR and Hellmann was almost a matter of course. 

A special milestone in the relationship is the data connection and process integration between the CBR’s own transport monitoring system and the global Hellmann system. This connection ensures permanent transparency of live events on both sides resulting in short response times in case of deviations and on-time delivery of the short-lived collections. This way, we create the basis for a continued successful expansion together.


Torsten Katzer, Global Director Hellmann Fashion Logistics

Torsten Katzor

Global Vice President Fashion Logistics