How Hellmann creates a win-win situation for s.Oliver and its trading partners

s.Oliver fashion is for every person, every day in every situation. This is s.Oliver´s mission and real secret to success. s.Oliver has 7,157 employees with passion, commitment and team spirit. The deepest desire is to make the customers of s.Oliver look good. That is what s.Oliver lives and works for – every day.

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Starting Situation

The fashion industry is characterized by increasing time pressure. New collections are often introduced to the stores on a monthly basis. This situation sets the highest demands for logistics. Hellmann Fashion Logistics supports the supply chain for order and procurement management at s.Oliver.


On land, in the air and at sea, goods from around 450 suppliers from over 30 countries have to be collected punctually from the departure site / port and delivered to the s.Oliver site in Rottendorf. Every day, suppliers from all over the globe make bookings via the Customer SCM software. After the goods leave the supplier, Hellmann is responsible for the timely and properly assorted delivery of the goods to the s. Oliver warehouse in Rottendorf. 

Hellmann has committed itself to a performance of at least 98%, based on consignments per month. Not only Hellmann‘s performance is measured and reported on a monthly basis, the extent to which suppliers comply with cut-off times for booking and deliveries are also tracked. 

With this strategy Hellmann Contract Logistics created an even stronger win-win situation for s.Oliver and its trading partners. In this case, all the processes, from development to sales at the POS, have been revised to suit the company’s vertical integration and internationalization. Speed is an important aspect – from product development to delivery of the goods at the POS.


Torsten Katzer, Global Director Hellmann Fashion Logistics

Torsten Katzor

Global Vice President Fashion Logistics