Short time to market and fast replenishment for Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret is world-renowned as a leading lingerie retailer and also sells fashionable women's clothing as well as perfume and cosmetics. The brand is inextricably linked with the world's supermodels and a spectacular fashion show.

Fashion Logistics Victorias Secret

Starting Situation

The challenge for Hellmann Fashion Logistics was to find solutions for the five major goals in the fashion world: Fast product introduction, a reliable supply chain, flexibility, fast replenishment and transparency of the flow of goods.


Through the strategic alignment of our global customer management, we were able to implement our solution step by step.

  • Product launch: daily deliveries of "best sellers" or fast moving fashion items
  • Reliable supply chain: Dedicated delivery network for Victoria's Secret and La Senza stores
  • Flexibility: Process control via two control towers in two main Hellmann Worldwide Logistics locations
  • Fast replenishment of goods: We offer external warehouse space with 24/7 operation. Hellmann ensures complete transparency of the flow of goods through a complete exchange of data, including key figure reporting and an online platform designed specifically for the customer.


Torsten Katzer, Global Director Hellmann Fashion Logistics

Torsten Katzor

Global Vice President Fashion Logistics