How to handle 280 FTL-transports for a PV Module Manufacturer within just three weeks

We offer customized solutions along the entire added-value chain for the solar industry in the renewable energy logistics field. Our portfolio spans production logistics, shipping customs clearance, storage, and project logistics for residential, commercial, and utility projects.

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Starting Situation

Within the framework of a 56MW project, our customer commissioned us with the entire procurement logistics from Rotterdam Harbor to the project site in Romania. Our challenge was to arrange 280 FTL-transports, including customs clearance and handling, within a 3-week time frame, and to supply the project.


All relevant information and requirements were ascertained in a project kick-off meeting and a project implementation plan was introduced. This encompassed transport and fiscal customs representation as well as the picking requirements for the out-bound warehouse area. 

The detailed planning entailed recording all PV modules in the Hellmann Warehouse Management System and then sending them to the project location, unmixed, and in defined frequency. In order to remain within the tight schedule, up to 20 containers were unloaded per day in two shifts, shipments were logged and at the same time up to 20 full loads were packed and shipped. 

To guarantee just-in-time delivery, all trucks were equipped with the Hellmann Secure Supply Chain GPS tracking system. Apart from tracking the shipment, this tool records vibrations during transportation. Thus the customer has the advantage of significantly reduced insurance premiums.


Holger Meyer, Manager Renewable Energy

Holger Meyer

Global Vice President Renewable Logistics