How a leading Turbine Manufacturer saved up to 20 % in Spare Parts Logistics

Hellmann Renewable Energy Logistics provides tailored solutions along the turbine manufacturing supply chain. Our portfolio ranges from procurement logistics, production logistics, heavy lift shipments to optimization and complete spare parts logistics management.

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Starting Situation

In course of their internal restructuring measures, a turbine manufacturer hired Hellmann to optimize and implement their global spare parts logistics. The aim was to reduce costs while increasing service levels.


Hellmann’s first step was to conduct a GEO-analysis of all warehouse and production locations. Downtime frequency, locations as well as service contracts were considered in this analysis. Hellmann used the results to analyze the optimal warehouse locations and assigned so-called drop-off points to all plants. Based on the final results, Hellmann transferred all manufacturing units to a 24/7 service. 

The Spare parts are delivered to drop-off points around the clock, where they are picked up by special technicians and brought to the factory. Alternatively, a car boot delivery is available to technicians. The Hellmann Portal allows the customer to keep track of all goods, whether stored or in transit. With optimized logistics processes and structures, our customer was able to reduce 20 percent of their costs while increasing quality.


Holger Meyer, Manager Renewable Energy

Holger Meyer

Global Vice President Renewable Logistics