Customs Brokerage

Our licensed customs agents and entry writers are available to assist you worldwide ensuring that the import and export clearance of your shipments is stress-free in the thicket of international trade regulations. Rely on the global presence of our customs brokers, their unmatched local market knowledge, and our legacy of 150 years in logistics.

Customs Broker in Port Seafreight Container

The Reference in Customs Brokerage and Import Trade Compliance

Customs clearance is an integral part of any end-to-end supply chain solution. But due to the complexity of customs regulations, duties, related fees, and taxes, you need a partner at your side who can keep track of everything. We are experienced in customs clearance, CBP regulations, import and export logistics, reconciliation, and cross-border. We can advise you on how to set up your trade compliance procedures.

We focus on each trade regime and take a focused approach to each client's needs and requirements. Also, we provide Customs Compliance Advisory Services to our customers as an added value to assist with all compliance needs. And above, we offer real-time visibility to the brokerage entry process, providing complete transparency and peace of mind.

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)

As your global business grows, Hellmann's Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) program can support your company's supply chain. Our solution begins with a dedicated, knowledgeable staff experienced in implementing Free Trade Zones (FTZs), as well as management, inventory control, and warehousing. We help large and small customers and partners expand their business profile while managing costs and improving compliance.

The benefits of an FTZ are customs deferral, reduction of documentation costs, mixing or freighting, repackaging, destruction, etc. Our Warehouse Management Software (WMS) can be fully integrated with our business partners. Coordinated solutions for customs brokerage, transport, and contract logistics can further increase the value of an FTZ solution.

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At a Glance

  • Worldwide customs clearance (import & export)
  • Experienced staff with licensed customs agents and entry writers
  • Local market knowledge in 173 countries in the Hellmann Network
  • Compliance with international regulations
  • Customs clearance, CBP regulations, import-export, reconciliation, border crossing
  • Specialized Hellmann FTZ program
  • HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) & Harmonized System (HS) Classification