Why a renowned 1st Tier Automotive Supplier trusts Hellmann with its intercontinental Supply Chain Management

Hellmann takes over the supply chain management of a leading automotive 1st tier supplier for production parts from more than 100 suppliers globally to 4 plants in China.

Rail transport

Starting Situation

The last ten years of our customer´s company history were characterized by a strong global growth, especially in China. The biggest challenge was to meet the increasing demands of their customers. The result was a historically grown supply chain with high logistics and  inventory costs.

»A holistic view of the supply chain, across company boundaries was the key to sustainable cost reductions.«


Hellmann was chosen to optimize the supply chain step by step. Besides the usage of a network optimization tool to build a new and efficient structure of all movements through a mix of milk runs and direct transports, a special focus was placed on the packaging to increase the utilization of all transport equipment. Two hubs were implemented to consolidate all shipments one in Europe and one in the US . These hubs act as a control tower in the supply chain to monitor all shipments from their collection to the delivery. The coordination of the physical movements is not the only function of the control tower, it also controls and forwards information. All parties of the supply chain are integrated through interfaces in order to optimize the reaction time on fluctuating demands of the final customer.


Monika Thielemann-Hald

Monika Thielemann-Hald

Global Vice President Automotive & Agricultural Logistics