Outbound Logistics and Warehousing for Siemens AG

In January 2013, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics opened a new logistics site located only 30 kilometers away from the German border town of Waidhaus. This 20,000 square meters logistics center with 20,000 pallets and 70,000 SLC parking spaces was implemented in the Czech logistics park CTP directly on the E50 motorway.

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Starting Situation

Siemens AG was looking for a service provider to take over the storage, order picking, packaging and distribution of finished products while reducing costs at Siemens without sacrificing quality. Hellmann was awarded the contract for this task with the Bor Logistics Center in the Czech Republic.


The logistics center in Bor is equipped with the latest technology. 200 employees handle approx. 2.4 million positions p.a. in a two-shift system. With top equipment and paperless picking and packaging technology, the employees are assigned the orders. The IT interfaces between the systems play an outstanding role here. The transmission of order or dispatch statuses every second ensures the necessary transparency in communication between Siemens and Hellmann. This system transparency enables Siemens to evaluate suppliers and their ability to deliver, to control production based on requirements, and to monitor daily delivery performance to customers. Customs and air freight or dangerous goods conditions are implemented in accordance with legal regulations. Our in-house training and education system enables us to specifically train new employees before a “real” assignment. 

In 2020, the contract was extended for another three years until 2025. The high quality of the service was decisive for the continuation of the cooperation. Siemens Low Voltage Products is more than convinced of the adherence to delivery dates and service quality despite the complex requirements. With the customized contract logistics solutions at the Bor site, we have convinced Siemens AG in the long term.