AEO-F certified Warehousing Solutions for TOA to support growth plans

Since 2006, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics operates a distribution center in Hamburg for TOA, a leading manufacturer of audio sound systems. It serves as the central distribution hub for TOA’s B2B markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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Starting Situation

TOA was looking for an AEO-F certified, end-to-end service provider with expertise in handling of highly sensitive dutiable goods. In addition, the service provider had to be able to make use of economies of scale, in order to support TOA’s plans for future growth.

»In order to serve our customers in an excellent way, we have high demands in regards to our own organization as well as our logistics service provider. Our long-term cooperation with Hellmann World-wide Logistics has always been marked by reliability, trust and collaboration.«


TOA identified Hellmann in Hamburg as a strong and competent partner. Thus, the preexisting business relations between Hellmann and TOA were intensified and expanded. Especially Hellmann’s know-how in operating an open customs warehouse and in processing customs declarations electronically convinced TOA that Hellmann was the ideal partner. Thanks to Hellmann’s interface to the German customs brokerage system (ATLAS), processing of import and export declaration is done efficiently and transparently – thus, reducing risks in cross-border trade to a great extent. 

TOA profits from synergies between Hellmann’s transport and warehousing solutions. Reduced lead times, high quality standards and transparent track and trace solutions make Hellmann a reliable partner. The warehouse layout has been designed specifically for TOA’s broad range of products and comprises small parts storage space, high rack storage areas, block storage and an unloading area for containers. By following the principles of the continuous improvement process, Hellmann is able to reduce all forms of waste and ensure an optimal processing of orders. Hellmann also takes care of the environmentally sound disposal of packaging material and electronic scrap material.