Dr. Thomas Knecht und Jost Hellmann

Hellmann operates as an SE & Co. KG as of December 1, 2017

On December 1, 2017 Hellmann Worldwide Logistics concludes the process of changing its legal form. The company will then start operating as Hellmann Worldwide Logistics SE & Co. KG, thereby fulfilling the legal requirements for a further successful and strategic development of the business. The Group will continue under the leadership of Dr. Thomas Knecht and Jost Hellmann, who form the newly constituted Management Board. Dr. Thomas Knecht, who was Management Spokesman since 2015, will chair the Management Board as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Jost Hellmann will take on the function of Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

This change in legal form marks another milestone in the company’s strategic realignment along with the successfully completed founding of the three business units in August this year. Operating as an SE not only paves the way for a generational change, but with the creation of a six-member Supervisory Board allows for further development of the governance structure.

„The transformation of the legal form to an SE and the associated further development of the leadership structure are significant steps in continuing to develop the company in a positive direction. On the one hand, we have created a legal framework, which fits to a global company like  the Hellmann Group. Furthermore, we have implemented an independent Supervisory Board, which optimizes the strategic and operational steering of the company“, said Dr. Thomas Knecht, CEO.

„The legal form does not change the shareholder structure at all. Hellmann is and will remain a family-run company. The SE, as an international legal form, paves the way for generational change – also including external management. At the same time, we ensure the strategic involvement of the  owner families’ in the long-term“, said Jost Hellmann, CCO.