Hellmann helps

At the beginning of 2022, the employees of family-owned company Hellmann Worldwide Logistics initiated the establishment of a charitable organization named Hellmann helps, a non-profit designed to provide immediate help quickly and effectively, when and where it is urgently needed. To support our initiative, we are collecting monetary donations as well as donations in kind for selected charitable projects.

Hellmann is a family business built on a more than 150-year-old legacy of a long-standing commitment to sustainability and a tradition of corporate activities supporting social causes. Over the last decades, Hellmann has supported plenty of social and ecological projects – in Germany and all over the world. The inception of Hellmann helps extends this spirit through our employees and allows us to coordinate support for current and future charity projects in a more targeted fashion.

In addition to crisis event-related ad hoc aid campaigns for our colleagues and their families, the association will support longer-term charitable projects and other non-profit organizations, such as various sustainability or humanitarian initiatives. Hellmann helps is financed by donations and membership contributions, and all funds flow directly into our aid projects. You can learn more about our mission here.

All projects and organizations that will be supported by Hellmann helps are carefully vetted in advance by the association's board and committee concerning the sensible use of the donations. Members of Hellmann helps are encouraged to nominate aid projects worthy of support, especially initiatives they are supporting individually already.

For only 1 Euro per month, anyone can become member of the Hellmann helps association and make her* his valuable contribution - also interested people outside the Hellmann FAMILIY Click here for the membership application.

If you wish to support Hellmann helps with a monetary donation, please send a wire transfer to the following account:

Donations Bank Account
Sparkasse Osnabrück
Kontoinhaber: Hellmann helps e.V.
IBAN: DE14 2655 0105 1552 2648 46

Scan with your banking app in order to donate via smartphone or tablet.

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Current Aid Projects

Hellmann helps collects donations for earthquake victims

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria and its dramatic consequences for the people on the ground deeply saddens us all. Our thoughts are with all those affected.

Hellmann is represented by 70 employees in six branches in the northwest of Turkey. Due to the distance of our branches to the epicenter of the earthquake, our Turkish colleagues and their families are fortunately not directly affected. However, we have many colleagues of Turkish and Syrian origin whose families in Turkey and Syria have been directly affected by the earthquake.

As the Hellmann FAMILY we want to support these families and the other people in the earthquake area.

Therefore, our association Hellmann helps will support affected families of colleagues as well as selected local charity organizations at short notice or invest directly in urgently needed donations in kind such as generators.

You can also help.
Support us with your donation!

Ukraine War

The ongoing war in Ukraine makes the world still feel desperate. We, as the Hellmann FAMILY want to show a sign of solidarity and support our colleagues as well as the affected people in the region! For this reason, Hellmann helps has initiated a donation appeal for affected employees and their families as well as for the support of a select group of local aid projects.

The organization has already provided financial support and donations to families of our employees who have fled to Germany. In addition, urgently needed medical supplies and power generators were purchased for our local colleagues and brought to Ukraine. The support of reconstruction efforts of destroyed apartments and homes is also planned in the mid to long term. If you wish to support Hellmann helps with a monetary donation, you will find the payment options at the top of the page.

We also appreciate donations coming from beyond the Hellmann FAMILY. Thank you for your support!

“The war in Ukraine is an attack on peace in Europe and at the same time a humanitarian disaster. Through the association Hellmann helps we aim to provide direct help to our colleagues in the war region and also support selected charitable organizations - through donations of money and goods “

Martin Eberle, Chairman of Hellmann helps, CFO Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Information about the statues / the purpose of the association

As a non-profit and charitable organization, Hellmann helps is committed not only to supporting those in need, but also to promoting assistance for youth and the elderly, education, and upbringing, as well as environmental protection and nature conservation, or helping those persecuted on political, racial or religious grounds, as well as people who are discriminated against on the basis of their gender identity or gender orientation.


Hellmann helps e.V.
Elbestraße 1
49090 Osnabrück

If you have questions, please send an E-Mail to: hellmann.helps@hellmann.com