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Embark on a journey of endless possibilities with our career opportunities around the world. Join our team that embraces diversity, values your experiences and supports your growth. Dare to dream big and build your future with us. Welcome to a career that knows no borders!

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On the Hellmann Worldwide Logistics News & Press page you will always find the latest news from the Hellmann world. We have also archived our press releases for you in chronological order. As a press representative, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for here.


Search and find your local Hellmann office and contact persons. With a worldwide network of 489 offices in 173 countries around the world, we are always just a click away.


Since its foundation in 1871, Hellmann has developed into one of the largest international logistics providers. With our high-performance products Airfreight, Seafreight, Road & Rail, and Contract Logistics, we always offer the right solution for the complex logistics requirements of our customers and rely on future-oriented digital services for maximum transparency and more efficient supply chains.


We attach great importance to a range of services that harmonizes the three pillars of sustainability: economy, ecology, and social issues. We are also concerned with keeping future generations in mind. On this basis, we assume responsibility for people, society, and the environment in all our business areas on a daily basis.

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Here you can find image packages for different areas as ZIP files for download.


Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is one of the largest international logistics providers. With our high-performance products Airfreight, Seafreight, Road & Rail, and Contract Logistics, we always offer the right solution for the complex logistics requirements of our customers.


We are very delighted that you have shown interest in our enterprise. Data protection is of a particularly high priority for Hellmann Worldwide Logistics SE & Co. KG and its group companies – hereinafter “Hellmann” – and its management.


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SOLAS is the International Convention on Safety Of Life At Sea. Recent amendments to this convention will have a fundamental impact on how we have to manage the movement of containerized cargoes within the International Supply Chain.

IMO 2020

IMO 2020 is a new International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulation for the use of Low Sulphur Fuel effective Jan 1st, 2020. This regulation is the largest in a series of IMO measures to reduce marine pollution across the entire shipping industry and ultimately achieve a CO2 emission reduction consistent with the Paris Agreement temperature goals. The regulation will see a decrease in the sulfur content in fuel from 3.5% to 0.5% (mass by mass).

Young professionals

You have successfully completed your training or studies and are now looking for your first professional challenge? We have enough of them in stock.


Are you eager to supplement your theoretical knowledge with practical experience? Then get out of the lecture hall and into the multifaceted world of logistics!

Groupage Government Duties

Here you can find the List of Government Duties for the different regions of Germany.

Groupage Currency Floater Europe

Find the current Currency Floater Europe for 2024.

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Terms and Conditions

In the global cargo business, a wide variety of regulations apply to ensure the safe transport of your goods. We have summarized the most important terms and conditions country by country for you.

Transit Times Europe

Ask here for the standard transit time for your Groupage - for transports by truck within Europe.

Strefa Klienta

Witamy w Strefie Klienta Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Polska. To ważny obszar naszej komunikacji z Państwem. Znajdziecie tu Państwo wszystkie niezbędne informacje oraz dokumenty dotyczące działalności naszej firmy i świadczonych przez nas usług. Dziękujemy, że jesteście z nami.

Shipping Notes

Here you can find the shipping notes for our branches in Germany.

Employee Privacy

The European General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR for short - has been legally binding in all European member states since 25 May 2018. It replaces large parts of the previous national regulations of the German Federal Data Protection Act. Above all, the GDPR focuses on the protection of personal data of each individual. This gives rise to rights and obligations for everyone whose data are processed or who works with personal data. Here you will find further information on how to comply with the law in your working environment at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

eCommerce Fulfillment

In a world that is increasingly becoming more and more digital, the e-commerce is taking on tremendous significance. The fast-paced business environment constantly presents companies with great challenges. We offer you the optimal solution - from the creation of your online shops regarding warehouse management to returns management and takeover of customer services.

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Digital Invoicing

At Hellmann, we strive to make our internal processes even more efficient and transparent. Therefore, we reorganize our internal workflow for recording, archiving, and processing incoming invoices from our suppliers.

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Career Belgium Netherlands

Hellmann Belgium and Netherlands are always looking for great new colleagues to join our Hellmann FAMILY in various departments.

Hellmann Belgium Netherlands

Hellmann Belgium Netherlands aims for a defect-free service and goes the extra mile. Standing united with our customers in Belgium and the Netherlands, at all times, makes our proposition strong and shapes us into a great FAMILY partnership translating your needs 24/7 into tangible services.


Logistik ist mehr als nur der Transport von A nach B. Darum bieten wir Ihnen als anerkannter Ausbildungsbetrieb und vielfach zertifiziertes Logistikunternehmen ein breites Angebot an Beratungs-, Prüfungs- und Schulungsleistungen für artverwandte Dienstleistungen wie Arbeitssicherheit, Abfall- und Qualitätsmanagement, ADR- und Lkw-Führerscheine sowie Brandschutz und Gefahrgut.

Compliance at Hellmann

Compliance is not a self-purpose. Today, solid and effective compliance management is not only a legally required must-have to meet regulatory expectations but also to meet rising expectations from customers and business partners. At Hellmann, we are running a professional Compliance Management System. Our Global Compliance Department acts as a reliable consultant and compliance risk manager for Hellmann managers and employees. We are proud that conducting business with Hellmann means business with a business partner who does the right things right.

Digital Opening Pack UK

The departure of the UK from the EU on 1st January 2021 has meant all UK cross border activity needs a customs declaration. At times procedures have been difficult to follow, not the least because the details are evolving, particularly with regard to the unfinished staging of controls for imports from the EU.

IT Infrastructure

To demonstrate our efforts regarding Cyber Security and the professionality of IT service delivery, Hellmann undergoes several external audits conducted by recognized third party auditors every year.

Important Laws and Regulations

Here you will find the important laws and regulations. If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Department, the Safety Solutions Department or the Works Council.

Pallet Exchange Fee

The determination of the current pallet float depends on the development of the timber market and is based on the market index published by the recognized industry service EUWID.


Our company stands for partnership and trust, which make us a very reliable partner. Currently, we are looking for qualified freight forwarders who will work with us on a long-term basis to fulfill the logistics tasks for our customers. The possibilities of employment in our Europe-wide network are manifold: from local and regional traffic over direct load up to international groupage and route traffic.

Disclosure Process

If you discover a vulnerability in IT systems and web applications of Hellmann, please inform us. We will then take immediate action to handle the vulnerability found as quickly as possible.

Export Bielefeld

Sie möchten Ihre Sendungen in Europa schnell an Ihr Ziel bringen? Dann profitieren Sie von unseren Direktabfahrten von Bielefeld nach Europa!


The current development in the energy price sector requires a weekly adjustment of the reference value in the Hellmann Worldwide Logistics diesel floater application.

Hellmann helps

CARING is one of our core values. As Hellmann FAMILY, we want to care for each other and for people who urgently need help. That's why colleagues from all over the Hellmann world have founded the non-profit organization Hellmann helps. The association also supports sustainable projects for youth and elderly care, education and upbringing, as well as environmental protection and nature conservation. At the same time, the association stands for equal opportunities and diversity in the Hellmann world and beyond.

IT & D

Technology and digitization are shaping the future of Hellmann. For this reason, it is imperative to combine our IT solutions with our 150 years of experience in the excellence of logistics. We make IT the center of our everyday logistics. We enable our teams to connect, communicate, jointly develop and implement logistics solutions for our customers worldwide. We are courageous achievers, and we drive a global family business forward with our ideas and solutions. Above all, we are a fantastic team that makes logistics chains faster, better, and more convenient in technologically challenging and diverse projects. This is our main motivation! As part of our team, you can help us to write this success story. Together we will tackle the future: Join the team and "keep moving forward"!

Hellmann Polch

Eine hohe Anzahl an Direktverkehren von Polch ermöglicht kurze Laufzeiten von 48h, auch für grenzüberschreitende Europaverkehre nach England, Niederlande, Belgien, Schweiz, Österreich, Polen und Frankreich. Für Lieferungen in die Schweiz und England übernehmen wir alle Zollformalitäten.

Hellmann Hamburg

Die Elbmetropole Hamburg ist einer der wichtigsten Knotenpunkt für Direkttransporte nach Europa. Profitieren Sie von unserem Angebot und den täglichen Abfahrten in zahlreiche Länder in ganz Europa.

Cleaner Seafreight Projects

We support the following myclimate projects for measurable climate protection and sustainable local development. This creates jobs and significantly improves working conditions and quality of life. But they also serve other important socio-ecological aspects, such as supporting equal rights for women, as well as raising awareness for climate protection.


Sie möchten Ihre Sendungen schnell an Ihr Ziel bringen? Dann profitieren Sie von unserem flächendeckenden Netzwerk in ganz Europa.

Moving Business Stories

We are not just sales managers, service agents or warehouse clerks. We are real humans with many interests that we fit into our daily work lives. Training for a triathlon despite a 40-hour week? Coaching a sports team? Saving lives? It's all possible at Hellmann. Because we are moving business.

Meet Krissey

When Kristina, “Krissey”, Vlantes talks about her three Chow Chows her voice becomes soft. She has grown up with this furry dog breed and has owned one or more ever since. Krissey is the head of the Sea Freight Drayage Operations at Hellmann in the Houston branch in Texas. “Basically, that means, my department takes care of the first and last mile of Hellmann Ocean Freight,” she explains.

Meet Sükran

"90 minutes before the game, the stress slowly starts. Then I'm no longer very approachable for others, I am in like a tunnel," Şükran Gencay confesses. Şükran was head coach of the 1st men's basketball team of Eimsbütteler TV for 10 years. Quite unusual, because at 1.60 meters tall the Hamburg native is not only much shorter than the basketball giants around her, she was also the first and only woman to coach a team in the 2nd National German Basketball League.


Welcome to our Journal – here you get insights from Hellmann Worldwide.

Meet Robin

“Congratulations, you are the best match!” When Robin Arrowsmith received the phone call from the John Hopkins Case Management Nurse that she was the most viable candidate for a stem cell donation for her cousin John in February of 2021, Robin set it in stone that there was no way she would ever back out. John, who is married and has a teenage son, was diagnosed with leukemia, a blood cancer, in November of 2020. His wife, Lori, immediately rallied his family members to register on “Be The Match” and receive a free cheek swab kit to see if there were any potential matches.

Meet Gonzalo

Gonzalo works for the IT department at Hellmann in Santiago de Chile, but, when he clocks out after his daily shift, the computer expert swaps his suit and laptop for hip-hop clothes and a mic. For more than 20 years he has been writing and composing his own rap songs. In Chile, he is well known under his artist name NegroKal and his songs can be streamed on all common platforms.

Meet Marina

Before Marina Wille goes into the office, she has usually already spent two to three hours exercising and walking her dog. Marina has been living in Dubai for eleven years. She has held the position of HR Director for the Middle East & South Asia Region at Hellmann since 2020.


Soon we will start with our prediction game for this year's world cup. We wish all players a lot of fun and luck with the betting.


Unser Land ist durch eine vielfältige Wirtschaftsstruktur sowie etablierte Standorte für Wissenschaft und Forschung geprägt. Für eine deutschlandweite Distribution ist dieser Standort ideal.

Professional Driver Module

The Professional Driver Qualification Act regulates the fast-tracked base qualification and the professional driver further training, also known as the 5 modules. In accordance with the Professional Driver Qualification Act, all drivers in both goods and passenger transport must complete 35 hours of further training every 5 years, if they carry out commercial trips and use vehicles for which a class C/CE, C1/C1E, D/DE or D1/D1E driving license is required. As proof of further training the Professional Driver Qualification Verification has been put in place.

Dangerous Goods (ADR)

Transporting dangerous goods presents a high risk for transport employees and uninvolved third parties. Flammable or toxic substances, mixed gases, explosives or radioactive material must not be handled by regular truck drivers. An ADR license is required for the transportation of dangerous goods on the road. The Hellmann Safety Solutions team offers basic and refresher courses with renewals, specialized advanced courses as well as training to become a Dangerous Goods Officer or EU Security Advisor.

Meet Kasia

“Wanna sing a song?” Kornelia’s eyes lighten up and without missing a beat she starts singing with her mom. The beautiful two-year old waves to us on the other end of the Teams video call. Her mom Kasia is a Rail Transport Specialist at Hellmann Poland and a single mother. Since Kornelia was born, Kasia definitely has a lot on her plate, but she still manages to make it all look so easy.

Meet Kamil

Kamil’s passion for vintage cars stems all the way back to his childhood. Born in 1983, when Poland was still under communist rule, he remembers his parents’ Polski Fiat 126p well, which was one of the mass-produced domestic cars that dominated the streets back in those days.

Human Rights

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and its subsidiaries are committed to their corporate responsibility to respect human rights and environmental law obligations. Therefore, we undertake to respect human rights in our own business activities as well as in our supply and value chains, to provide access to remedy for those affected by human rights violations, and to prevent or minimize environmental risks. To this end, Hellmann implements in particular the requirements of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act [Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz].

Meet Krissia

When Krissia does her workout routine at the gym, people’s gazes are immediately drawn to her back which is marked by a huge scar. When casually sharing the fact that she has only one lung, people are generally in disbelief and bombard her with questions. Her scar is a reminder of a very tragic time in Krissia’s life, but it also resembles her resilience. Today, she feels stronger than ever.

Meet Esteban

At first glance, Senior Software Developer Esteban seems to lead a very humble life in San José de Costa Rica. On a typical workday, he gets up, checks his to-do list, heads to work and manages customer enquiries, juggling several projects at a time and constantly hopping in and out of meetings. For most, this would be already a very exhausting day. But it’s only the beginning for Esteban.

Career Home

Together we move the world. Join us and discover your opportunities with us!

Meet Thu Van

When Thu Van enters the room, it seems to brighten up a little. Her laugh and smile are utterly contagious and always leave the counterpart just as cheerful as her. Ever since she graduated from university, she has been working in the logistics industry. For the past 11 years she has been a valued member of the team at Hellmann Vietnam at the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) office.

Meet Fergus

Fergus Kwok works at the Hong Kong office as Head of Sales for South China, specifically taking care of the regions of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Xiamen. His responsibilities include leading a team of 14 colleagues, pursuing business opportunities, and meeting clients.

Conversion Rate Germany

Here the currently valid exchange rate of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Germany GmbH & Co. KG is published. The exchange rates are determined according to the terms and conditions.

Hellmann and Sustainability

Our corporate culture is rooted in integrity, trust, and cooperation, as reflected in the Hellmann Promise, aiming for a better world through sustainable economic development and innovative logistics solutions. 

Sustainability Report - Foreword by the Management Board

The Sustainability Report 2022 provides an overview of our sustainability strategy and performance in the areas of environment, social, and governance. The report is also available for download.


For logistics companies, energy consumption and emissions are important factors for sustainable development.


Hellmann recognizes the importance of the employer-employee relationship and strives for a diverse and inclusive workforce.


Hellmann is committed to innovation and entrepreneurship, continuously improving its products and Industry Solutions while focusing on digitalization and sustainability.


Automotive Logistics Dubai

In today's fast-paced automotive industry, efficient and reliable logistics play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth movement of vehicles, parts, and components across the globe. At Hellmann Dubai, we understand the unique challenges faced by automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, and we are here to provide comprehensive logistics solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Hellmann ATS Road Solutions

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, together with ATS in the UAE, has established a specialized joint venture HellmannATS Road Solutions. Through this powerful partnership Hellmann expands its road logistics business in the Middle East enhancing the range of services that already includes the segments airfreight, seafreight, customs brokerage and contract logistics since entering the market in 1999.

eCommerce Delivery and Fulfillment Service - Dubai - Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

At Hellmann eCommerce, we understand the unique needs of eCommerce businesses. As a trusted third-party logistics provider, we offer a comprehensive range of warehousing and fulfillment services tailored specifically for the online retail industry. Our goal is to help you unlock your eCommerce potential and ensure the smooth operation of your business.


“Hellmann Worldwide Logistics” – aktyviai besivystanti logistikos paslaugas teikianti bendrovė, subūrusi patyrusius specialistus ir tvirtai įsitvirtinusi rinkoje. Šiuo metu 3 paldaliniuose Vilniuje, Kaune ir Klaipėdoje darbuojasi apie 70 profesionalų. Mūsų klientams siūlome krovinių gabenimą kelių, jūrų, oro, geležinkelio ir mišriuoju transportu. Taip pat teikiame sandėliavimo, tarpininkavimo muitinei, krovinių draudimo ir kitas paslaugas. Regioninių filialų ir gerai išvystyto pasaulinio agentų tinklo pagalba mes užtikriname kokybiškas paslaugas už prieinamą kainą.

Event Full Customer Journey

Please register here to be part of our full customer journey.

For students

Do you find your studies too theoretical, or do you want to finally apply your knowledge from your degree in practice? Then apply to us as an intern or working student and discover the exciting world of logistics!

Hellmann as an Employer

Relationship matters – this is a basic principle of our corporate philosophy. That is why we design your work environment in a comfortable way for you that also supports your personal development at the same time. Discover our offers for you here!

For pupils

Welcome. Here you will learn about training and the Dual Study Program at Hellmann – both of them are very highly regarded in the company. Accordingly, we work on our training programs continuously and do everything we can to develop and encourage our junior staff so they can help us shape the future of logistics. Discover your opportunities and get started with us!

Dual Study Program

Do you want to study while simultaneously gaining practical experience in logistics? Then you are in the right place with us! In our Dual Study Program, in addition to the theoretical phases at our partner universities, you will also go through various departments in the practical phases, which you can choose according to your interests. In the process you will take on exciting and responsible jobs in an international environment and get to know other locations and product areas. The perfect mix of theory and practice!


Would you like to get to know us before you decide on training or a dual study program? No problem! It doesn't matter whether it’s a student internship, a one-year internship or an internship as part of retraining, with us you will find the right point of entry to get a taste of the company air without any obligation.

For schools & teacher

Many pupils have no idea what to do after school. Therefore, early career guidance at school is extremely important. We would like to make our contribution by being present in schools, through collaborations and other opportunities so that we can offer practical insights and enable pupils to get to know our services better.

For parents

Our aspiration is to offer your child the best possible training. As a company we know that very good training is an investment in the future. We are happy to welcome nearly 120 new trainees and dual-program students to Hellmann every year.


Choose your future with Hellmann now! We can offer you many different training opportunities, a large number of departments and locations and many advantages. Depending on the qualified job, you will pass through the different areas in the company and get to know our products. At any time during the process you can count on advice and support from our trainers and your team. Now only one thing is missing: You!

Trade Consulting Services

Elevate your import efficiency and reduce costs with Hellmann Trade Consulting Services in the US and Canada. Our comprehensive suite of solutions simplifies customs complexities, ensuring compliance while optimizing landed costs. Join the ranks of our satisfied clients who have experienced significant cost reductions and streamlined import operations. Discover the strategic advantage of Hellmann Trade Consulting Services today.


Meet us at Booth K22, where our experts will demonstrate how to accelerate your business. Register now for a free ticket to join our logistics team.

Rebuild Ukraine

At Hellmann, we're dedicated to supporting Ukraine's recovery and ensuring the well-being of its people. From our local employees' care to maintaining seamless market supply, we've forged strong partnerships to stay ahead in a dynamic landscape. We stand united with Ukraine.

Hellmann x shipzero

Hellmann has committed itself to sustainability and has defined a clear climate strategy towards zero emissions. Together with our transport service providers and network partners, we strive for the transformation from "gray to green." In doing so, we promote strong emission transparency beyond our corporate boundaries and support our customers in implementing their sustainability strategy through joint measures to reduce and avoid CO2 emissions.

Procure Tech 2024

Date: 6th and 7th February, 2024 Venue: Grosvenor House, Dubai, UAE. Time: 9am - 2pm


At Hellmann, sustainability is not just a buzzword. It's at the core of our values and operations. We understand the vital importance of environmental & social responsibility, and that's why we proudly support Coffee Annan – one sip at a time.

Dummy Page Company

Since its foundation in 1871, Hellmann has developed into one of the largest international logistics providers. With our high-performance products Airfreight, Seafreight, Road & Rail, and Contract Logistics, we always offer the right solution for the complex logistics requirements of our customers and rely on future-oriented digital services for maximum transparency and more efficient supply chains.

Hellmann Latvia

Hellmann Belgium Netherlands aims for a defect-free service and goes the extra mile. Standing united with our customers in Belgium and the Netherlands, at all times, makes our proposition strong and shapes us into a great FAMILY partnership translating your needs 24/7 into tangible services.


We view information and IT systems as vital assets crucial for delivering top-tier products and services. Securing these assets is essential for reliable business operations, allowing us to leverage cutting-edge technology and achieve higher customer satisfaction. Our global team of information security experts monitor a comprehensive security management system at the core of our efforts.


With the Middle Corridor, we are introducing a revolutionary intermodal solution that offers unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Our direct, efficient rail connection leverages heavy investments and EU funding to upgrade the Trans-Caspian route, providing a seamless link between China and Europe. This innovative approach bypasses traditional routes via land and sea, reducing transit times and ensuring smoother logistics operations.

WWW Cityname

Die Elbmetropole Hamburg ist einer der wichtigsten Knotenpunkt für Direkttransporte nach Europa. Profitieren Sie von unserem Angebot und den täglichen Abfahrten in zahlreiche Länder in ganz Europa.

Industry solution

Automotive Logistics

The automotive industry is currently undergoing a fundamental change: Volatile markets and the disruptive shift to e-mobility are creating completely new challenges for global supply chains. It is good that you can rely on a constant: Hellmann Automotive Logistics ensures stability. We develop individual logistics solutions for the global procurement and distribution of production and spare parts - also for the agricultural machinery sector.

Marine & Cruise Logistics

There is one critical factor for the success of global fleets for freight, passenger, commercial, work, and cruise fleets: the timetable! Hellmann Marine & Cruise Logistics optimizes your supply chains to ensures that your ships always set sail on time.

Fashion Logistics

As the cycles between collections become shorter and shorter, flexible logistics concepts are needed to keep up with the pace of the fashion industry. With Hellmann Fashion Logistics, your goods get to the point of sale faster. We offer you smart supply chain solutions that fit as perfectly as a second skin. You too can strengthen your market position with Hellmann Fashion Logistics.

Healthcare Logistics

The Pharma and Healthcare Industry has never been more important than it is today. To ensure that your vital shipments are handled with the highest integrity and safety, we have globally established Hellmann Healthcare Logistics. People, processes, infrastructure, and digitalization are the foundation of our healthcare network and enable us to offer compliant, transparent, and innovative transportation and distribution solutions.

Perishable Logistics

With Hellmann Perishable Logistics, freshness is in season all year round. For more than 20 years, our industry experts have ensured that your perishable goods are delivered fresh and undamaged worldwide. Our services include temperature-controlled transport, handling, and warehousing of food, flowers, edible oils – and beverages of all kinds.

Renewable Energy Logistics

For more than 10 years Hellmann has been providing logistics solutions that are dedicated to the Renewable Energy Industry. As new emerging markets continue to prevail across the globe, our Global Renewable Energy team has already been there and is ready to support. Over the years, we have moved more than 40 GW of solar modules, trackers, inverters, and other related solar materials.

Consumer Goods

The world of daily essentials is moving fast. The consumer and FMCG industry is facing ever-changing trends, new technologies and unpredictable disruptions in worldwide supply chains. Hellmann Consumer Goods Logistics ensures that manufacturers can operate at maximum capacity and deliver their products in stores on time - without compromising on quality.


Industrial manufacturers all around the world are facing a radical transformation of their sector. The Megatrend Industry 4.0 pushes companies towards progressive automation, big data analysis, as well as constant technological developments. Hellmann Industrial Logistics stands by your side to fulfil the complex requirements in times of major supply chain disruptions and the ever-changing political and economic climate.

Technology Logistics

As the high-tech and consumer electronics industry is developing at an incredibly high speed, manufacturers are facing major supply chain disruptions and an unstable political and economic climate. Hellmann Technology Logistics offers cutting-edge solutions to make your supply chain processes more reliable and cost-efficient.



It all started with land transport: Even when Carl Heinrich Hellmann founded the company in 1871, quality and reliability were top priorities. Today our network spans the entire globe. And one thing has never changed: As a customer, you are more than just a number in our system. Rely on first-class transport solutions for Rail and our unique customer proximity.


Global airfreight is a highly dynamic business with constantly changing demands and capacities. In this volatile environment, we will be your reliable partner allowing you to focus on your business while we take care of your airfreight logistics. With a wide range of products, service levels, and value-added services, we are sure to find the right solution for you.


Reliable lead times, available cargo capacity, and competitive rates are essential in global sea freight. But how many global logistics companies do you know that place customer proximity and personal service at the heart of their service?

Contract Logistics

Identifying a Contract Logistics partner is much more than just finding a warehouse. Here at Hellmann we get to know your business and work with you in partnership to develop solutions that not only meet your current requirements but can also evolve and support you as your business evolves and grows.

CEP Services

Fast is not fast enough for you? Do you want to have urgent shipments delivered on the same day, at night, on weekends or holidays? This is exactly our business! Our courier, express and parcel service offers a solution for all shipment sizes, delivery dates, transit times or product characteristics - the choice is yours. Don't let your customers wait any longer!

Special Services

Where service ends with others, it starts with us. As a full-service logistics provider, we take this approach literally. With a wide range of value-added services, we complement our core segment to make the world easier for you. Rely on unmatched service from the Hellmann family and a range of specialized services that leaves nothing to be desired.

Customs Brokerage

Our licensed customs agents and entry writers are available to assist you worldwide ensuring that the import and export clearance of your shipments is stress-free in the thicket of international trade regulations. Rely on the global presence of our customs brokers, their unmatched local market knowledge, and our legacy of 150 years in logistics.


We are your partner for on-time delivery of groupage freight within 24 or 48 hours in Germany as well as market-driven delivery throughout Europe. What counts for us is reliability, safety, and delivery dependability, so that you can accelerate your growth.

Direct Load

Your door-to-door connection to success - economical from just two loading meters, six euro-pallet spaces or 2,500 kg. Our reliable service for your partial and complete loads (LTL / FTL).

Rail Solutions International

A reliable rail connection for container transports between Europe and Asia remains one of the biggest logistical challenges of the 21st century. Hellmann masters this task and offers you flexible rail connections back and forth several times a week - faster than sea freight, cheaper than air freight, and above crisis-proof.

Multimodal Solutions Europe

Hellmann Multimodal Solutions makes you an offer where all sides benefit: Shift your transports with Hellmann to rail and benefit from reliable transit times. In this way, you counteract the ever-increasing traffic volume on our highways and, at the same time, contribute to a noticeable relief of the environment. It is a win-win situation for the environment, logistics, and shippers.


Speed or economy? We manage the balancing act - 80 percent faster than sea freight and still significantly cheaper than direct air freight. With our Sea-Air service, we offer you the perfect combination when time AND money are decisive. In our global network, we put together a package tailored to your logistics requirements.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

High service standards for LCL shipments through a large number of direct departures, a global gateway network with area-wide consolidation possibilities, and complete shipment monitoring.

Full Container Load (FCL)

Reliable capacities on all ships of the leading shipping companies, a high density of departures to all international shipping areas, and worldwide competence centers ensure unrivaled FCL service.

Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

We believe in enabling our customers to remain in command of their sup-ply chain at all times through seamless visibility which support the efforts to thrive in existing and new markets. With enhanced Smart-Ocean tech-nology, our ISC business unit provides full purchase order and vendor management services along with real-time visibility at an order and ship-ment level

Night Star Express

Our Service for urgent deliveries at night. Nationwide network in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Austria. Delivery to defined depots by 7 or 8 a.m. - even on weekends.

Courier Service (Road)

The problem solver in every case of an emergency. Direct transports without reloading. For particularly urgent, sensitive, or valuable goods, also unpacked. From document to pallet - no weight restrictions.

Hellmann Express

Procurement in Asia, production in Europe, sales market USA: Our world has become a global village. Speed and transparency are critical for your success. That is why we work with leading integrators in our global airfreight express network to ensure that your supply chain does not miss the boat.

Parcel Service

Sending parcels safely and reliably, nationwide in Germany and Europe, also with returns management. With the Hellmann Parcel Service, no wish remains unfulfilled.

Road Express

SystemPlus is a road express freight network of international logistics service providers. With daily departures, fixed express delivery times as well as delivery and collection in 22 European countries, we offer you the economical alternative to airfreight for short distances within Europe.


Imagine an e-commerce provider who offers end-to-end solutions, who is a valuable business partner for its customers, and who covers the entire spectrum of online commerce, including procurement, warehousing, and distribution - Hellmann eCommerce is just that. We understand your value chain. And we build a complete solution for you - logistically and technologically. Convinced, yet?

Project Cargo

Project logistics solutions that reach far and wide and vary in complexity across many industries. From the Chilean desert delivering logistics of mass photovoltaic equipment for solar farms to the outskirts of Africa with an expansion of the port of Nacala, Mozambique, involving large scale vessel charters, to pre-fabricated boarding bridges shipped to the port of Dubai, there is no limitation to the reach and scope of our project services.

Time Critical Solutions

With Hellmann Time Critical, we bring your urgently needed goods to their destination on the next flight, whether cargo or commercial flight. And if that is not enough, we offer short-term charter options at absolutely economical conditions - a service especially for transports to and from Hungary.

Live Animal Transport

For the transport of pets, but also valuable breeding and zoo animals we offer a special service from Hungary: Live Animal Shipments. No matter if dogs, cats, pygmy hippos, Persian panthers, falcons, or racehorses - we find a safe and species-appropriate transport solution for every animal, from which breeders, zoos, and private persons all over the world benefit.

Safety Solutions

Logistics is more than just transport from A to B. That is why we, as a recognized training company and multiple certified logistics company, offer you a wide range of consulting, testing and training services for related services such as occupational safety, waste and quality management, ADR and truck driving licenses as well as fire protection and hazardous goods.

EUROS Insurances

We are specialists for the brokerage of transport, personal and property insurance - especially in the commercial sector for special solutions, both nationally and internationally.

Smart Tracking

Bring more transparency into your supply chain! Hellmann offers you a tailor-made tracking solution for every mode of transport: Smart Air for air freight, Smart Ocean for sea freight, and the universally applicable Smart Visibility devices for road and rail transport, by air or sea. Quickly set up without any IT Knowledge or EDI connection.

Environmental Management

As a specialist in corporate environmental management, Hellmann Process Management (hpm) offers demand-oriented services that combine economic efficiency, resource conservation, and sustainability. hpm stands for 30 years of environmental and waste management - from consulting to disposal.

Italy Transports

Are you looking for a logistics service provider for your transports to and from Italy? Then put your trust in Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. We bring your shipments reliably and on time to the desired destination. Our closely timed national and international general cargo line haul services are the basis for our quality promise.

Spain transport

Sie sind auf der Suche nach einem Logistikdienstleister für Transporte von und nach Spanien? Dann setzen Sie auf Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. Wir bringen Ihre Sendungen zuverlässig und termingerecht an den gewünschten Zielort. Unsere eng getakteten nationalen und internationalen Stückgut-Linienverkehre sind Grundlage für unser Qualitätsversprechen. Wir bieten Ihnen tägliche Abfahrten von Deutschland nach Spanien und vice versa.


Are you looking for a logistics service provider for transports to and from England? Then put your trust in Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. We bring your shipments reliably and on time to the desired destination. Our closely timed national and international general cargo line hauls are the basis for our quality promise.


Are you looking for a logistics service provider for transports to and from France? Then put your trust in Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. We bring your shipments reliably and on time to the desired destination. Our closely timed national and international general cargo line hauls are the basis for our quality promise.


With our own branches in Istanbul, Izmir and Bursa, we cover all major centers in Turkey and offer - general cargo - LTL / partial loads - FTL / full truck loads from Germany and Turkey to and from Europe. Several departures per week from Turkey and from Germany are guaranteed.

Luxemburg Transports

Hellmann is the international forwarder in cross-border transport between Luxembourg and Germany. We have been supporting our customers in Luxembourg for more than 10 years as an experienced partner for general cargo and direct transports. With more than 1,000 pick-ups daily from all Luxembourg cantons, we are one of the top logistics providers in the region. Our service promise to you: transports from a single source, fast, reliable and cost-effective - all over Europe


It all started with land transport: Even when Carl Heinrich Hellmann founded the company in 1871, quality and reliability were top priorities. Today our network spans the entire globe. And one thing has never changed: As a customer, you are more than just a number in our system. Rely on first-class transport solutions for Roadfreight and our unique customer proximity.

US and Mexico Cross Border Roadfreight

Our new US and Mexico cross-border roadfreight solution is a game-changing logistics solution that offers unmatched efficiency and reliability in transporting goods by road between the United States and Mexico. This solution is designed to simplify the complexities of cross-border trade, streamline customs procedures, and provide customers with end-to-end visibility of their shipments through our Smart Visibility product.

Smart 40 & 42: From UK to EU

Navigating the complexities of post-Brexit exports to the EU has never been easier. Whether you seek simplicity or speed, our Smart 40 and Smart 42 solutions are here to transform your export experience.

Case studies

Product Case Study: Case Study Master

Our customer is one of the leading producers of agricultural machinery in the world. With a total revenue of € 3.4 billion in 2012 and 9,000 employees worldwide. Their network covers all continents and hence all relevant agricultural markets.

Agricultural Logistics Case Study: Agricultural Procurement

Our customer is one of the leading producers of agricultural machinery in the world. With total revenue of € 3.4 billion in 2012 and 9,000 employees worldwide. Their network covers all continents and hence all relevant agricultural markets.

Automotive Logistics Case Study: Global Distribution

Hellmann operates two warehouse distribution centers for a global automotive 1st tier supplier of wiring harnesses and electronic parts. The distribution centers are located in Germany and Thailand.

Automotive Logistics Case Study: Packaging

An automotive supplier and Hellmann customer produces specific products for 1st tier suppliers and OEM‘s (Original Equipment Manufacturers). The majority of these materials are overseas shipments and shipped via sea freight in ISO 20 or 40 foot containers.

Automotive Logistics Case Study: eChain – real time information

In today’s globalized automotive industry, OEM‘s and 1st tier suppliers face a daily challenge to organize, manage and monitor their global and multi-modal transport chains. A complete traceability of materials at any imaginable point is a key factor for a successful supply chain management.

Automotive Logistics Case Study: Optimization of the intercontinental supply chain

Hellmann takes over the supply chain management of a leading automotive 1st tier supplier for production parts from more than 100 suppliers globally to 4 plants in China.

Contract Logistics Case Study: Logistics partner for TOA

Since 2006, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics operates a distribution center in Hamburg for TOA, a leading manufacturer of audio sound systems. It serves as the central distribution hub for TOA’s B2B markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Contract Logistics Case Study: Opening up new markets for Viessmann

Since 2011, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has been rendering logistics services for Viessmann Logistik International GmbH in several European countries. Jointly, Viessmann and Hellmann ensure consistent operational excellence, which meets Viessmann’s business partners’ needs.

Contract Logistics Case Study: control-tower concept for Silgan Closures

In four European production plants, Silgan Closures produces lids for the food industry. Among these are various renowned products of our everyday lives. In 2009, Hellmann analyzed and optimized Silgan’s distribution network, which was the starting point for Hellmann to manage the entire supply chain for Silgan.

Contract Logistics Case Study: Supply Chain Consulting

In addition to traditional logistics services, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics provides customized consulting services. Pairing suitable software tools with logistics and industry know how, Hellmann is fully equipped to support our clients’ individual performance requirements.

Contract Logistics Case Study: Logistics center for Siemens AG

In January 2013, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics opened a new logistics site located only 30 kilometers away from the German border town of Waidhaus. This 20,000 square meters logistics center with 20,000 pallets and 70,000 SLC parking spaces was implemented in the Czech logistics park CTP directly on the E50 motorway.

Contract Logistics Case Study: Logistics center for Verbatim Ltd.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has been operating a logistics center for Verbatim Ltd. since August 2014 to centrally supply its markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Verbatim is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co. Ltd. and is one of the leading suppliers in the manufacture and distribution of external IT storage media, accessories, LED lighting and filaments for 3D printers.

Contract Logistics Case Study: Consolidation and Distribution Center for Endress+Hauser

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has been operating a consolidation and distribution center in Nieder-Olm for the Swiss group Endress+Hauser since 2014 to supply B2B markets worldwide. Endress+Hauser is a leading supplier of high-quality measuring equipment, services and solutions for industrial process technology and automation.

Cruise Logistics Case Study: Spare parts supply

Understanding the special challenges that face cruise lines when a ship needs major repairs or renovations, Hellmann Cruise Logistics has invested in both the talent and technology to bring innovative logistics solutions to its industry partners.

Cruise Logistics Case Study: Warehousing for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCCL) entered into a partnership late in 2009 and have since been successful in developing joint solutions to promote innovation in both industries. Today, Hellmann supports and provides complete operations, account management and IT integrated service with world-class solutions.

Cruise Logistics Case Study: Managing supplies for gift stores

In addition to the restaurants and entertainment venues on all the major cruise ships, there are independently operated businesses on board that have their own set of special requirements.

Cruise Logistics Case Study: Fully customized logistics for The World®

Hellmann and The World® established a partnership in 2009 with warehousing for dry and reefer cargo services. In early 2011, this partnership developed further with the appointment of Hellmann as the global logistics provider; renewing the U.S.A. contract and adding Hamburg warehousing, global transportation, mail, brokerage and dry dock solutions.

Direct Load Case Study: German-wide distribution for Kaldewei

The leading European manufacturer of bathtubs, shower trays and enameled shower surfaces - Franz Kaldewei GmbH & Co. KG - has chosen Hellmann Worldwide Logistics to handle the whole national delivery to bathroom retailers.

Fashion Logistics Case Study: Distribution of CBR collections

It all began in 1980, when the founder of the CBR had the entrepreneurial idea to supply the trade with fast-moving commercial products. From here, CBR’s unique success story takes its course! In 2013, Street One, the first brand of the group, celebrated its 30th birthday.

Fashion Logistics Case Study: KPI metrics and procurement management for s.Oliver

s.Oliver fashion is for every person, every day in every situation. This is s.Oliver´s mission and real secret to success. s.Oliver has 7,157 employees with passion, commitment and team spirit. The deepest desire is to make the customers of s.Oliver look good. That is what s.Oliver lives and works for – every day.

Fashion Logistics Case Study: Logistics for Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret is world-renowned as a leading lingerie retailer and also sells fashionable women's clothing as well as perfume and cosmetics. The brand is inextricably linked with the world's supermodels and a spectacular fashion show.

Healthcare Logistics Case Study: Cold Chain Management

Despite being considered as a leading manufacturing country for specialized pharmaceutical products, Australia faces challenges in view of its extreme climate and longer lead times when it comes to the effective and efficient export transport management of pharmaceutical products. Hellmann Healthcare Logistics came up with a solution.

Healthcare Logistics Case Study: Temperature-controlled consolidation Platform

While the buyers ocean consolidation concept has been implemented since many years by various industries, the pharmaceutical industry sector has been reluctant to adapt this cost-efficient process in emerging markets due to the need for a robust, efficient and compliant supply chain.

Healthcare Logistics Case Study: Healthcare Hub in the Middle East

The Middle East is considered one of the key emerging regions in the healthcare and life science industries. With the increasing demand for healthcare and pharmaceutical products in the region, it is difficult to ignore the importance of regulatory compliant and integrated warehouse and transportation solutions.

Healthcare Logistics Case Study: Consistent Cold Chain Solutions for Generic Drugs in India

The growing importance of generic drugs manufacturing has put tremendous pressure on the Indian economy. With temperatures reaching up to 50 degrees in the summer, and a lack of temperature-controlled facilities, setting up compliant and robust supply chains in India is one of the biggest issues facing the pharmaceutical sector.

Healthcare Logistics Case Study: Quality Management System

As manufacturing and distribution practices become more complex and global, regulators have increased the focus on supply chain activities. Good Distribution Practices (GDP) have been tightened to ensure that compliance guidelines are followed from the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of the healthcare product to the patient.

Healthcare Logistics Case Study: Securely transports of blood plasma products

As governments are under increasing pressure to decrease healthcare spending, sealed-bid competitive tendering has been introduced to exclusively supply pharmaceutical products. Pressure is therefore on the industry to deliver products within the stipulated timeframe at the right quality to avoid high penalties.

Perishable Logistics Case Study: From a vision to market leadership

The vision of Jost Hellmann, one of the company owners, to create seamless cold chain solutions from door-to-door over five continents has long become reality.

Perishable Logistics Case Study: Peak Season Solutions

There are many global seasons and peaks in the perishables business. For example, the blueberry season in Argentina or the cherry season in Chile. Both are extremely short and demand adequate air space, reefer container supplies and space as well as electricity plugs within ports and aboard ships

Project Cargo Case Study: Air Pollution Control for Chile

Based on extreme air pollution problems in Chile, companies are obliged to comply with recently implemented laws controlling the environment. An Austrian based firm, who provides innovative air pollution control technologies, won two contracts with the state-owned energy companies AES Gener and Norgener in Chile.

Project Cargo Case Study: Mobile Asphalt Plant Chile

Our customer is a well-known infrastructure company in Chile. It is one of the leading companies dedicated to project infrastructure construction.

Project Cargo Case Study: 10,500 tons of construction conveyor equipment

The Mozambique government is investing USD $ 500 million in a new railway linking the coal-rich province of Tete to the port of Nacala Mozambique. This logistics corridor is being developed to transport coal from some of the largest mines in the western province of Tete along a 912-kilometer railway route to the port of Nacala.

Project Cargo Case Study: Thermoelectric Plant Chile

The EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) is a well-known company with a presence in over 40 countries spread over five continents. It is one of the leading companies dedicated to Pulp and Paper / Hydro / Energy Projects with its headquarters in Graz, Austria.

Renewable Energies Case Study: PV Module Manufacturer

We offer customized solutions along the entire added-value chain for the solar industry in the renewable energy logistics field. Our portfolio spans production logistics, shipping customs clearance, storage, and project logistics for residential, commercial, and utility projects.

Renewable Energies Case Study: Spare Parts Logistics

Hellmann Renewable Energy Logistics provides tailored solutions along the turbine manufacturing supply chain. Our portfolio ranges from procurement logistics, production logistics, heavy lift shipments to optimization and complete spare parts logistics management.

Renewable Energies Case Study: Warehouse and Distribution Logistics in Europe

In the field of Renewable Energy Logistics we offer customized solutions along the value chain for the solar industry. Our portfolio ranges from production logistics to shipping, (fiscal) customs clearance, warehousing and project logistics for residential, commercial and utility projects.

Night Star Express Case Study: Same night spare parts logistics

Toyota Material Handling Deutschland GmbH (TMHDE) is a company of the world's largest industrial truck manufacturer Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO). TMHDE has its headquarters in Isernhagen near Hanover. In April 2007, the company emerged from the merger of Toyota Gabelstapler Deutschland and BT Deutschland. Since September 1, 2013, Toyota Material Handling Germany and Night Star Express have been working together in the field of spare parts logistics.

Healthcare Logistics Case Study: Launch of a new Pharmaceutical Medicine

Hellmann closely supported the launch of a new pharmaceutical drug into the USA market for a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on developing treatments for dermatological conditions. This direct move was extremely time-sensitive and required a unique logistics solution to cater to the client’s needs, which Hellmann delivered.

Hellmann Consumer Goods Case Study: From Hellmann with Love

Hellmann was tasked with ensuring a global confectionery manufacturer's chocolates and confectionery reached their destination in the Middle East in time for Valentine's Day, one of the busiest times for the industry. The challenge was to meet the peak demand while simultaneously ensuring that the products reached in a perfectly delicious condition.

Hellmann Technology Logistics Case Study: Enhancing On-Time Performance Deliveries

In the fast-paced world of high-tech industries, the ability to deliver products on time is a critical factor for success. Future Electronics, a global leader in electronic components distribution, partnered up with Hellmann to optimize their supply chain and achieve remarkable on-time delivery rates.

Healthcare Logistics Case Study: Cold Chain Excellence

In a critical endeavor to export Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) from the USA to Maharashtra, India, a pharmaceutical company entering the US market faced formidable challenges, including the need for precise temperature control within the 2-8°C range and limited resources. Hellmann Healthcare Logistics emerged as the trusted partner, providing a bespoke solution that not only met but exceeded expectations, ultimately securing the successful and timely delivery of the API.


Monitoring cargo flights in real time: Hellmann develops new tracking tool SmartAir!

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, a full-service provider with worldwide operations, is launching SmartAir!, a new tracking tool for the real-time tracking of air freight shipments. Together with the Bonn-based start-up BlueBox Systems, Hellmann developed a web-based platform, which provides customers with comprehensive information about their air freight shipments at a glance, regardless of airline, route, or type of shipment.

Dubai CommerCity partners with Hellmann and DHL Express to provide end-to-end logistics services for customers

Dubai, United Arab Emirates / Osnabrueck, Germany – 17 November 2020: Dubai CommerCity, the region's first dedicated e-commerce free zone has signed an agreement with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics to manage and operate a shared, multi-client warehouse within the logistics cluster of the free zone. Dubai CommerCity is set to elevate Dubai’s position as a leading hub for international e-commerce, supporting economic diversification and smart transformation. It is a AED 3.2 billion (USD 0,9 billion) project covering an area of 2.1 million square feet in Umm Ramool, right next to DXB International airport, the proximity to the center of Dubai and airport offers fantastic speed to the consumer.

Hellmann extends contract with Siemens AG

The globally active full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and Siemens AG are set to further expand their cooperation in contract logistics, which has been in place since 2013: Starting in November, Hellmann will manage around 26,000 active items for the Electrical Products business unit at Siemens Smart Infrastructure in Bor, Czech Republic - from warehouse management, picking and packing to worldwide shipping. This represents an increase in the contract volume of around 50 percent. Siemens is thus transferring another part of its own warehousing to the expertise of Hellmann.

Green IT in automotive logistics: Hellmann concludes worldwide framework agreement with software developer appliLog

Global full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has signed a framework agreement with the Passau-based software developer appliLog to further expand combined transport globally through software-supported supply chain management. The aim is to save CO2, especially in complex automotive logistics, by increasingly shifting transport units from road to rail.

Hellmann appoints Monika Thielemann-Hald as Global Head of Automotive Logistics

The international full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics was able to win Monika Thielemann-Hald for the position of Global Head of Automotive Logistics. Ms. Thielemann-Hald succeeds Martin Wehner, who has successfully managed the automotive business at Hellmann in recent years and has now assumed the role of Chief Commercial Officer Europe.

Hellmann and Qwyk start cooperation to digitize global LCL sailing schedule

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and the digital startup Qwyk have announced a global cooperation. As of July 2020 Qwyk, which is operating the largest database for sailing schedules for FCL, LCL and Air, will deliver data to Hellmann´s global LCL sailing schedules. The real time data will be made accessible to customers via Hellmann´s digital frontend "Hellmann Portal". The availability of more than 2,500 weekly direct consolidation services currently offered by Hellmann significantly increases transparency throughout the entire ocean transport. Up-to-date information on available transport capacities and clearly defined departure and arrival dates allow for the optimization of the entire supply chain management as well as pre- and post-carriage processes. The cooperation is a major cornerstone in the ongoing internal and customer-facing digitization of Hellmann.

Hellmann: GEODIS becomes new transport partner for France

The globally active full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics will be cooperating with GEODIS, the French market leader in land transport, starting on 1 September 2020. Hellmann and GEODIS, who have already been cooperating successfully in Great Britain since May, are extending their cooperation to Germany and France. Hellmann is thus ending its long-standing cooperation with Heppner and is placing its groupage between Germany and France on a strong and sustainable footing with the new partner.

Hellmann transports 3 million masks for Berlin state government

On behalf of Vivantes, the municipal hospital operator of the State of Berlin, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics transports urgently needed medical goods from China to the German capital. The Berlin Senate had commissioned Vivantes to support the central procurement of protective equipment. By the end of June, a total of about 3 million FFP protective masks, 30 million mouth and nose protectors, 137 million examination gloves and about 8 million protective gowns will be brought to the German capital. In order to ensure a continuous and reliable supply of the hospitals, Hellmann has developed a flexible logistics concept in which different transport carriers are used. In this way, the internationally active logistics service provider is making an important contribution to supplying Berlin's hospitals in times of the corona pandemic.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics implements CargoWise to further drive digitization

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics announced the rollout of CargoWise, the integrated single-platform logistics solution of WiseTech Global. The new Transport Management (TMS) System will be implemented for all Air and Sea freight operations across the global Hellmann network.

Hellmann and Silgan Closures EMEA extend their 10 year-long collaboration

The globally active logistics service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and the manufacturer of closure solutions Silgan Closures EMEA have extended their ten-year collaboration. With the third extension of the contract, Hellmann, as a full-service provider in the field of contract logistics, will continue to coordinate the Europe-wide distribution and transport management for the world´s leading closure manufacturer.

Night Star Express Hellmann to found 24-hour courier and express service

Night Star Express Hellmann BV, the night express service provider, will found Hellmann Express Services BV (HExS) since April 2020. The new company will provide courier and express services in the Benelux countries around the clock from its head office in 's-Heerenberg, thus expanding the existing overnight express service. This is the company's response to the constantly growing demand for a 24-hour courier service offering same-day deliveries from a single source. Especially in the automotive industry, a strategically important core customer segment, the smooth and fast supply of spare parts within one day is increasingly in demand.

Hellmann takes over contract logistics for JAKKS Pacific throughout Europe

The internationally active logistics service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics will handle all contract logistics for the US toy manufacturer JAKKS Pacific. As part of the cooperation, Hellmann will handle around 360.000 cartons per year in its warehouse in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam in the incoming goods department. As a full-service provider, the logistics company will take over not only central warehouse management but also other value-added services such as display building, product relabeling and repackaging of the toys. The goods are shipped by truck to end-customers throughout Europe - primarily supermarkets, wholesale chains and online retailers. In order to be able to provide optimum support for new customer from the Netherlands, Hellmann is expanding its location in Rotterdam with a new state-of-the-art warehouse with approx. 8,000 m² and 7,000 pallet spaces.

Hellmann and BusinessCode develop new tracking tool for sea freight: Smart Ocean

The globally operated logistics service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, together with the IT company BusinessCode, has launched a new tracking tool especially for sea freight. "Smart Ocean" is a monitoring system that is used across sectors in sea freight and continuously shows in real time every station of the containers on the sea route.

Hellmann expands Executive Board

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, a full-service logistics provider with worldwide operations and headquarter in Germany, is expanding its Executive Board, thus providing the necessary staff prerequisites for further strategic growth: The position of Chief Operating Officer Air & Sea, has been divided into two separate areas of responsibility, so that the strategic expansion of the two product areas can be pushed ahead in an even more focused manner at Executive Board level in the future. Since January 1, Jan Kleine-Lasthues, as Chief Operating Officer Airfreight, and Marcus Leaver, as Chief Operating Officer Seafreight, have been responsible for the global strategic development of the respective product segments. As members of the Executive Board, both positions report directly to Reiner Heiken, CEO Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

Hellmann: Sven Raudszus becomes Regional CEO Asia Pacific (APAC)

As of March 1, 2020 Sven Raudszus will be taking over the position of Regional CEO Asia Pacific (APAC) at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. He will be responsible for the operative and strategic business within the Asia Pacific region, including South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Sven Raudszus succeeds Mark Hellmann, who has played a key role in the development of the Asia Pacific region over the past 30 years, and has now decided to step down and pass on the new leadership role to the next generation.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics launches own branch in France

As of September 2019, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics opened its first own air and sea freight branch in France. With this groundbreaking investment, Hellmann is closing a gap in its own European network and further expanding its global product range.

Night Star Express Hellmann N.V. wins tender for Mazda Motor Logistics Europe

Mazda Motor Logistics Europe has entered into a long-term partnership with overnight express service provider Night Star Express Hellmann N.V. As part of the partnership which was officially formed on 1 July 2019, Night Star Express Hellmann N.V. delivers several hundred consignments per day from Willebroek in Belgium to Mazda dealerships all over Germany. Mazda Motor Logistics Europe has joined forces with the Night Star Express network in order to further improve its pre-8 a.m. service to the German Mazda dealership network.

Hellmann strengthen their management team

From November 1, 2019, Volker Sauerborn (54) will join Hellmann Worldwide Logistics as Chief Operating Officer Contract Logistics (COO CL). Mr. Sauerborn succeeds Robert Bommers, who left the company in June. Furthermore Sven Eisfeld will join the company as Managing Director, Germany, on November, 1st.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics: Successful Business Year 2018

The Hellmann Group looks back upon a successful fiscal year 2018. Earnings before taxes (EBT) amount to 71 million EUR and have thus more than tripled compared to the previous year. While consolidated sales remained stable at 2.5 billion EUR, gross profit improved significantly over the previous year by 5 percent. Strict cost management and at the same time, efficiency optimization in various areas and regions led to a significant increase in net income for the year.

Night Star Express Hellmann receives the Partner Supplier Award from John Deere, for the second time

Night Star Express Hellmann has been awarded the renowned Partner Supplier Award by John Deere. This is the second time that the overnight express service provider from Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has received partner-level status and the highest supplier rating in the categories, quality, proactivity, communication and cost reduction.

Hellmann and Symbic develop innovative light-guide-system for order picking

In cooperation with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, the start-up Symbic has developed "Logistic Lights" to become what they are today - an innovative alternative to the pick-by-light technology previously used for order picking. Instead of providing each shelf compartment with pick-by-light technology as was customary up to now, with "Logistic Lights", only one single mobile spot is installed for picking which can record any number of storage locations. By scanning the article with the MDE or finger scanner, the spot knows which of the carton locations to illuminate, so that order pickers can see at a glance where to sort the item. In addition to intuitive operation, the system, which can be recalibrated within minutes, is highly flexible.

Gerald Mayrhofer appointed new Global Head of Sea Freight at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has been able to gain Gerald Mayrhofer (42) as its new Global Head of Sea Freight. In this function he will be responsible for the global sea freight business from January 15 2019 and will report directly to Bart de Vries, Chief Operating Officer Air & Sea. In the reporting year 2017, the sea freight segment contributed around a quarter of the Hellmann Group's total sales and recorded profitable global growth again last year.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics: Mark Hellmann becomes CEO for the Partner Network

On January 1, 2019, Mark Hellmann assumed the position of CEO for the global partner network of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics SE & CO.KG. Via the global network with 106 partner companies, the Osnabrueck-based logistics service provider covers services along the entire supply chain in 162 countries. Mark Hellmann succeeds Michael Claus, who has successfully built and expanded the network globally over the past 30 years and will retire at the end of the year.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and sign cooperation agreement driving digitalization of logistics industry forward

After a successful joint assessment phase, the globally active logistics service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics signs a cooperation agreement with, the digital cross-airline booking platform founded in 2017. enables Hellmann Worldwide Logistics to book air freight capacities fully digitally in the future via the platform in real time at dynamic live spot rates for its customers. is the first platforms of its kind to offer freight forwarders an online booking service for air freight.

Hellmann launches innovative real-time tracking system with automated return management

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is setting new standards in the field of real-time monitoring of all modes of transportation. In cooperation with the London-based company Hanhaa Limited, the international logistics service provider is launching an innovative real-time tracking tool with automated digital returns management: Smart Visibility is a live shipment tracking service that enables users to determine the exact location, condition and security of their shipments in real time, anywhere in the world.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is repositioning its personnel for the future

Hellmann has successfully mastered the past years of restructuring and repositioning. Under the leadership of restructuring specialist Dr. Thomas Knecht as CEO and CRO as well as Jost Hellmann as CCO, the Group executed comprehensive restructuring program, which was implemented consistently and successfully. Its key measures were the establishment of three business units with clearly defined strategic objectives, the change of legal form to an SE and an extremely comprehensive structural, financial and performance-related realignment of the global Hellmann Group. In addition, the Group was successfully refinanced in a structured process resulting in a multi-year loan agreement with a stable banking syndicate. Already in the previous year, the Group was able to achieve clearly positive growth in consolidated sales of 8% to EUR 2.5 billion and in EBT of 37% to EUR 22.2 million. Overall, the Group generated total sales of over EUR 3.2 billion (+ 7% compared to the previous year).

Night Star Express Hellmann BV expands location in `s-Heerenberg, the Netherlands

Night Star Express Hellmann BV, a subsidiary of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics SE & Co. KG, is expanding its logistics location in `s-Heerenberg, the Netherlands. With the expansion of the existing property, the company is reacting to the increased demand and the resulting increased volume in the area of nighttime deliveries. A modern office building with 312 m² of usable space and a new 1,884 m² cross-docking warehouse will be built. The investment volume amounts to EUR 2.8 million. The ground-breaking ceremony for the new building took place on September 5, in the presence of Matthias Hohmann, Managing Director Night Star Express, and Arnold Schroven, Chairman of the Advisory Board.

REC Group and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics extend contract

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Netherlands and Norwegian-headquartered REC Group (REC) have extended their cooperation in Rotterdam, Netherlands, for another three years until 2021. REC is the largest European brand of solar panels. Hellmann and REC have been working together in a long-term partnership since 2013, where Hellmann is providing the full range of its logistics service portfolio - from sea freight, drayage, warehousing and stock management control, outbound distribution, fiscal representation as well as innovative IOT tools along their entire supply chain. Hellmann provides its services for REC from its European Control Tower in Rotterdam. With a storage area of around 40,000 m² and handling capacity of more than 100 FTL/FCL shipments per day, the Rotterdam Control Tower is one of the four global logistics hubs from which Hellmann provides its services exclusively to customers from the Renewable Energy sector. The other Control Towers are located in Dubai, Shanghai and New York.

Hellmann and Bergisch Achsen KG start field tests with retro-fitted electric motor for commercial vehicles

As part of an innovation cooperation, the globally operating logistics service provider, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, and one of the world’s largest manufacturer of trailer running gears, BPW Bergische Achsen KG, are starting a joint practical trial: they are bringing the eTransport, an electric motor axle recently developed by BPW, onto the roads. What sets it apart is that the electrically operated axle enables the conversion of conventional, diesel-powered commercial vehicles and therefore represents a genuine innovation in terms of sustainability – not only from a technical, but also from an economic and environmental perspective.

Hellmann Contract Logistics and Siemens AG extend contract

Hellmann Contract Logistics and Siemens AG have extended their cooperation in Bor u Tachova (Czech Republic), which started in 2013, for another three years until 2021. As part of the contract extension, Hellmann manages more than 16,000 active articles for the Business Unit Low Voltage & Products, Siemens Energy Management Division. Activities include warehouse management, order picking, packaging and worldwide shipping of products. Siemens Low Voltage & Products offers products for safe and efficient electrical power distribution in buildings, industry and infrastructure.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics reorganizes its CFO division: Dr. Alexander Blum hands over to Dr. Michael Noth

Dr. Alexander Blum has decided to leave the Hellmann Group in order to take on new professional challenges. "We would like to thank Dr. Blum for his achievements and his commitment to our company in recent years. As Chief Financial Officer, Dr. Blum has professionalized our finance department and contributed significantly to the company's future sustainability in this area," says Dr. Thomas Knecht, Chief Executive Officer, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics SE & Co. KG.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics: Further increase in group result

The Hellmann Group closes the 2017 financial year with earnings before taxes (EBT) of 22.2 million EUR. Thus, the company increased its previous year's result of 16.1 million EUR by a total of 37 percent. In addition, the logistics service provider based in Osnabrück increased consolidated sales by 8.2 percent to 2.5 billion EUR in the past fiscal year. Overall, the group generated total sales of more than 3.2 billion EUR (+ 7 percent compared to the previous year).

Robert Bommers becomes new COO Contract Logistics at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

As of May 1, 2018, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics was able to win Robert Bommers (53) as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the Contract Logistics division. In this function, Mr. Bommers is globally responsible for the entire Contract Logistics division, which is Hellmann's third business unit alongside the Road & Rail and Air & Sea divisions. As a member of the Executive Board, Mr. Bommers reports directly to Dr. Thomas Knecht, Chief Executive Officer, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

Hellmann UAE presents new joint venture “Hellmann Indu Chemical“ at Middle East Coatings Show in Dubai

Hellmann UAE presented its third vertical joint venture, Hellmann Indu Chemical (HIC), at the Middle East Coatings Show in Dubai. The joint venture was established after Hellmann having already created a leadership position in both automotive and healthcare verticals within the Middle East. The strategic joint venture is formed together with the asset based, local logistics firm Indu Maritime Group. Indu Maritime Group, also a family-owned business, has more than 1 million sq. ft. of own warehousing space in the Jebel Ali Free Zone. The joint venture is an umbrella to three facilities, accounting for a total of 15,000 pallet positions, with a planned expansion of 5,000 more pallet positions. Equipped with a range of operational local know-how, dedicated QHSE officers and many other services, HIC is a one-stop destination to chemical supply chain solutions. The natural synergy of the two family-owned companies form the basis for providing a host of high quality services pertaining to warehousing and outbound freight operations for the chemical industry in the Middle East.

Hellmann welcomes Dr. Thomas Lieb as Chair of the Supervisory Board

In December last year, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics became an SE & Co. KG. The change of legal form results in a dual management structure, consisting of a Management Board plus a newly formed control body, the Supervisory Board. The appointment of Dr. Thomas Lieb as Chairman of the seven-member Supervisory Board represents a notable coup for Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. He is a former Chief Executive Officer of the Schenker AG and former member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Bahn AG. Deputy Chairman, Dr. Alexander Winkels, brings a track record of more than 20 years in equity investment management, including a period as Managing Director of WestLB. The other senior figures serving on the Supervisory Body are: Harald Emberger (Head of Supply Chain, Beiersdorf AG), Klaus Hellmann (Shareholder of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics), Claus-Dietrich Lahrs (Chief Executive Officer of Bottega Veneta and former Chief Executive Officer of Hugo Boss AG), Karl Mohnsen (former Chief Executive Officer of TX Logistik AG) and the finance expert Michael Mölleken (former Board member of Festo AG).

Hellmann and MAS establish “Hellmann MAS Supply Chain Ltd” (HMSC) as a new joint venture in contract logistics and 4PL in Sri Lanka

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and MAS Holdings establish the Joint Venture “Hellmann MAS Supply Chain (HMSC)” in Sri Lanka by combining Hellmann´s existing contract logistics business in Sri Lanka and in-house logistics activities of MAS.

Dr. Dieter Schramm to be new Head of Global IT Operations at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

On 11 December 2017, Dr. Dieter Schramm will assume the position of Head of Global IT Operations at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics SE & Co. KG.

Hellmann operates as an SE & Co. KG as of December 1, 2017

On December 1, 2017 Hellmann Worldwide Logistics concludes the process of changing its legal form. The company will then start operating as Hellmann Worldwide Logistics SE & Co. KG, thereby fulfilling the legal requirements for a further successful and strategic development of the business. The Group will continue under the leadership of Dr. Thomas Knecht and Jost Hellmann, who form the newly constituted Management Board. Dr. Thomas Knecht, who was Management Spokesman since 2015, will chair the Management Board as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Jost Hellmann will take on the function of Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

Andreas Lamping becomes new Head of Corporate Legal at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is pleased to count Andreas Lamping as its new Head of Corporate Legal as of December 1, 2017.

Martin Wehner becomes new head of Hellmann Automotive Logistics

Top management change at Hellmann Automotive Logistics: The head and founder of Hellmann Automotive Logistics, Bernd Oevermann, will retire on October 31, 2017 after more than 30 years with the company. As Global Vice President, Martin Wehner will take over leadership of the Automobile Industry Solution.

Hellmann becomes sole shareholder of Hellmann East Europe

International full-service logistics provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has signed a purchase agreement to acquire all shares in Hellmann East Europe GmbH & Co. KG (HEE). Through the purchase of the shares, which were held by the managing directors Patrick Nathe and Michael Mihm and amounted to 49 percent, Hellmann will become the sole shareholder in HEE. This strategic acquisition represents another step in laying the foundation for a sustainable expansion of Hellmann’s operations across all product areas in the nine Eastern European countries in which HEE maintains its own locations.

Personnel changes in the Executive Board of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

The Chief Financial Officer of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Dr. Michael Noth, has decided not to extend his contract expiring in 2021 in order to take on new tasks outside the company. Together with the company's CEO, Reiner Heiken, he has played a key role in driving Hellmann's realignment in recent years. Through operational and strategic measures, he has made a significant contribution to strengthening the company's financial power. As part of a scheduled handover, he will hand over the reins to his successor in spring 2021. In this context, the Supervisory Board of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics appoints Martin Eberle as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The 48-year-old Swiss national will take on his new role in spring and, together with CEO Reiner Heiken, will form Hellmann's Executive Board in the future.

Peter Hüwel to become new Regional CEO North America

The global full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has been able to gain Peter Hüwel as its new Regional CEO North America, effective January 01, 2021. Mr. Hüwel thus succeeds Steen Christensen, who leaves the company in agreement with the Management Board to take on new professional challenges. As Regional CEO North America, Steen Christensen has realigned the region since May 2017 and created a strong foundation for further growth.

Hellmann provides Germany-wide distribution of COVID-19 vaccines for the government

The German Armed Forces have commissioned Hellmann Worldwide Logistics with the Germany-wide distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to the 16 distribution centers of the German federal states. With the commissioning of Hellmann for these critical shipments, the German Armed Forces are relying on its long-standing logistics partner for medical transports.

Wilo and Hellmann sign contract for global logistics cooperation

The world’s leading manufacturer of pumps and pump systems for building services, water management and industry Wilo and the global full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics sign a contract to manage the Dortmund-based company’s global movement of goods. For this purpose, Hellmann will operate a new central warehouse for production materials and finished goods in the Dortmund area from 2022 onwards, in order to ensure global distribution for Wilo and production supply for the new Dortmund Smart Factory from there. Therefore, Hellmann developed a warehouse and logistics concept that is both future-proof and flexibly adaptable.

Jörg Herwig joins Hellmann as COO Road & Rail

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has recruited Jörg Herwig for the position of Chief Operating Officer Road & Rail (COO), effective March 1, 2021. He will take over the position from Matthias Magnor, who has decided to leave the company after 18 years to take on new professional challenges. As COO and member of the Executive Board, Mr. Magnor has successfully developed the land transport and rail division as well as the Courier & Express Parcel (CEP) segment (Night Star Express), both nationally and internationally in recent years, thus making an important contribution to the company's development.

Hellmann offers special leave to employees with relatives in need of care

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, a family-owned company based in Osnabrueck, is setting standards in the logistics industry with a company agreement that applies throughout Germany and aims at improving the balance between care and work. Whether for parents, in-laws, partners or children in need of care – since the middle of last year, employees at Hellmann have been able to apply for up to four days of special leave each year quickly and without a great deal of bureaucracy. In doing so, the company responds to demographic change and takes a further step towards living up to its own claim to be an inclusive and family-friendly employer.

Patrick Oestreich joins Hellmann as Chief Commercial Officer

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, the global full-service logistics provider, has appointed Patrick Oestreich as its new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). He succeeds Jens Möller, who took over the position on an interim basis in August of last year. As CCO and member of the Executive Board, Oestreich will be responsible for the global sales leadership team, which manages the worldwide sales activities of all product areas, effective April 1, 2021.

Hellmann receives "Digital Place Lower Saxony" award from the state of Lower Saxony

Digital State Secretary Stefan Muhle today honored the internationally active logistics service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics as "Digital Place of Lower Saxony". The initiative designates companies and institutions as digital places that have made a special contribution to successful digitization in Lower Saxony through their commitment. The Osnabrück-based company received the award based on its innovative "Smart Visibilty" product - a tracking system for goods that allows users to determine the exact location, condition and security of their shipment in real time anywhere in the world.

Hellmann expands in MESA region: New locations in Egypt and Oman

The global logistics service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics enters new markets in the Middle East: After launching operations in Oman last summer, the company has now also opened its first branch in Egypt as part of a virtual inauguration ceremony. With market entry in these two strategically important Middle East and South Asia (MESA) countries, Hellmann is expanding its regional network with the aim to acquire new customer groups and business fields in the Middle East.

Hellmann expands Management Board: Jens Wollesen joins as Chief Operating Officer

As of 01.01.2022, Jens Wollesen will become a member of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics’ Management Board, taking on the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) alongside Reiner Heiken (CEO) and Martin Eberle (CFO).

Hellmann takes over logistics warehouse for major Polish brewery "Grupa Żywiec"

The full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Polska is taking over contract logistics services for Namysłów Brewery, which was acquired by Polish beer producer Grupa Żywiec in 2019.

Christa Stienen joins Hellmann as Chief HR Officer

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has recruited Christa Stienen as Chief HR Officer as of August 01, 2021. Ms. Stienen succeeds Claudio Gerring, who, to the deepest regret of the entire company, passed away in December 2020 after a short serious illness. Over the course of 19 years, Mr. Gerring had passionately shaped Hellmann’s HR department and significantly developed the company’s global personnel policy.

Hellmann continues last year's successful business development in Q1 2021

Despite global challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, global logistics provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has closed the 2020 financial year and the first quarter of 2021 very successfully while consistently driving forward the strategic development of the company.

Hellmann Contract Logistics announces major investment in New Zealand for Techtronic Industries

The full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has announced a EUR 28 Mio. lease and development investment with Auckland Airport to establish a new 19,200-square-metre ambient warehousing complex dedicated to multinational manufacturer Techtronic Industries (TTI). The complex is located directly at Auckland Airport and is expected to deliver a new benchmark in efficiency, flexibility and functionality when commissioned in July this year. From the new warehouse, Hellmann will handle full-service contract logistics services for its long-standing customer TTI.

Hellmann strengthens its presence in France: New Direct Load location in Rennes

The global full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is opening its first Direct Load branch in France, located in Rennes. The company is thus continuing its growth path in the French market and is expanding its product portfolio to better serve the group’s customers.

DRONAMICS and Hellmann plan pan-European transport services with cargo drones from 2022

DRONAMICS, the leading middle-mile cargo drone developer and operator and the global full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics announced a partnership today to develop and offer a pioneering new transport service for the cross-border transportation of time-critical goods. As part of the cooperation, Hellmann plans to offer the first routes with unmanned cargo drones from DRONAMICS as early as next year.

Hellmann acquires overnight express parcel provider "Innight Express" with presence in Hungary and Romania

The global full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is acquiring the overnight express provider "Innight Express" based in Hungary and Romania. With this acquisition, Hellmann is completing an important milestone in its expansion strategy in the Central and East European markets and tapping into the key overnight express services segment. The two shareholders Tamás Aradi and Zoltán Csombok will continue to manage the company as Co-Managing Directors. Customers can expect a seamless integration and unchanged business relationships.

Hellmann strengthens its eCommerce division

The global full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics appoints Marc Wijnen as Global Head of eCommerce. In this newly created position, Mr. Wijnen takes responsibility for the further development of the eCommerce product globally, which falls under the Contract Logistics segment. Mr. Wijnen will also remain responsible for the European Contract Logistics product as Chief Operating Officer.

Hellmann welcomes over 160 new apprentices

In the year of the company's 150th anniversary, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is welcoming over 160 apprentices from 13 nations in Germany. After the apprentices were welcomed on site in 26 of the German Hellmann branches on August 2 and given a first insight into their new work environment, a Germany-wide digital kick-off event took place yesterday.

Hellmann and Hella Polska extend cooperation

The global full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and Hella Polska, a global leader in the field of lighting systems and vehicle electronics, are extending their cooperation for another four years. As part of the contract extension, the cooperation will be expanded to also include cross-border logistics services.

Hellmann becomes regional ambassador in the German "NETWORK Companies Integrate Refugees”

Thousands of people come to Germany every year to build a new life. At the same time, the German economy continues to suffer a severe shortage of skilled workers. To actively address this situation, the organization "NETWORK Companies Integrate Refugees" is actively supporting employers in the training and employment of refugees. The NETWORK is an initiative of the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has around 2,700 member companies that are jointly implementing integrative HR policies.

Hellmann has been presented with a Siemens Smart Infrastructure Supplier Recognition

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has received the Siemens Supplier Recognition Contract Logistics 2020. With this recognition Siemens honors the innovative supplier services and the outstanding partnership.

Hellmann celebrates its 150th anniversary: from a one-man company to a global family business

This year, the global full-service logistics provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics celebrates its 150th anniversary. Founded in 1871 by Carl Heinrich Hellmann in northern Germany's Osnabrueck with a single horse-drawn carriage, the long-established family business has evolved over four generations into one of the largest international logistics providers. Today, Hellmann is present in 59 countries with 263 branches and has around 11,000 employees as part of the Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y. all over the world. Considering Hellmann’s global partner network, its reach spans nearly 500 offices across 173 countries.

Hellmann opens digitized freight forwarding facility in Bremen

The global full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has completed a new state-of-the-art freight forwarding facility in Bremen to complement its existing location. The new building with a total of over 1,500 sqm of office space, 8,000 sqm of handling space and 100 gates went into operation at the beginning of September after less than a year of construction. Hellmann is thus significantly expanding its capacities and responding to the continued growth in the general cargo and direct load product areas in the region, having been present in Bremen since 1988.

Hellmann SmartAir!: First tool to provide precise calculation of CO2 footprint of air freight shipments

Reliable measurement of the CO2 footprint, particularly that of transportation services, is one of our time's top priorities. Global full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is thus introducing a market innovation: SmartAir! - the world's first tool for precise CO2 measurement in airfreight. The tracking tool for real-time monitoring, which was created in collaboration with Bluebox Systems at the beginning of the year, is able to calculate the exact CO2 emissions of each airfreight shipment.

Hellmann receives Otto Heinemann Award for the compatibility of work and care

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has been awarded the Otto Heinemann Prize for the Compatibility of Work and Care at the 8th Berlin Care Conference. The award, which is given by the Head of the German Economic Ministry Peter Altmaier, recognizes companies with innovative concepts for supporting employees who care for relatives in need of care in addition to their professional activities.

Hellmann announces logistics partnership with Vestas for North American distribution center

Global full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics announces a partnership in the field of contract logistics with Vestas, the leading manufacturer, installer, and service provider of wind turbines. As part of the cooperation, Hellmann is managing Vestas´ landmark spare part distribution center for North America. Operating out of a brand-new 130,000 sq ft warehouse in Houston, Hellmann manages the time-critical supply of spare parts and components for Vestas’ existing and new wind farms across the U.S. and Canada. The assignment is characterized by a high degree of complexity as the inventory parts range from small scale parts such as electronic components, hazardous material including batteries and lubricants to large turbine components. The array of services provided by Hellmann includes inventory management, kitting, load consolidation as well as pick, pack and ship operations for outgoing orders.

Hellmann expands silk road: New train connection between Bremen and Chongqing

As of mid-January, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has been operating a weekly train on the new silk road between Chongqing and Bremen. The first train arrived on Friday, January 21st, at the Roland Umschlagsgesellschaft Terminal in Bremen, where it was welcomed by Dr. Claudia Schilling, Senator for Science and Ports of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, alongside Jens Wollesen, COO of Hellmann and the Roland Umschlagsgesellschaft’s Managing Director, Christoph Holtkemper.

Hellmann responds to the global eCommerce boom: Easy eComm

February 22, 2022. Osnabrueck, Miami. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics introduces a new cost-effective and seamless solution facilitating order fulfillment for international businesses who wish to enter the US market without the need for a domestic fulfillment center or storefront presence. The new Easy eComm model, which is slated to launch this month, serves as a turn-key solution that makes it possible for businesses to fulfill their customer’s online purchases in the US, swiftly and cost-efficiently.

Hellmann takes over central warehouse for STIHL in southwest Germany

Global full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has signed a 10-year business agreement with the German STIHL Group, securing one of the largest business deals in the company's history. As part of the cooperation Hellmann will take over the warehousing of finished goods for STIHL effective mid-2022. To meet STIHL's high requirements from one single distribution center, Hellmann will be leasing a highly modern finished goods warehouse in Völklingen, Germany, allowing for a strategically optimal geographical location. The new facility is slated to be completed by mid-year and on January 1, 2023, the central warehouse will go into full operation as a single-user location for STIHL. In the logistics center, strategically situated at the trilateral border of Germany, France, and Luxembourg, Hellmann will initially create more than 120 new jobs and anticipates even more jobs will be added as a result of the projected growth in volume.

Hellmann helps: New charitable organization is currently collecting donations for Ukraine

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics initiated the establishment of a charitable organization named Hellmann helps. The non-profit was designed to provide immediate help quickly and effectively, when and where it is urgently needed – as currently in Ukraine and other countries where refugees arrive. To support our initiative, we are collecting internal and external monetary donations as well as donations in kind. By doing so, Hellmann helps was able to acquire more than 135.000 EUR within a very short time. The amount will be donated to those affected in the war region.

Hellmann Poland opens new warehouse in Strykow

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is opening a new warehouse in Strykow, Poland, effectively doubling its handling capacity in this strategically critical location. As one of a total of 21 branches in Poland, the Hellmann site located in the center of Poland has steadily grown in recent years. By moving into the new warehouse, which covers an area of around 6,000 qm, Hellmann is responding to increased demand, particularly in the area of international road transport, setting the course for the further strategic development of its activities in Poland and the entire European region.

Hellmann appoints Julia Nolf as new Chief Commercial Officer Americas

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, the world’s largest family-owned logistics service provider, is pleased to announce Julia Nolf as its new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) for the Americas region. In her new role, she oversees sales, business development, marketing, and account management across North and Latin America. As a member of the regional executive team, she reports directly to Regional CEO Peter Huewel.

Hellmann achieves annual revenue of over EUR 4 billion for the first time

Despite challenging market conditions, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics closes 2021 as the most successful financial year in its 150-year history. In a market environment shaped by capacity bottlenecks, rising freight rates, and supply chain disruptions, Hellmann was able to secure additional capacity for its customers as well as offer tailored logistics solutions. As a result, the number of shipments increased by 25 % compared to the prior year (16.2 million to 20.3 million). Consolidated sales increased by EUR 1.5 billion, representing an increase of 61 %, and crossed the EUR 4 billion mark for the first time in company history.

Hellmann trainees discuss prospects in the logistics industry with Oliver Luksic

Oliver Luksic, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Digital and Transport, was invited to Hellmann Worldwide Logistics for a roundtable discussion with apprentices on April 21, the Logistics Day. At the new logistics facility in Völklingen, in south west Germany, the apprentices gave some insights behind-the-scenes what logistics offers to young graduates - from stays abroad to interdisciplinary project work.

Hellmann acquires overnight express specialist "OptimNet" in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

The global full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is taking over the Czech and Slovakian-based overnight express provider "OptimNet Solutions s.r.o.". Hellmann is thus continuing its successful expansion strategy in the overnight express services segment and tapping into another important part of the Central and Eastern European market.

Gebrüder Weiss and Hellmann: Partners for 45 years

Two logistics giants celebrate their brass anniversary. It has now been 45 years since Gebrüder Weiss and Hellmann embarked on their partnership together.

Hellmann invests in the qualified workers of the future: 190 apprentices start their careers

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has been able to recruit 190 apprentices from 24 nations to start their careers in Germany's third-largest economic sector. Thus, the company is returning to "pre-Covid levels" in terms of its number of trainees and can build on its record year in 2019.

Hellmann drives growth in Americas region: Acquisition of remaining shares in Peruvian joint venture

Osnabrueck, 17 August, 2022. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics acquired all shares in the Peruvian joint venture Hellmann Worldwide Logistics S.A.C. Through the purchase of the remaining 50 percent of shares, which were held by Carlos Augusto Dammert (President of the Board), Hellmann became the sole shareholder. The acquisition allows the company to be fully integrated into Hellmann's global network, thus expanding the service portfolio for customers and generating further sustainable growth in Peru and the entire Americas region.

CLAAS and Hellmann expand strategic cooperation

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is opening a new warehouse location totaling 18,000 m² in Oelde, Germany, from which it will ensure production supplies to the world's largest CLAAS plant in Harsewinkel.

Hellmann in Nowy Tomyśl – 25 years of successful development

This year, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Poland celebrates the 25th anniversary of its branch in Nowy Tomyśl. The location, which opened in 1997, has developed into an important pillar for the polish market over the past decades. Today it is a central hub within the Polish Hellmann network for national and international land transport, from general cargo to full loads. In addition, Hellmann operates its own customs agency and an intermediate warehouse at the branch.

Hellmann: Friederike Prasuhn becomes Chief People Officer

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has appointed Friederike Prasuhn as Chief People Officer (CPO) effective October 1, 2022. She has been serving in the position ad interim since 2020, with a brief pause. Now permanently in the role, Friederike Prasuhn is responsible for the global HR activities of the internationally active logistics service provider and serves as a permanent member of the International Executive Board.

Hellmann expands in Switzerland and takes over activities of partner ATS-Hellmann

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and its long-standing partner company, ATS-Hellmann Worldwide Logistics AG, have decided to transfer their air and sea freight activities in Switzerland to Hellmann: by establishing its own Swiss national company.

STIHL and Hellmann open new central warehouse in Voelklingen, Germany

On November 14, 2022, the new STIHL central warehouse in Voelklingen, Germany, was officially opened. The logistics site was built by Dietz AG as the investor and is operated by Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. With the new building, the STIHL Group is not only increasing its capacities, but also improving its logistical efficiency and speed. Battery products and all STIHL tools manu-factured at the Tirol production site are stored at the new logistics and distribution location, from where they are delivered to all STIHL sales companies and STIHL dealers worldwide - mainly in Germany, France and the Benelux countries. In addition, products ordered directly from STIHL's own online store are supplied from Voelklingen. While the first deliveries have already been han-dled from Voelklingen since August of this year, the warehouse will be fully operational from January 2023.

Hellmann embarks on a growth course with three new Industry solutions

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is launching three new Industry Solutions for growing sectors "Consumer Goods", "Technology" and "Industrial". With the additional offering of highly specialized logistics services for these individual industries, Hellmann is significantly expanding its services and optimizing processes along the entire value chain for its customers - from procurement, production, and distribution to returns processing and repair management. The three new so-called "verticals" complement Hellmann's five existing Industry Solutions which are already successfully established on the market for the automotive and cruise industries, the fashion and pharmaceutical industries, and producers of renewable energies.

Night Star Express Hellmann & Honold takes over Gertner Express

As of January 1, 2023, the joint venture Night Star Express (NSE) Hellmann & Honold GmbH & Co. KG will take over the night express business of Gertner Express GmbH. The two managing directors of the joint venture, Wilfried Hesselmann (Hellmann Worldwide Logistics) and Thomas Bauer (Honold Logistik Gruppe), will continue to lead its business operations.

"Hellmann Smart QR" digitizes passive data tracking

The monitoring and transparency of global supply chains are becoming increasingly important. This is where Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and Finnish startup Logmore come in the picture: Jointly, they are launching a passive dynamic QR data tracker named "Hellmann Smart QR". It measures temperature, humidity, light as well as shocks and generates a new QR code with each measurement, which is displayed on the device and can be downloaded via cell phone camera upon cargo arrival. By integrating this additional data into the already established platform-based Hellmann tracking systems SmartAir! and Smart Ocean, each deviation can be directly associated with a specific point in the cargo’s journey.

Ledvance and Hellmann launch strategic cooperation in Europe

World-renowned supplier of lamps and luminaires Ledvance has placed part of its European warehousing operations in the hands of international full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. In addition to managing a central Ledvance warehouse in Molsheim, France, Hellmann has been supplying retailers across Europe with Ledvance's comprehensive portfolio of luminaires and illuminants from warehouse locations in Spain and Poland since the fall of this year.

Hellmann opens new branch in Toruń, Poland

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Poland has opened a new branch in Toruń. The company is thus investing further in the strategic expansion of its groupage network in Poland, where up to 10,000 pallets are transported every day. The new 2,500 m2 warehouse is strategically located in the recently completed Pannatoni Park II, right next to the A1 freeway interchange in Lubicz. With the opening of its tenth own distribution branch in Poland, Hellmann is strengthening its local presence and at the same time consolidating its international network.

Hellmann expands presence in northern Germany: New branch in Neumuenster

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has opened a new branch in Neumuenster. From the site located 50 km north of Hamburg, road activities in Schleswig-Holstein are to be further expanded. The aim is to develop the company's own network in the strategically important region between Hamburg and the Danish border and to establish further general cargo lines. At the same time, the logistics company wants to further enter the Scandinavian region through strategic expansion in the north. With the opening of the new location, Hellmann is also responding to the increased demand for storage facilities available at short notice between the Port of Hamburg and Scandinavia.

Hellmann: Timo Schamber appointed new Global Airfreight Director CEP

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has appointed Timo Schamber as its new Global Airfreight Director CEP (Courier, Express and Parcel Services), effective February 1. With the creation of this new position, the company is responding to the increasing global airfreight market demands and the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce business, which will be a major growth driver for years to come. Particularly during the Corona pandemic, this business segment has grown significantly and is expected to continue to expand under Timo Schamber's leadership in the future.

Hellmann expands in Austria: New Direct Load location in Kufstein

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics opened its first Austrian Direct Load branch in Kufstein this February. The globally active logistics service provider has already had a successful presence in the Austrian market for 15 years with five branches and a focus on air and sea freight products. In the future, full and partial truckloads will also be dispatched from Kufstein throughout Europe and Austria. Kufstein will thus become part of the existing Direct Load network, which is already represented in eight European countries with more than 40 locations.

Hellmann takes over contract logistics for Endress+Hauser in North America

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has opened a brand-new distribution center in Indianapolis, USA, which was officially inaugurated on March 1. From the new site, Hellmann handles all contract logistics services for its long-standing customer Endress+Hauser in North America. The approx. 50,000 sq. ft. distribution center, from where Endress+Hauser´s customers in the US and Canada are supplied, is a state-of-the-art new build in the ideal location just minutes from the client’s facility and from the airport.

Hellmann achieves another record result in 2022

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has concluded the 2022 financial year very successfully, continuing the company's strong performance of recent years in the face of persistently challenging market conditions. Hellmann was able to increase its total sales by 24 % to EUR 5.0 billion (2021: EUR 4.1 billion) as well as shipment volumes, which grew significantly year-on-year to just under 20 million (2021: 18.1 million). At the EBIT line, Hellmann was able to achieve an increase of 31 % vs. the prior year, delivering an EBIT result of EUR 210.8 million (previous year: EUR 160.1 million). Thanks to the improved cash flow from operating activities of EUR 268.7 million, liquidity improved by a total of EUR 124.7 million despite a significant increase in investments.

Hellmann: Natasha Solano-Vesela appointed Global Airfreight Director Perishables

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has appointed Natasha Solano-Vesela as Global Airfreight Director Perishables. In this newly created position, she will be responsible for the strategic development of the “Perishables” division within the global airfreight product. Following the complete takeover of the Peruvian joint venture Hellmann Worldwide Logistics S.A.C. last summer, the segment, which is considered one of the growth drivers in the industry, is to be further expanded on a sustainable basis in the next few years.

Hellmann acquires PKZ Group and establishes its own national company in Slovakia

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics takes over PKZ Group, its long-standing air- and seafreight partner in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and at the same time establishes its own Slovakian national company. With the acquisition of the 10 locations of the PKZ Group, Hellmann closes a gap in its existing road network in the partial and full load segment, enabling sustainable growth in this existing product segment. At the same time, Hellmann is takes over the services previously performed by the PKZ Group in the areas of air- and seafreight, rail transport and contract logistics, thus creating the conditions for continuously expanding its cross-product market share via its own national company.

Hellmann expands product portfolio in Switzerland and opens Direct Load location in Kloten

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is opening its first Direct Load branch in Switzerland: Since the beginning of June, partial and full truck loads are dispatched from Kloten between all European countries and Switzerland. The globally active logistics service provider is thus taking another important step in expanding its market presence in Switzerland beyond the air and sea freight product offerings, with which Hellmann became active on the Swiss market at the beginning of the year through the acquisition of its long-standing partner company ATS-Hellmann Worldwide Logistics AG. Additionally, the logistics provider is expanding its Direct Load activities in the European network, which is already represented in nine other European countries with more than 40 locations. In this context, Christian Wanner joined the company as the new Head of Direct Load Switzerland in May.

Upcoming Leadership change at Hellmann: With effect from August 2024 the Supervisory Board appoints Jens Drewes as CEO and successor of Reiner Heiken

The Supervisory Board of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics SE & Co. KG has appointed Jens Drewes as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hellmann effective August 2024. Drewes will succeed Reiner Heiken, who has decided to retire next year.

Hellmann pursues expansion in Italy and takes over long-standing partner company

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is taking over its long-standing partner Hellmann Worldwide Logistics S.p.A. (Hellmann Italy), thus continuing its expansion strategy in the European market.

Marijo Pesic becomes Director Product Management Rail Europe at Hellmann

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is pleased to announce that Marijo Pesic has joined the company as Director Product Management Rail Europe. In this newly created position, he is responsible for the strategic development of all European intermodal transport in combination with rail. Hellmann's goal is to further develop railfreight within Europe as an important part of intermodal transport establishing environmentally friendly and at the same time cost- and time-efficient supply chains throughout Europe.

Hellmann expands road business in the Middle East by establishing joint venture HellmannATS

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, together with ATS in the UAE, has established a specialized joint venture HellmannATS Road Solutions. Through this powerful partnership Hellmann expands its road logistics business in the Middle East enhancing the range of services that already includes the segments airfreight, seafreight, customs brokerage and contract logistics since entering the market in 1999. With ATS, Hellmann joins forces with a major road transportation provider in the UAE market, gaining access to a fleet of more than 600 vehicles operating in the region.

Hellmann continues its expansion in the Baltic States

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, the Germany-based full-service provider, has acquired the remaining minority shares of its partner companies in the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. With the complete takeover of the three companies, Hellmann completes another important step in its growth strategy and strengthens its position in the Baltic market. At the same time, the acquisition complements the logistics provider's network in Northern and Eastern Europe.

Hellmann receives Osnabrueck Business Award for occupational health management

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has been awarded the Osnabrueck Business Award, which has been presented every two years since 2006 by the City of Osnabrueck. With the award, which this year stands under the motto "Health@Work", the Lord Mayor Katharina Pötter honored Hellmann's extraordinary commitment to the mental and physical health of its employees

Hellmann trainees set a nationwide example against violence

To mark the International Day against Violence against Women on November 25, Hellmann trainees have painted 30 wooden benches orange and provided them with emergency numbers for victims and (potential) perpetrators. The benches will subsequently be set up centrally at Hellmann locations throughout Germany to set an example against violence under the motto "Orange The World" proclaimed by the United Nations.

Hellmann enters into pioneering partnership with shipzero

With the aim of making road transport more sustainable, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is entering into a pioneering partnership with shipzero, a Gernany-based company specializing in measuring and reducing CO2 emissions in global freight transport. The cooperation builds on a pilot project that has been running successfully since April of this year. As part of the cooperation, shipzero supports the entire data management process and determines the CO2 emissions for Hellmann's global road business. In doing so, shipzero also includes primary data from external logistics partners in the calculation, thus ensuring that the CO2 measurements are not based on extrapolations and average values – as has been customary in the market to date – but on actual consumption data.

Hellmann on expansion course: New national company in Republic of Ireland

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics establishes a new national company in the Republic of Ireland and opens its first Irish branch at Dublin Airport. From here, the global full-service provider will offer its entire product portfolio: From air- and seafreight to overland transportation and customs clearance. For Hellmann, entering the Irish market is another important step in its growth strategy.

Hellmann helps and Hull Foundation donate 100,000 euros for orphans in Ukraine

To mark the anniversary of "375 Years of Peace in Westphalia", in mid-2023 the non-profit associations Hellmann helps and the Patsy & Michael Hull Foundation launched a large-scale fundraising campaign with the "Swim for Peace" event on the Hellmann site in Osnabrück. The SWIM FOR PEACE - FUTURE FOR CHILDREN project, which was initiated as part of the event, raised a total of 100,000 euros, which will now be donated to two orphanages in western Ukraine.

Albin Budinsky to head Hellmann Romania

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has appointed Albin Budinsky as General Manager of its country organization in Romania with effect from January 1, 2024. Hellmann has been successfully established in the Romanian logistics market since the 1990s, where the international logistics provider mainly offers sea- and airfreight services from its offices in Bucharest and Constanta.

Hellmann: Bora Argac becomes new CCO Germany

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has appointed Bora Argac as its new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Germany. He succeeds Kai Hasenpusch, who took over the position of Sales Director Roadfreight West Europe at the beginning of 2024.

Hellmann: Matthias Köfler becomes Product Manager Rail East Europe

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has been able to recruit Matthias Köfler as Product Manager Rail East Europe. In this newly created position, he is responsible for the further development of rail and intermodal transport, especially between Southern and Eastern Europe. The appointment is a further strategic step by the global logistics service provider to develop and establish rail transport within Europe as an important part of intermodal transport.

Hellmann becomes corporate partner of the Digital Hub Logistics in Hamburg

The global family-owned company Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has been collaborating closely with various start-ups for many years in order to actively shape and drive forward the digital transformation of the industry. Since February, Hellmann has also been a corporate partner of the Digital Hub Logistics in Hamburg (DHLH) and is contributing its expertise here, particularly with regard to the sustainable anchoring of innovations in the structures of a global medium-sized company.

Hellmann and HMM collaborate to advance sustainable seafreight solutions

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has committed itself to the strategic goal of making logistics of the future more sustainable in all product segments, thereby contributing to the Paris Agreement on climate change. In the field of seafreight, the global player wants to significantly reduce its Scope 3 emissions, demonstrating its dedication to long-term sustainability. Actively engaging in the movement to decarbonize the container shipping industry, Hellmann is fostering collaboration with customers and carriers to optimize supply chains. This involves jointly developing strategies for carbon emission avoidance and reduction, fortifying its sustainability portfolio, and further enhancing carbon emission reporting as well as emission reduction solutions for its customers. 

Hellmann: Patrick Löwenthal succeeds Wilfried Hesselmann as COO CEP Europe

Patrick Löwenthal will take over the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) CEP Europe at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics on April 1, 2024. He succeeds Wilfried Hesselmann, who has successfully led the courier and express business since 2016 and is now taking his well-deserved retirement after 50 years with Hellmann. In his role as COO, Wilfried Hesselmann has driven expansion in the Eastern European market, including the recent acquisitions of Innight in Hungary and Romania, and Optimnet in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In his role as Managing Director of Night Star Express Hellmann Honold, he has also been instrumental in strengthening the network reach and performance of the joint venture, in particular through the successful acquisitions of Eiltrans and Gertner Express.

Hellmann: Vedat Serbet becomes Head of Business Development Rail Europe

Vedat Serbet has been appointed as Head of Business Development Rail Europe at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. In this newly created position, the logistics expert will further develop the international expansion of rail transportation, establishing new intermodal products and also expanding alternative connections between Europe and China.

Job Area

Road & Rail

On the road from Osnabrück to Wittlich? Or by rail from Bremen to Chongqing? Take control of any transport by just a mouse click. 

Professional Driver

Who can claim that they drive a vehicle with more than 460 horsepower under the hood? It could soon be you! In your training as a professional driver you will spend a lot of time on the road, accompany tours, and then take responsibility for the truck and the freight yourself. You will also get to know our workshops, storage areas and commercial divisions. When accepting the freight, you represent our company to our customers and ensure that the load arrives at their location safely. Nothing in logistics works without you!

Warehouse Clerk

Being able to sort correctly is a critical skill in Tetris – but also in logistics! As a warehouse specialist you will help make sure that our customers receive their goods punctually and properly. In your training in the handling warehouse and in contract logistics you will learn everything about handling the flow of goods: From goods acceptance, storage and commissioning to outgoing goods. You will also learn how to work with hand scanners and forklifts. With good performance you will also have the opportunity to become a Warehouse Logistics Specialist (m/w/x) within one year.

Warehouse Logistics Specialist

Being able to sort correctly is a critical skill in Tetris – but also in logistics! As a Warehouse Logistics Specialist you will help make sure that our customers receive their goods punctually and properly. In your training in the handling warehouse and in contract logistics you will learn everything about handling the flow of goods: From goods acceptance, storage and commissioning to outgoing goods. You will also learn how to work with hand scanners and forklifts. In addition to tasks in the warehouse, you will gain insights into commercial activities such as organizing shipments in Germany and worldwide.

IT Specialist for Application Development

It’s not just a job in IT – you will help shape the logistics of tomorrow! In your three-year training as an IT Specialist for Application Development, you will design and realize exciting software projects according to our customers’ wishes. Additionally, you will analyze and plan IT systems and learn programming languages like Java, Javascript or Typescript. Your training will also include user training courses. We will give you exciting insights into future-relevant areas with us. Our IT team includes over 380 colleagues – we would be happy if you join!

IT Specialist for System Integration

IT solutions for logistics? Challenge accepted! In your three-year training as an IT Specialist for System Integration you will implement customer-specific information and communication solutions. For this purpose, you will network hardware and software components with complex systems. Additionally, you will advise and train users and take over the administration of a wide variety of systems such as Windows Server, Active Directory, Citrix and many others. As a globally networked company, we will also give you exciting insights into future-relevant areas with us. Our IT team now includes over 380 colleagues – we would be happy if you join!

Office Management Assistant

Organization? Your true calling. As an Office Management Assistant you are an all-rounder at managing office procedures. Organization and planning are your daily business. Depending on the department, you will take care of telephone and written communication with internal and external customers and create appropriate files and presentations. You will also be responsible for appointment coordination, including organizing trips and meetings and planning events. Additionally, your daily workflow will also include administrative tasks and inter-departmental and business transactions. As you can see: This training is far from boring!

Freight-Forwarding and Logistics Services Assistant

Planning is half of life – but in logistics it’s everything! Thoughtful planning guarantees that goods are transported from A to B. And this is where you come in. In your apprenticeship as a Freight-Forwarding and Logistics Services Assistant at Hellmann, you will organize the global shipping, handling and storage of goods. In addition, you will advise international customers, create appropriate offers and process the orders. Variety in training is guaranteed.

Media Designer for Digital and Print

Do you enjoy creativity, design and working on a computer? Then start your career with training as a Media Designer for Digital and Print Media (design and technology) in Hellmann’s Global Marketing team. You will learn how to use Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office, supervise every aspect of projects and gain insights into the exciting world of an international logistics company. Additionally, you will get to know other trainees from other fields at the location. Become a logistics artist with us!

Insurance and Finance clerk

Insurance in logistics? Yes, of course! Insurance is not only important in private life, but also at Hellmann. During your apprenticeship as an insurance and finance clerk (m/f/x) at EUROS Versicherungssysteme GmbH, you will accompany our customers as an all-rounder from the initial contact to the final contract to the claim. You advise our private and commercial customers and keep track of the various insurance products.


Do packages, documents or larger shipments need to arrive at their destination quickly? That’s our speciality. Established in 1993, our more than 100 colleagues have been ensuring that we thrive as a young courier, express and parcel service provider in the German logistics world. We combine classic CEP services with first-class overnight express Night Star Express, enabling us to offer a unique service. Seize the opportunity and become part of the Hellmann CEP FAMILY!

Contract Logistics

Contract Logistics is the fastest growing product in the Hellmann FAMILY in Germany. Our expertise is in the areas of industry, automobiles, e-commerce and trade. Together with our customers we develop the latest warehouse concepts and enter long-term collaborations. Our clear goal is a partnership at eye level - and this can only be achieved if we are a good match. Join us and pitch in!


Dynamic, versatile and always cutting edge - Airfreight is the fastest way to transport goods of all kinds around the world. From your desk, you can control the transport of various products all around the globe. Some of our locations even offer a direct view of the runway of large airports. Can you imagine better prospects?


As part of our sales team you are a brand ambassador for Hellmann and an engine for our future growth. In a dynamic market environment you will open new horizons for our customers and offer cross-product logistics solutions from a single source. Whether Road & Rail, Air & Sea or Contract Logistics – across the entire supply chain Hellmann offers convincing solutions with global logistics concepts and local expertise.


For over 40 years we have been shipping sea-freight containers around the world and have successfully been advancing the development of global logistics chains in our team. Today we have over 200 colleagues in Germany and take care of all our customer's needs, including order acceptance and customs, from A to Z. Do you want to work internationally and manage sea transport from all over the world successfully and independently? Then set sail with us!

Supporting Functions

Whether you are a people expert, a creative mind or a financial expert, there are numerous opportunities to contribute your knowledge in our Supporting Functions. In close connection with our core logistics business, we manage, advise and empower our colleagues and put our heart and soul into our FAMILY. HR, marketing, legal, finance, PR or purchasing - there are unlimited possibilities.

Warehouse & Drivers

Nothing works without you. Moving our goods from A to B, our colleagues in warehouses and trucks are the critical foundation for our success. To keep our core business operating, we need reliable and committed colleagues like you. Do you like rolling up your sleeves rather than being a spectator? Are you a go-getter? Then discover your entry opportunities and get started with us!

IT & D

Technology and digitization are shaping the future of Hellmann. For this reason, it is imperative to combine our IT solutions with our 150 years of experience in the excellence of logistics. We make IT the center of our everyday logistics. We enable our teams to connect, communicate, jointly develop and implement logistics solutions for our customers worldwide. We are courageous achievers, and we drive a global family business forward with our ideas and solutions. Above all, we are a fantastic team that makes logistics chains faster, better, and more convenient in technologically challenging and diverse projects. This is our main motivation! As part of our team, you can help us to write this success story. Together we will tackle the future: Join the team and "keep moving forward"!

Change Management & Digital Transformation

Our Responsibility We support the people-related side of the digital transformation and focus on the colleagues who are affected by the change. Our vision statement "One day, change is an inherent part of everyone in our Hellmann Family" as well as our goal to create a transformational mindset for change accompanies, inspires and motivates us. We know: Only together can we manage the changes that lie ahead! We support both software roll-out projects, new transport management systems for the business, the introduction of an innovative intranet or even current explosive challenges such as cyber security. We additionally aid the teams and the colleagues in our IT & Digital organization in their personal development in order to sustainably and positively shape the company as a whole. Our Team We have a team of eight people- and organization experts. Many of us are parents and our mutual trust leads us to flexibly combine work and family lives. We are a diverse team, both professionally and personally and enjoy a healthy conflict culture and an appreciative openness that always help us to find the best solutions. We have psychologists, industrial managers, programmers, business economists, bankers, economists, IT architects and communication scientists. We are both introverted and extroverted, sociable, structured, chaotic, dominant, creative, with an affinity for numbers and all very unique. For us, it is the team result that counts, not the brilliance of the individual. Our Technologies, Tools & Methods We use our expertise to assess the practicability of various research developed change management concepts, put them into practice and evaluate them. Some examples of measures we have used for projects so far include: Change Impact Assessment, Success Stories, Gadgets, Leadership and Town Hall Meetings, Temperature Checks, Digital Change Agent Trainings and many more. Depending on the focus and objective - stakeholder preparation, online & offline awareness, qualification, team building or feedback - we strive to adapt our work to the requirements of the respective topic and thus to be able to develop contemporary and tailor-made measures.

Team Data & Process Integration (EDI/EAI)

Our Responsibility We are the Integration Team! We are software developers in the platform IT domain and take care of the process- and data integrations with external customers, partners, carriers and authorities (EDI). One of our responsibilities is to transform the customer-specific data formats to the Hellmann format while always ensuring that the data arrives reliably in the Hellmann target systems. Data- and process integration are core components of all digitalization and innovation-transformation projects at Hellmann. This makes us an integral part in the development of these strategic projects and topics. Our Team We are a team of four software developers in Osnabrück and fifteen colleagues in Budapest. We also have a team leader, a software architect and two colleagues, who take care of the operation, the release and change management as well as the development of our technical DevOps platform. Our team plays crucial part in all strategic transformation projects at Hellmann. Therefore, pretty much all methods that are on the market are used by us when it comes to project management: Scrum, Kanban and OKRs too, of course. Our Technologies, Tools & Methods Over 5,000 customer integrations and millions of internal messages are handled by us via standard EDI/EAI/API platforms on which we build the integration and transformation adapters (business logic). These platforms also provide the input channels for external messages like FTP, AS, etc. Wherever it makes sense, we use relevant standard message formats such as X12, or EDIFACT. However, we also model global business objects, generic business objects and the transformation into the application-specific message format. Our legacy EDI EAI platform is Tibco and our target platform is Software AG Webmethods. We write our business logic object-oriented in Java. XML, XSLT, XSD, Git/SVN, Continuous Delivery, Docker and microservice development are other parts of our toolbox and we can move confidently on Windows as well as Linux systems.

Team Digital Customer Experience

Our Responsibility Our young and dynamic team develops digital solutions for our clients. The goal is to increase the digital footprint of our customers and create a seamless digital experience for them. For example with the costumer portal, where they can book and track shipments and request prices. We are continuously embarking on a digital journey to understand our customers' needs and implement innovative solutions together. As part of the DCE team, you will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects and develop solutions that inspire our customers. We are always looking for talented and motivated individuals to join our team and help drive our mission forward! Our Team Our team consists of 40 passionate colleagues who work from different locations. While some work in the office and others remotely, we still care about close communication and meet regularly on voluntary basis in our office in Osnabrück or for joint dinners. We work closely with Sea Freight, Air Freight and Land Transport and the rest of the Hellmann IT & Digital unit. What makes us special is our passion for new things and our openness to experimentation and solidarity. Therefore our principle: "We win and lose as a team"! Our Technologies, Tools & Methods To respond iteratively and dynamically to customer needs, we use Scrum as a framework for agile development. We also rely on automation, decoupling, cloud and the use of SaaS as the key to success, reducing the time-to-market for our digital products and keeping feedback cycles short. We write cloud-native apps and use the declarative GitOps approach to capture everything from infrastructure to app to CI/CD in code in GitLab. Our Kubernetes clusters run in AWS on EKS and our products increasingly use managed services such as RDS to reduce overhead. Mainly, you'll find Spring boot containers written in Kotlin and using MongoDB for storage if needed. Our frontends are usually built with Angular, but we're always open to changes in the stack and use the most fitting technology!

Team Jana Lahmann

Our Responsibility Our team is responsible for the development of software as well as for consulting and designing our air- and sea-freight processes of the future. Hence, we are involved in the analysis, conception, technical development and operation of our global air- and sea-freight applications. From the creation of shipments in our transport management system to customs clearance and delivery to our customers, we support our operational colleagues in the handling of digital shipments. To achieve digitalization and process optimization across the entire value stream, we also continuously implement integrations with partners, service providers and customers. Over 3,000 users in 52 countries use our software every day – thus, it never gets boring! Our Team We work in small, agile, and international teams and believe that each team member brings unique strengths to the table. In a culture of mutual respect, we encourage individuality while working towards common goals. We pride ourselves on our ability to create innovative solutions thanks to the diversity of skills within the team, which helps us to tackle real problems and create real impact for our users. Our diverse team values both personal and professional development. We usually work together remotely, but we never miss the opportunity to occasionally meet in person – be it in the office, at the summer party or at a team event! Our Technologies, Tools & Methods Our main programming languages are C# and the .NET stack, and we use Kubernetes for container orchestration. To ensure continuous integration and a fast way to release changes all the way to production systems, we use CI/CD. In addition, a message-driven architecture helps us to ensure that messages can be exchanged efficiently and securely between applications. We also have expertise in older languages such as VB6 and VB.Net to ensure that our customers can be supported in all applications. To facilitate our digital communication and collaboration, we use Office 365, plus other tools that help us with digital visualization and to make our work transparent and easily accessible.

Team Network

Our Responsibility We take care of the operation and set-up of the entire network infrastructure in Europe and in our data center in Osnabrück. We support 14 countries in Europe in setting up, expanding, moving, but also in dismantling, but our primary focus is on Germany with 65 locations. In the data center, we support our server team in installing hardware (servers, appliances) and the individual specialist teams in launching all kinds of services. Currently, the focus of our work is on modernizing the switch infrastructure in the data centers in Osnabrück and in Europe and implementation of a new concept to further increase security within our data center. Our Team The network team currently consists of three colleagues working from Osnabrück one working from Poland. Since everyone in the team has one or more focus topics, good documentation and knowledge transfer within the team is essential, which makes regular exchange is important to us. The main contact persons for us are the local administrators with their teams in the region and the individual specialist teams, particularly the infrastructure teams for the data center. Our Technologies, Tools & Methods We operate a network of 110 locations in Europe. For security and connectivity, we use local firewalls that provide on-site security at the locations and at the same time ensure the connection of each location to the central data center and the internet. In each location, we use switches and access points to provide access to the network for the employees on site and for all end devices used. Our network in the data center consists largely of switches and firewalls. The switches allow servers and appliances to access the network, the firewalls secure the services within the data center and connect our data center with the locations in Europe and other regions of the world.

Team Business Intelligence & Analytics

Our Responsibility Our team converts raw data into valuable products for our external and internal customers. We combine the technical know-how for the connection of the various source systems with functional expertise in the different business areas of our customers. The aim is to fulfil diverse information needs of our customers from the divisions of air and sea freight, land transport, contract logistics, finance and controlling, sales and marketing. Accordingly, we work together with our customers in short feedback loops in order to deliver a value contribution based on the company data as quickly as possible. This is usually done either in the form of curated data packages as the basis for self-service analyses, or through complete interactive dashboards. Our Team Our team consists of 12 colleagues with very diverse backgrounds. We share a passion for converting data into value for the company. While we work together effectively in hybrid working environments, we still meet regularly in the office or for after-work events. We believe that these meetings are irreplaceable, just like honest and respectful interaction with each other, in which humor should not be forgotten. We usually work on larger projects in small teams in collaboration with our functional colleagues on the client side, who come from all divisions of the company. Our Technologies, Tools & Methods The permanent technical challenge of business intelligence is the constant increase in data volumes, combined with the need to utilize them as quickly as possible to create value. The development of cloud technologies in recent years has brought forth promising new providers, with whom we want to build a modern data platform that better meets our customers' needs in terms of speed, data quality and user-friendliness. On-premise, we currently work with Oracle databases, SAP Business Intelligence and Power BI. Our native language is of course SQL, although Python is also finding its place in the portfolio as a tool for data analysis and transformation.

Team HeRo

Our Responsibility You don't have to be a superhero to support us in our HeRo project! If agile software development interests you and you have experience with it, this is the best prerequisite for our teamwork! HeRo stands for "Hellmann Road" and is the name of our adaptive, digital platform for land transport. With this solution, we want to completely rethink the "Road" division at Hellmann! Holistic. Digital. Sustainable. Together. That is our vision! Our Team More than 40 HeRos work passionately in various interdisciplinary teams to make HeRo's vision come true! We are agile, courageous, open, eager to learn, collaborative, self-responsible, creative, SCRUM-like, kanbanesque, method-diverse, user-first-mindsetted, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - and much more. We look forward to getting to know you - also outside of work at one of our online team evenings or bouldering, bowling and boßeln together or at an open space. Our Technologies, Tools & Methods "Bake, bake Java and Spring (backend), put it in the cloud. Ready is the application" - at least that's how one of our Scrum Masters described it, but he's not entirely wrong. Add a pinch of DDD to that, event sourcing and our web application with Typescript and web components for the front end, and the application is finished. ...Well, not quite. We simply try too many new things for that.

Team Hybrid Infrastructure - Server

Our Responsibility We are the starting point for many further services in the company such as the planning, construction, maintenance and the support of server infrastructures, while respond to the individual needs of the departments. Our areas of responsibility are diverse: From cloud, hardware and storage provision to server and workstation virtualization, to services for user and operational security. The installation and maintenance of our server infrastructure is carried out by experienced IT specialists who are continuously developing themselves further and who are building up new know-how. Our Team Because of the wide range of topics, our team is broad and diverse. In addition to a general basic knowledge, each team member has their own expertise, which makes cooperation a necessity and extremely effective. Citrix is nothing without Active Directory – Active Directory is nothing without VMware VMs – VMware VMs are nothing without storage... and there you have a chain that makes good cooperation essential. And as we offer fundamental services, we’re always in contact with other colleagues. Our Technologies, Tools & Methods “Cloudy with a view to...” This motto could be the guiding principle of our technologies. For years we have been pursuing the goal of using the advantages of various clouds for our purposes. In addition to the classic OnPrem services, cloud operation has a high priority for us. In today's business world, the management of IT infrastructures is crucial. Based on constantly changing business and security situations, a suitable hybrid infrastructure must be designed to meet the specific requirements of the company. For this, it is important to seamlessly integrate the different components of the infrastructure, such as backup, update management, server virtualization, storage operation and identity management, including cloud and on-prem components. This all depends on our comprehensive planning, effective tools and professional implementation.

Team Digital Transformation & Innovation

Our Responsibility We are a relatively new team, working on a global and regional level. Our goal is to help shape the future of Hellmann by driving transformation through digital and innovative solutions, based on requirements of our organization or our own initiatives that are launched in collaboration with external providers. One focus is the HEAT Air & Sea TMS project. HEAT stands for Hellmann Transformation and in our case, it means replacing a Transport Management System globally. As part of our team, you can also participate in the largest digital transformation project in our company's long history and help us implement the system all over the world! Our Team The global DTI team consists of 41 people, coming from 13 nations and working together from five different countries. The diversity of our team enables us to work innovatively and creatively through virtual exchange and collaboration. Our core team consists of seven project teams including IT, which form the interface to product management, operational teams and other Hellmann organizational units. What makes us unique is our passion for new things, our open-mindedness and our desire to make a difference. Solidarity can also be experienced at a distance, because we learn together, stick together, fail and win together. Our Technologies, Tools & Methods The HEAT A/S TMS projects are predominantly complicated projects that are implemented in the classic waterfall method, over eleven project phases each. The initial definition of the project scope in order to make detailed plans has proven to be very important. The collaboration and close coordination of the various project teams and organizational units are crucial to ensure the priorities of the individual tasks and the available resources on a daily basis. In feedback loops and regular review sessions, we have achieved a highly professional maturity of the project. We work with a project plan that defines the different project phases, the milestones and the dependencies between the individual phases.

Team Customer Relationship Management

Our Responsibility We support the globally deployed D365 Customer Engagement Cloud application, which was launched in early 2023 as a transformation initiative to help optimize our global customer management. We help sales, marketing and service teams in their operational, analytical and communicative business processes. There is also a focus on business engineering and develop solution concepts within the framework of requirements engineering, which we then continue to develop while in operation. Our Team We have a variety of competencies in our team: Business Analyst, Technical Consultants, Developers, Solution Architects and Technical Product Owner. Together we support a global software as a service (SaaS) application. Our main tasks include implementing projects, providing solutions for smooth operations, as well as internal consulting on topics of (social) CRM, customer experience and engagement. Working internationally, we consider country-specific features and cultural aspects in understanding the customer. All to guarantee high-quality results through processes, guidelines, assessments and benchmark analyses with the goal to provide our users with an application tailored to their needs so that they can continuously expand and secure the success of the company. Our Technologies, Tools & Methods We use the D365 CE application to transform our customer processes into technically supported solutions but also Power Apps (Model-Driven / Canvas Apps), Azure (from A like AI & Analytics, via I like IAM, Integration or IoT to S like Storage) and SharePoint (Enterprise Collaboration Tool & Content Management System). For the purpose of creating a profile for our customers and for gaining knowledge, we have additional integrations to the Hellmann website, to the Data Warehouse or to the Master Data Management, but also towards PowerBI and many other applications. The integration into the MS Office package is highly developed in order to be able to use the insights gained as profitably as possible. We use process models appropriate to the situation and make use of both classic (sequential & incremental) and agile methods (mainly Scrum & Kanban).

Team Digital Lab

Our Responsibility We are not stereotypical IT nerds who bury themselves in AI algorithms: In our team, the focus is on ideation, value and fail & learn. We are always in direct contact with both global logistics experts as well as operational employees and work on improving their daily processes. When using AI, the comprehensibility of the results is more important to us than the highest possible accuracy of the predictions. We deal with sales topics such as "lead scoring" and "customer churn prediction", where the local, country-specific but also global characteristics are considered. We also solve operational prediction problems, from package dimensions to freight volumes on trade lanes. Our Team Close cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and ideas are integral parts of our daily team life. Being creative and driving innovative solutions and projects forward for us means constant learning in a dynamic environment with new challenges. A productive and open atmosphere in our 3-person team is therefore particularly important to us. And we also belief that during the development of prototypes, the evaluation of end users is crucial. Sometimes we even cooperate with various universities and students for new impulses and a different perspective on the solutions of our logistics challenges. Our Technologies, Tools & Methods We use MIRO virtual whiteboards, for a collaborative digital workplace in our office as well as in the home office via MS Teams. SQL is one of our most important tools as the data is primarily structured in relational databases. To retrieve and to process semi-structured data, cloud services such as Azure Synapse are used alongside Python queries. We use RapidMiner as a low-code data science platform for fast and uncomplicated linking of data up to the first validation. For more complex and individual processes, we also use Python code, which we can integrate into the data pipelines in the RapidMiner AI Hub. For visualization in the direction of the end user, we use Power BI – both for the design of initial mock-ups as well as for more complex dashboards.

Team IT Steering, Methods, and Processes

Our Responsibility We support our IT & Digital colleagues in cross-team control, methods, and processes. This includes the active implementation of finance controlling and accounting, the collaborative development and sharing of best practices and guidelines in working methods, as well as the provision of control reports and dashboards. Our work is diverse: Preparing monthly financial statements, providing individual advice on methods and tools for the implementation of projects and initiatives, providing tools to support work methods or continuously adapting cross-team control dashboards according to requirements are just some examples. Together we pursue the vision of supporting and enabling the IT & Digital department to achieve the best outcome for the Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y. Our Team Our team consists of four people with different areas of expertise. Especially the combination of functional and technical expertise makes us strong! Not all of us have an IT background. Some of us have backgrounds in finance & controlling or management. We work together with all IT & Digital teams and have contact points with other departments such as Global Controlling. Collaboration is one of our priorities. We develop solutions not only for, but together with our colleagues. It is precisely this strongly interdisciplinary and international cooperation that characterizes our work and makes our team unique. Our Technologies, Tools & Methods In addition to the classic Microsoft Office applications, tools such as Planner, Power BI, Power Automate as well as Mercur, Oracle eBusiness Suite, Miro and Clarity are used daily by us. Mercur and Oracle eBusiness Suite are essential for our activities in the Finance & Controlling area. We use Miro for digital collaboration and the development of concepts, Clarity helps us to manage our capacities and topics in a targeted-oriented way. We also offer both Miro and Clarity to all other IT & Digital teams to support their work. Methodologically, we use the OKR method.